2008 December

Technetium metallicum_A case of

by Wendy Hewland

Complaint: loss of the high range of my singing voice and loss of vocal agility, folk/ rock 70s ish music, feels soreness after singing
loss of voice,

Q: what was going on when it happened?
A: Voice bad for 10 months. I've been overtired, rehearsing a lot, I was screaming and yelling, then not able to sing at all. 3 weeks later, I went into studio, diagnosed - acid reflux and granuloma, - worse for 3 months. 2nd doctor gave Asthma Cort and advised voice rest, 18 weeks, 6 week intervals. Follow ups: I lost a lot of work because of it, really frustrated and depressed, eating smaller better meals, less coffee and alcohol, all, low sparse voice, feels like I swallowed a golf ball, I also reverse numbers in writing them and words in conversation, unremembered dreams, though I know I do dream.

Q: Fears?
A: looking bad, not being liked,

Q: Do you have siblings?
A: one younger sister, I’m the middle one, and one older brother. Both back east, we talk every few months (brother), sister and I are closer. In childhood - Dad and Mom divorced when I was 2, I grew up in a small town with stepfather, I loved him to death, he died 10 years ago, the smallness of town got to me and at at age 11/12, I got into trouble with peer pressure stuff, stealing, smoking, drinking. Then I found this love for music, my biological father offered for me to live in Los Angeles. I spent summers here in L.A. In late 70s, then moved out here permanently with Dad and step mom, I immersed myself in music, step mom - was like mom number two, Dad was well- known music industry company executive and he travelled a lot. I was with (step?) Mom more of the time, she started a local Arts Council in 1978, they’re the model couple, still together. I wish I had a relationship like that.

Q: Any personal relationships?
A: No, dry for 4 years, I got immersed in my music.

Q: What happened with last relationship?
A: we were together a year, I had a close girlfriend that all friends were jealous of - so that’s how that broke up. I chose the friends. I used to live with someone on east coast of USA for 6 years, we went on different paths - we had that core love, but our lives took us so differently, she opened a shop in on the east coast - I’m in L.A., she didn’t feel like “the one”, friend said (around time this occured) “you are not saying something that needs to be said - or thru your music”. I started looking at people around me, I’m not willing to get real with people around me. I had an unrequited love situation, lot of emotional stuff, it was killing me, we’re close, it’s incomplete, same girl friend I mentioned earlier, things weren’t said that we should have, she was scared of it, she’s a recovering alcoholic and lots of family stuff. It looked like the real thing friends and honestly worked out, she was scared about the rest of her life, she shut down. I met it with anger, so I shut down and our friendship really changed, our familiar like how we know one another, she hurt me! I was prevented from moving on, there’s a lot of blame there about why I haven’t had a successful relationship, so I decided to shut it off, I spend less time with her, it’s more guarded, that could have a lot to do with it. I have incomplete stuff on mother’s side of family, my MGM (grandmother on mother’s side) died of alcoholism, her son and my elder brother are very visible alcoholics, my mom is alcoholic too but nobody talks about it. My MGM is dying, so Mom’s taking care of her, there’s unspoken stuff there, my girl friend says I have a fear of success, at the point of recording my 2nd album, there’s a problem with my voice, I don’t think I fear it, I think there’s laziness and unwillingness, I’m all over the map, had some substantial success with 1st album which opened doors that I didn’t take, she remarked on that. I had all kinds of reasons not to go there, I also didn’t want to stay on the road. Stress doesn’t bother me, I’m busy person, I have a stomach of iron, no problems with constipation/ stool/ urine, though western medicine I took in past made me constipated. I get jealous of other people’s success because I can’t sing right now, and I love to sleep.

Q: Who are the known musicians you aspire to?
A: Daniel Lenoit, Dave Alvin, I admire the longevity of their careers, also Jackson Browne. Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, I’m easily distracted, concentration poor, I feel useless, I’m not good enough when creative flow stops,

Prescription Rx - This artist has to be silver series. So I felt in this stage one I gave RUBIDIUM 30C 3 pellets once daily for 2 weeks,
NOTE: calls next day - asking me to hold his check, so handling money is a problem, hopefully this is a good indicator of the remedy RUBIDIUM!

Follow Up 2/4/02
I took Rubidium for 3 weeks, at time I recorded my music, I never gained back my full range, but the middle range of my voice healed,
Q: Dreams
A: #1 remembering them better, my brother is in my dreams pretty often, they are positive, included girlfriend and I very happy, dream
#2 had bad dream, violent and fist fighting with somebody, I woke up,

Q: Fears?
A: Ongoing financial fear/ stress with being freelance, doing a lot of theatre work now, with new people I’m initially shy, it's sound design for theatre. I get to compose original work. Another physical problem I’ve been having is sciatica. Last spring I re-injured my back, left side, made me really immobile. I went to chiropractor, pain shoots down to ankle, worse sitting, > bending backwards and stretching like cobra helps, its daily, bad at night, < standing after sitting,

Q: Appetite?
A: into poultry, craving chicken and turkey.

Q: How is your creative flow?
A: On and off, not songwriting now, but writing more instrumental work for theatre, I eat well, but not exercising, I’ve gained weight, 20 lbs. in a year.

Q: Stools?
A: not solid, soft and have been drinking coffee 2-3 16 ounce cups a day. Not drinking as much coffee now, about once a week, and 1-2 beers or wine a week.

The problem with the voice, the loss of it is typical for the Silver series.
The "rehearsing" provoked the problem and that is an indication of Stage 7.
Stage 7 in the Silver series is Technetium.
Prescription Rx - TECHNETIUM 200C one single dose


Follow Up 2/28/02 email:
Saturday will be 3 weeks since I took my 200C dose of TECHNETIUM. Just following up. Been getting a lot more work, learning extra skills within the business, consulting with others. Getting good feedback from peers. I have been feeling pretty good physically but still no improvement with sciatica. Its pretty much the same: lot of pain after I have been sittting for a while. I have had to use Ibuprofen (painkiller) about every other day during this period (I don't know if it has an adverse effect on the remedy). Also been drinking less coffee, down to about 1 cup a day (16 oz). Let me know if you think I should dose again or otherwise. Thanks so much,

Prescription replied:
ok, let's do one dose of TECHNETIUM 200C once a week


Follow Up 5/6/02email:
Yes, the increased dosage with TECHNETIUM 200C once a week also seemed to handle the sciatica problem just fine. I noticed improvement about a week after my second dose. It has been great for about a month now. My voice is fine in all ranges and my work is expanding and I’m 97% pain free, thanks to you!

Follow Up @ April 2003
No voice problems. sciatica gone, no relapses!

Technetium man-made

LAST NOTE; I felt Rubidium had done well as a first remedy because of his original ideas in music, but just rehearsing and working alone at the introduction part of his work, but losing work beause of being held back by losing his voice: after Rubidium, his middle range of voice returned. Giving him more confidence in his work, but sciatica became a problem. Though this was not in your book, Jan, Technetium also cured the sciatica!

Wendy Hewland
email: wendycures@sbcglobal.net

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