Life And Death - Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2013

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Life And Death - Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2013

Radioactive Remedies


The Actinides are economically and politically of great significance – not only since Fukushima. The terra incognita of the seventh row is now being increasingly well charted for homeopathy. The way in which the characteristic tension between high energy potential and threatening decay can be used for homeopathy is shown by case histories and proving reports, helping to deepen our rudimentary knowledge of a relatively unknown group of modern remedies.

The book on the radioactive remedies of the Uranium series by the renowned pediatrician Patricia Le Roux presents the themes of this remedy group to a wide circle of homeopaths. The lives of these patients are often disrupted by severe events such as suicide or severe illness, or catastrophes such as earthquakes or nuclear accidents. At the same time these people have exceptional intuition. The children are precocious and well ahead of their years. Patricia Le Roux died in a tragic accident before the publication of her work, which represents a valuable legacy to homeopathy.

This issue of SPECTRUM is dedicated to her.

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Deirdre Holmes: The Ultimate Challenge
The seventh row of the periodic table – an overview of the themes of the Actinides

Ulrich Welte: Chain Reactions
The themes of the Actinides and the Uranium series, illustrated by three selected cases of Plutonium nitricum, Curium muriaticum, and Uranium nitricum

Patricia Le Roux: Way Ahead
Patricia Le Roux grasped the issues of the radioactive remedies in her pediatric cases with great clarity and wisdom: for example, Thorium nitricum and Actinium nitricum.

Hans Eberle / Friedrich Ritzer: Thrown Back On One's Recources
The Actinides Uranium, Neptunium, and Plutonium in the periodic table with some thoughts on Americium muriaticum

Andreas Richter: Intuition And Blockage
Thorium and Americium – the mechanism of dealing with trauma as shown in two cases

Didier Lustig: Signature Of The Planets
Neptunium and the transuranium elements, with a case of Neptunium muriaticum for chronic fatigue

Dinesh Chauhan: Everything's Broken
Uranium nitricum – the chain reaction and its destructive power at the level of sensation

Sujit Chatterjee: Actinides And Cancer
Homeopathic remedies of the Uranium series in combination with conventional medical treatment for malignant tumors

Martin Jakob: Help And Advice In The Face Of Chaos
Neptunium chloratum – active care of others despite having serious problems of one’s own

Chantal Chemla-Boucara: Gateway To Hell
Plutonium nitricum helps a patient with brutish fury and medullary sponge kidney (Cacchi-Ricci disease)

Karim Adal: Imprinted With Death In The Womb
Plutonium nitricum resolves a serious case of trauma during pregnancy, leading mother and child back to the light

Deborah Collins: Relief
Hopeful ways out of the heavy energy trap – remedies to follow the Actinides

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Life And Death - Spectrum of Homeopathy 02/2013

plus shipment:
2,90 EUR per Issue

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