Acute - Spectrum Of Homoeopathy 03/2011

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Acute - Spectrum Of Homoeopathy 03/2011

Epidemics, Infections, Diseases of Childhood


For Samuel Hahnemann, the law of similars proved its value above all in the treatment of acute disease, sporadic fevers, and epidemics. Later on, modern medicine celebrated its greatest success in the area of infectious disease. Only now, with increasing distrust of multiple vaccinations and growing resistance to antibiotics, has there been a resurgence of interest in homeopathy.
This issue of “Spectrum” investigates the power of homeopathy to deal with infection as well as other acute physical and psychological conditions, presents varying approaches for homeopathic treatment from casetaking via case analysis through to dosage, and describes mild to acutely threatening illness pictures with the relevant remedies and remedy families. The case studies are taken overwhelmingly from pediatric practice. We look at both the diagnosis of the genus epidemicus for flu epidemics as well as how to practically apply knowledge of the acute miasms.

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Alex Leupen: Twenty Acute Cases
Using Scholten’s family themes for understanding cases.

Gerhard Bleul: Common Diseases
Using the genus epidemicus in homeopathic practice.

Edouard Broussalian: Scourge of Humankind
Phosphorus as the genus epidemicus for the outbreak of cholera in Haiti.

Heiner Frei: Genus And Swine Flu
Polarity analysis can help us to identify the remedy more precisely in acute cases.

Franz Swoboda: Acute Sore Throat
A fresh look at Cyrus Maxwell Boger’s unusual remedies for angina tonsillaris.

Anja Kraus: Low-Cost Holistic Medicine In The Majority World
Homeopathic treatment in the poor districts and a prison in Bolivia.

Felicity Nutting: Life And Death On The Edge Of A Volcano
Living in pure survival mode.

Didier Grandgeorge: One Afternoon In The Life Of A Pediatrician
Homeopathic therapy for measles, mumps, and rubella in the pediatric clinic.

Andreas Richter: Helpful Ghosts
An attack of croup enables family ghosts to come to light and be dealt with.

Jürgen Weiland: Highly Sensitive
Children have a special affinity to remedies from the plant kingdom.

Sunil Anand: More Than Acute
A baby’s unusual reaction to severe skin condition points the way to the constitutional remedy.

Rina Markovits: In The Air-Raid Shelter
Acute prescriptions in an anxious and exceptional situation.

Dinesh Chauhan: Holistic Case Witnessing
Internal observation leads via acutely altered body sensation to the deeply acting remedy.

Anne Schadde/Resie Moonen/Jürgen Hansel: It's Acute, Actually
Astonishing solutions from the combination of classic and modern approaches to individualization.

Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman: Acute Prescribing
The acute prescription as a tried-and-tested entry to homeopathy.

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Acute - Spectrum Of Homoeopathy 03/2011

plus shipment:
2,90 EUR per Issue

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