Birds - Spectrum Of Homoeopathy 01/2011

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Birds - Spectrum Of Homoeopathy 01/2011

A New Group Of Medicine


We are gradually coming to recognize the importance of the bird remedies in homeopathy: to date, only just over 100 remedies have been prepared – so we still lack a sound basis here. Jörg Wichmann helps consolidate our knowledge in this area with his summary of the remedy provings conducted so far. 
This issue features an interview with Jonathan Shore, and there are also practical cases introducing us to Raven, Swift, Pelican, and Cormorant. Misha Norland, Markus Kuntosch, Pat Deacon, and other well-known homeopaths extend our knowledge of the Griffin. Annette Sneevliet and Deborah Collins present various Pigeons, Linda Johnston gives us a differential diagnosis of her case of Ara macaw in comparison to similar families, and Rosina Sonnenschmidt discusses the connection between domesticated exotic birds and their keepers. Jan Scholten with Geococcyx californianus and Chetna Shuklas with Pavo cristatus venture into new and uncharted territory, whereas Louis Klein's nosode Tuberculinum aviaire reminds us once again of the deep affinity between birds and humans.

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Jonathan Shore: “I’m No Theorist!”
Jonathan Shore works primarily with information from remedy provings. He thinks it is very important to comprehend the essence of patients needing bird remedies and to grasp the main focus of their lives.

Jörg Wichmann: Birds in Homeopathy
A review of the current state of research, manufacturing, and proving of bird remedies.

Ulrich Welte: A Bird’s Eye View on Birds
Differential diagnosis of bird remedies.

Markus Kuntosch: Aggressive Yet Helpful
The claws of the sparrow hawk and autoimmune disease: what this bird grabs hold of, it will never let go of again.

Heinz Wittwer: My Friend, The Eagle
Job loss, heart trouble, and Aquila chrysaetos. A case history on the gratifying experience of meeting a bird of prey for the first time.

Misha Norland: Fighting against Constraint
A proving of the Peregrine Falcon in 1997 by the Devon-based School of Homeopathy reveals the characteristics of this bird of prey, whose freedom has been so drastically curtailed.

Misha Norland: Fighting for its Place in the Sun
A proving conducted in October 2005 at the Devon-based School of Homeopathy reveals the feisty nature of the common house sparrow.

Hans Eberle / Friedrich Ritzer: Aiming High And Losing
Haliaeetus leucocephalus, a freedom-loving loner with relationship problems, longs for closeness and contact.

Pat Deacon: Blemish And Catharsis
Cathartes aura, the Turkey vulture, as a remedy to purify and detoxify, following an adolescence marred by drugs and abuse.

Linda Johnston: Ducking Out Of The Scarlet Symphony
The scarlet macaw, Ara macao, is characterized by the tension between individuality and social integration.

Rosina Sonnenschmidt: Lack Of Grounding
The grey parrot and the quetzal in cancer treatment, care of the terminally ill, and spiritual depression.

Jan Scholten: Like In A Tin
A migraine patient creates provocation and chaos to combat her horror vision of being constricted. The roadrunner subdues her restlessness and pain.

Ose Hein: The Boundary To The Light
An existentially hungry patient seeks protection of her individuality between extreme polarities. A case of Corvus corax.

Annette Sneevliet: As Sweet As A Dove
A loving, peaceful woman who normally represses her sorrow and anger is suddenly attacked by a violent itch.

Deborah Collins: Living From The Heart
Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae, the colorful New Zealand wood pigeon – a little-known remedy in poetry and practice.

Andrea Amende: Life On The Wing
Even asleep, the swift flies on – the remedy Apus apus for restlessness.

Chetna N. Shukla: Spirals And Iridescent Blue-Green Eyes
A double proving of feather and egg of Pavo cristatus reveals the core issue of truth and lies.

Wyka Evelyn Feige: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
The patient’s favorite novel is the key to finding the remedy. The picture of the wandering albatross captures the essence of the conflict in this case.

Louis Klein: Nosodes For Bird-Poeple
The old remedy Tuberculinum aviaire has assumed fresh significance in the light of the new group of bird remedies.

Jürgen Hansel: Free As A Bird
The temptation to know vaguely.

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Birds - Spectrum Of Homoeopathy 01/2011

plus shipment:
2,90 EUR per Issue

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