2006 September

Suicidal husband, Bismuthum sulphuricum

by Jan Scholten
A woman of 58 years old has several complaints. First, an inflammation of the eyeballs, with painful and red eyes. Pain in the bones around her eye, sometimes worse right, sometimes left. Second is bursitis of the right arm. Third is her “eternal” headache: one-sided, < 5 am, behind the eye, with vertical hemianopia and seeing vertical lines at the sides moving horizontally and later on seeing “snow, like on a television”, << looking against light. Fourth is a chronic parodontitis.
Frequent complaints of the past were flushes and stomachache.
She had a difficult marriage with a husband who needed a lot of attention. He was often very depressed, threatening with suicide for 10 years and often said to her “when I die, I’ll drag you with me”. Her reaction to that was “Even if I have to fight till my last gasp, you will not succeed”. It was very difficult for her especially because she is lively, spontaneous and impulsive, but in contrast with her nature she had to adjust to her husband. She felt responsible and feels guilty when she does things for herself. She once was angry at someone who said about her husband “that man isn’t a husband, he’s a stone around your neck”. Her husband once hurt her very much by saying “you don’t have that beautiful body anymore”. In the end she was bored by his stories, she could dream them. In spite of her love the fight was all that remained, so she decided to live apart. He was hospitalized for his depression for 3 months and after that she didn’t want to live with him anymore. He lived on his own for 2 months and then committed suicide by throwing himself in front of a train.
She doesn’t feel guilt, but she feels regret that at the end she wasn’t able to deal with him without anger. It’s a pity that she couldn’t be more nice to him, that she had to reject him the last 2 to 3 weeks of his life.
The past with her husband still holds her in a grip, colors her days. She does things with a kind of heaviness, “it’s not a depression, but far from that”. The atmosphere of her husband was still there, so she had to use all her energy to enjoy the things she was doing.
She feels a kind of hardening inside her which expresses itself in a venomous way, in sarcastic reactions when people obstruct her.
She has a desire for a new relationship, but can’t find a man that suits her. And she has a fear of going into a new relationship out of her past experiences. She doesn’t want to live together anymore, she only wants a relationship living apart.
Desires: meat, mussels, sweet, salt, spicy.
Aversion: sour, mustard.

The analysis is simple.
The essence of the case is: ailments from the suicide of her husband. This leads to Bismuthum (suicide) sulphuricum (of her ex-husband).
The responsibility for others, in this case her husband, fits with the Gold series. But here we see that she can’t help him anymore after many years of marriage. She has to let go of the responsibility. The letting go fits with Stage 15. Stage 15 in the Gold series leads to Bismuthum.
Confirmation for Bismuthum are the inflammation of the eyes and the desire for meat. The headache fits too, especially with the hemianopia and the other visual disturbances.
Fitting with sulphuricum are : desire sweets, < 5 am, hurt from not being beautiful.

After Bismuthum sulphuricum 200 K she had a dream: she is in a house with two stores. She is on the second floor with a group of children and women; they have windows at all sides; suddenly they hear a door slammed on the first floor and they all feel a threat. She very quietly walks to the door, locks it that leads downstairs and sits in front of the door, with her back against it; then she looks outside and sees the sea, it’s beautiful. Suddenly she unlocks the door because the threat of the figure downstairs is gone. They go outside and walk to the sea; she feels very connected with the sea and that feels very special. They go back and walk alongside the back wall of the house where there are trees and a beautiful system of branches and they climb up the branches to go to the backyard.
The dream feels very good because of her connection with the sea and the threat that turns out not to be a threat at all. She associates the threat with the male part in her, the intellectual side that has dominated her life for so long.
After that dream her headaches are gone.

She comes in with another kind of energy. The past, especially of her husband, is still there but it’s not a problem anymore; it doesn’t have a grip on her anymore. She can do things out of her own impulses. She can do things for her own pleasure again, like reading a book. The heaviness is gone, she doesn’t act anymore out of the past. The hardening part of her is softening, she reacts with humour and fun.
The inflammation of the eyes, the bursitis and parodontitis are much less after a month. They come back a little bit after some stress of her brother who is dying. The parodontitis stays away. A few months and repetitions of the remedy later the complaints are almost gone. She starts getting interested in new relationships.

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