2009 December

Silicium carbonatum for coxarthrosis and hypertension

by Irina Shilova
Case Silicium Carbonatum
family and harmony themes.

Woman 42 years, (the first visit was 12 years ago.)

Complaints: fibrous cystic mastopathy, thyrotoxicosis.
In childhood; epilepsy, nasal bleedings after tonsillectomy.
The patient - high blonde.
Character: timid, obstinate.
Complaints; chest pains, impossible to sleep on the side from pain, heat is badly tolerated, but she is chilly at the same time.
After Silicea 200C (Si02) there was a sharp aggravation of all symptoms within one and a half months, some nasal bleedings and the return of a childhood headache.

In half a year the chest pain has gone, at an ultrasonic control the cysts were not visible. Within 8 years the condition was stable.

After 9 years she came because of hypertensive disease of 2 degrees and arthrosis of the right coxofemoral joint.
The case is taken again.
She has - aching, gnawing pains in a foot on walking and pain during rest in which she can only sleep on the back. In the evening sensation that feet weigh tons. Headache, weariness, interrupted sleep. Restlessness. Shy, feels herself fat and heavy. Core in her life is the family.
At the question: «What means family to you ?» She says that it is a chain which should not break. Almost daily she has very big conflicts with mum, driving her to despair. They make the patient sob and wish to die / to disappear.

The conflict is –“ that mum wants things to be ideal. She praises me highly toward strangers and criticizes me at home, it's humiliating. I like balance, calmness understanding each other. If she does not accept me for who I am, I should disappear. I do everything I can. I can not rise above myself and I will not become better. I do everything for the family for 100 %. Individuals are different and never ideal. I am not touched by anyone’s opinion outside the family. I suppress strong emotions, even the positive. Rough relations are not pleasant. I want friendly, quiet relationships without these tensions. The balance could be destroyed.
I need a break from all this, I cannot stand it anymore. I rely on God»

The analysis

The patient obviously belongs to a mineral kingdom. The main theme - a family which is represented in the form of a chain.
It is important that this chain will not be interrupted.
The basic problem - mum does not accept her and does not appreciate what there is.

Themes of balance, harmony, importance of relations in a family specify in a Silicea series, Stage 10.
Her family does not appreciate her, themes of values - Carbon
As a result she received Silicium Carbonatum.

Earlier she got the remedies;
Silicicum metallicum, Silicicum muriaticum, Niccolum silicicum, Calcarea bromata and Calcarea carbonica without effect.
Prescription: Silicium Carbonatum 30, 200C.

After taking it, she had convulsive pains for some days and drawing pains in the back. Pains were so intense that the patient had to take painkillers.
In two months her condition has considerably improved, pains in the hip have decreased about 50%, high blood-pressure was stabilized.
After 8 months no more complaints.

Irini Shilova

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I'm wondering what silicium carbonatum is, chemically?