Elements Of Life - Spectrum Of Homoeopathy 02/2011

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Elements Of Life - Spectrum Of Homoeopathy 02/2011



The ancient teaching of the four elements is reflected both in the natural sciences and in homeopathy. Life on our planet arose from the bonding of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. At the very beginning, there was Hydrogenium, which also stands for human procreation in the Theory of the Elements, whereas Carboneum, Nitrogenium, and Oxygenium represent the actual process of birth.

Due to their unique importance, “Spectrum” is dedicating an entire issue to these four elements. As in chemistry itself, the main focus of this issue is carbon. We discuss the homeopathic significance of carbon's typical compounds from the organic acids via alcohols and sugars to the hydrocarbons – naturally featuring those authors with particular experience in this area. We also look at the significance of the first and second rows of the periodic table with, as usual, a wide range of practical case studies.

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Heinz Wittwer: Macrocosm And Microcosm
The 14 billion-year-old story of evolution compressed into 12 months.

Jeremy Sherr: Hydrogen
Element Number One, from Heaven to Hell.

Marie Luc Fayeton: In The Beginning Was Hydrogen
Hydrogen and the yearning for unity with the godly essence.

Annette Sneevliet: Different From The Others
Aqua marina patients are sensitive to their effect on others because they feel constantly under observation.

Bhawisha Joshi: Conception And Birth
Hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen as stages in the process of development.

Karim Adal: Alone In The Sphere
Petroleum helps a suicidal young woman find her way from depression back to life.

Roger Morrison: Structures Of Life
Carbon and its compounds – homeopathic insights into the universe of organic chemistry.

Peter Tumminello: Perfection And Depression
Diamond – a comparison of two different preparations, from dust and immersion.

Misha Norland: Nanoglobules
Buckminster fullerenes – the latest thing when it comes to carbon.

Patricia Le Roux: Abadoned Or Misunderstood?
Aceticum acidum, Butyricum acidum, and Lacticum acidum: the themes of the organic acids are discussed using selected case histories.

Ulrich Welte: Explosive Constriction
Nitrogen bursts out of any enclosure and extends over five stages of the periodic table.

Markus Kuntosch: Bad Athmosphere
Oxygen brings fresh air where there is decay and decline.

Anne Schadde: Nothing There
Oxygen and Ozone – a homeopathic comparison of two molecular forms.

Andreas Richter: Expansion And Retraction
Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and their relationship to development in early childhood.

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Elements Of Life - Spectrum Of Homoeopathy 02/2011

plus shipment:
2,90 EUR per Issue

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