September 2014

Sensational sarcodes

by Geoff Johnson

This homeopathic information and material taught at a Bristol Homeopathic Hospital lecture is derived from the insights of the medical homeopaths in the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital Sensation group, who meet up to explore the latest discoveries and share their clinical experiences of Sensation prescribing.

Bristol Homeopathic Hospital in UK led a dream proving of testosterone three years ago and did a dream proving of progesterone this year, as part of the academic course. The substance of the proving was unknown to the provers, yet the provings of these two hormones had striking themes in common.

The provings were led by the homeopathic hospital’s academic team, Elizabeth Thompson, Julie Geraghty, Helen Beaumont, and Geoff Johnson, a veterinarian and sensation homeopath. These clinicians and lecturers follow sensation homeopathy and Jan Scholten’s element theory.

Corresponding with their colleagues around the world, they exchanged discoveries with the Indian homeopath Ghanshyam Kalathia, whose research is shared on his facebook page Sarcodes in Homeopathy, and his colleague Meeta Anil Nihlani. This sharing of information has led to developing an understanding of the sarcodes as a distinct kingdom of sensation homeopathy, alongside the animal, mineral, plant, and lesser known kingdoms of fungi, nosodes, bacteria/monera, and imponderables.

Intercurrent Organ Support Remedies

Sarcodes have generally been used at Level 1 + Level 2 as intercurrrent remedies for organ support, such as Thyroidinium to support the thyroid and Folliculinum to support the female reproductive system.

Julian has a well-established formula for prescribing sarcodes for endocrine problems at specific potencies: 3C or 5C to encourage functioning of a gland; 7C to modulate / regulate a gland function; 9C to suppress/inhibit gland functioning.

Deeper level of understanding

This is clinically sound practice, but recognizing common themes, the homeopathic hospital’s clinical team was interested in developing an understanding of the Sarcode remedies at a deeper level.

Sensation Language of the Kingdoms: 

Sarcodes are not yet ‘on the map’ of kingdoms.

We recognise the language of an animal / plant / mineral / nosode / imponderable case.

Plant remedies: are affected by things in the environment, they have a sensation and a reaction.

Mineral remedies: need structure and a foundation: their structure feels incomplete, there is a lack of capacity or capability to build aspects of their life. Either they fear they are losing their structure and stability, or feel they are missing something they need to feel complete.

Animal kingdom: their issue is survival, competition for resources for survival, me versus you.

Nosodes: Sensation language is illness / germs; health is an issue if there is illness.

What language does someone use, when they are expressing a Sarcode at Sensation level, when a Sarcode is the deepest acting remedy for them?

A Sarcode case may be initially confused with a mineral case. Mineral cases talk about capacity and building. Imponderable cases talk about energy.

Sarcode cases talk about the functioning or energy in the body, and they generalise this process. Sarcode cases describe how they must do things in an orderly way to ensure things run perfectly and function well; or they may feel they are not functioning properly.

Healthy Functioning

Sarcode remedies are derived from healthy functioning tissue and secretions, so a sarcode remedy has the healing potential of healthy tissue. A healthy body maintains a healthy balance when the endocrine system ensures everything functions perfectly. Each part of the body has a specific function, each gland or enzyme has a specific task to perform.  This  must be done perfectly, to maintain health.

When we see the world in terms of functioning and describe it as if one part of our physiological functioning is our whole consciousness, this is when we may need a sarcode remedy. “I must function efficiently” (in case taking they describe this function as if it is required for a physiological process).

We can now begin to recognise the themes of the Sarcodes as a kingdom.

Control and perfect function

A hormone or neurotransmitter has a specific task and does it within carefully controlled limits/parameters to function properly and maintain balance. In a sarcode state, our role is to perform our task perfectly. There is a controller in charge (the pituitary); we must stay within set boundaries, we must await instructions and act at the right time. A secretion is contained or released by a gland, for immediate response, or flows and circulates around the body in a carefully regulated controlled mechanism that functions perfectly.

Sarcode Themes and Words:

All the sarcodes share some themes at Sensation level. The following were found to be common themes of the hormone provings and cases at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital in UK. (Note that Sankaran and Indian doctors working with the Bombay sensation method have a different schema; see below.)

TASK / ROLE / FUNCTION: you have a specific task to perform.

PERFECTIONISM, FUNCTIONING PERFECTLY: must do your job perfectly in order to ensure that everything functions properly at work or at home and in the family. 

FAILURE TO FUNCTION: not doing this function perfectly is failure. Failure leads to guilt.

CONTROL, CONTROLLED: controlled, regulated, waiting command, acting on orders (processes are governed by pituitary or chemicals that stimulate release).

SYSTEM, MECHANISM: fragile framework, their specific task is part of a whole system.

Hormones released from glands have additional Sensation themes:

CONTAINED / RELEASED: (a hormone is retained in the gland until it is released.)

TRAPPED: some Sarcode cases feel 'trapped’ which reminds us of a bird remedy. The opposite of trapped is soaring or flying for bird cases, but the opposite of trapped or stagnant in a sarcode case is “flowing”. When a plant case describes feeling ‘trapped’, there is a sensation relating to that plant kingdom, and its opposite sensation, eg bound and released.

BLOCKED: DD these cases can sound like ‘crucifereae' sensation of blocked.

COMFORT ZONE: stay in your comfort zone (we hear this in the testosterone case).

Some cases can sound like a 'mollusc' theme. Contained and comfort zone are expressions patients needing needing a mollusk remedy use. Stasis and stagnant versus flow is a sarcode theme.

BOUNDARIES, LIMITS: staying within boundaries, going beyond boundaries, overflowing, bursting the banks.

FLOW: river, flowing, overflow, mix up, moving / not moving, running.

CYCLES / CIRCLES: circulating, circles, cycles, cyclically, biofeedback loops. Hand gestures showing cycles going round and round in circles are themes of sarcode cases.

BALANCE: maintaining balance, functioning.

ADDICT / fix (eg adrenaline case, oxytocin case)

CONNECTION: link (bonding is central issue to oxytocin.  Link is also a theme in the cortisone case). A hormone has to link to its receptor to initiate its function.

 Rajan Sankaran and Ghanshyam Kalathia put forward the following as sarcode language:










Sarcode Remedies and Physiological Processes

Carcinosin has to be in control as a compensation for everything going into chaos (a nosode is made from sick tissue – chaos means illness, death ensues from chaos).

A sarcode is in perfect control to start with, as it is from a healthy organism. It brings everything into balance for proper functioning.

Sarcode Source Substances

A Sarcode remedy could be  a tissue or secretion from an organ eg. testes, ovary or heart. Any physiological processes can be a sarcode remedy. A sarcode remedy is related to the functions of the body and can be derived from any glands, secretions, hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes, cellular molecules such as DNA, RNA, energy releasing compounds from cellular processes in all cells of the Krebs cycle like ADP-ATP.  88 hormones have been discovered; 15 of these have been proved as remedies so far.

At this point we glimpse the sheer scope of what the sarcodes are introducing to homeopathy.

Adrenalin is a neurotransmitter and a hormone, Cholesterinum, Cortisonum, Corticotropinum, Dopamine are in many pathways; Folliculinum, Histaminum, Insulinum, Oophorinum, Orchitinum, Pancreatinum, Parathyroidinum, Pepsinum, Pituitaria glandula anterior, Pituitaria glandula posterior, Urea, Secretin in the stomach, Somatostatin in gut.

Folliculinum has to be a perfect mother, wants to take care of everyone.

Cortisone has to react quickly to keep everything damped down.

Oxytocin produces bonding and bliss, connection, addiction to the high of a sexual connection.


Folliculinum is not a true sarcode derived from healthy body secretion hormone oestrogen, it is made from artificial hormone oestrone used in contraceptive Pill. Progesterone homeopathic remedy is also made from the artificial hormone progestogen used in contraceptive pill, implants and HRT hormone replacement. These hormones are widely prescribed and are in food and water supplies, so they are likely to be important as remedies. Folliculinum cases present with typical Sarcode language (they need to function perfectly).

CARE - feel they have to take care of everyone, mother everyone, to be a perfect mother.

RESCUE - want to be helpful, help others, rescuing people (orphans), charitable projects, even save the world.

SELFLESS - loss of self, loses herself in relationships, forgotten who she is, loses her will.

ABUSED - emotional abuse, mentally, physically or medically, sexually abused.

LOSS OF ENERGY - exhausted, drained, doormat, feels taken advantage of, feels used, controlled by another.

CYCLE - out of sorts with her body rhythms, polycystic ovaries, mood swings, excitability / depression, post natal depression, difficulty bonding with her children, or the children may have separation anxiety, unable to be separate from mother, over-dependent.

DD Sepia - Folliculinum (Sepia = leprosy miasm.) There is more emphasis on cycles in Folliculinum.

DD Carcinosin, control, never allowed to say “No”.  In Carcinosin, control is related to perfectionism in order to control chaos, rather than the rescuing and nurturing of Folliculinum. Melissa Assilem has written about this in Gifts of the Mother – Matridonal Remedies of the Humanum Family.


PROTECTIVE - role of protector, protective, wants to protect and take care of family.

PERFECT specimen, needs to be desired, “making love by the fireside”. 

MASCULINE performance, worries - am I masculine enough?

FUNCTION – to impregnate, produce children.

COMMAND - assume command, am I up to doing the job? Have I done the job well? Guilt.

AGGRESSION - has to fight to protect family, tribe, territory, world - fighter, macho.

ADVENTURE - journeys, voyages, maps, boats.

WATER - sea, stagnant water (sarcode themes).


In this proving conducted by Bristol Homeopathic Hospital, themes of journeys, protection of babies and children, family, and past relationships. The emotional and relationship theme of past lovers, was experienced by men and women provers, the women had dreams of seeing their ex-partners again, while the men had dreams of a missed sexual opportunity. It is interesting to see how this female sexual reproductive hormone was equally relevant to men as a remedy.

AWAITING COMMAND - taking orders, not having the ‘say’ when to act at the right moment.

LIMIT of AUTHORITY - leadership within limits, reprimanded for overstepping authority.

ESCAPE - fleeing from persecution, exodus, being hunted.

JOURNEY - difficulty making progress, dead ends, getting lost, have to set out look for but not sure where going.

RIVERS - flow, river, riverbanks, sandy beach, boats, slipway, tides.

These themes appear to be common to the hormone sarcodes.

The following themes are specific to progesterone:

NATURE - nature versus artificial manmade landscape.

WOMEN’S WISDOM - having knowledge and influence but not having power or control.

WOMEN - all generations of girls and women, daughter, woman, lover, mother, maturity, older woman.

WEEPING - crying, flow of tears, loss, nostalgia, for what is past.

PAST - sexual relationships, looking back, missing an ex-partner, feeling an opportunity is lost, the moment has passed, nostalgia, reconciled to loss, wide age gap in love affairs (in both men and women provers).

PREGNANCY - safe pregnancy, versus stillbirth, foetus dead in the womb.

CHILDBIRTH - perineum opening for childbirth versus caesarian, difficult childbirth.

BIRTH - death, resurrection, cycle of life, birth versus stillbirth.

PROTECTION - of babies, rescue of babies and children.  

ANIMALS - young mammals being born, dogs being protective, maternal, kittens, puppies, lambs lambing.

GENDER - cross-dressing in clothes of other gender, getting undressed, a changing room.

ORDER - Rhythmic order, measurements, numbers, birthdays, ages, eg 7 days, 21st, 50th birthday, 50, 80. 

SLEEP - insomnia, waking through night, or sleeping soundly, unsure if a dream or real.

SORE THROAT - tonsillitis, red, painful.

ACNE - spots, teenage spots.

OFFENSIVE SMELL - sickly sweetish odor (as of suppurating wounds).

INFECTED - suppurating wounds, green pus (pylenatal sinus).

LEPROSY MIASM - shame, outcast, facial acne, skin problems, banished, punished.

INSECTS - dragonfly larvae, insect order / structure – eggs/larvae in pod/nest/hive/(ovary)


LOVE hormone.

BONDING hormone, close loving bond with one’s child or lover.

BREAST FEEDING - Nursing, nourishment and bonding with baby.

BLISSFUL feeling, closeness, bonding, connection, link.

TOUCH - sensual touch, massage, skin-to-skin contact.

SENSUAL love, closeness from sexual contact, sexual bliss, addiction to this feeling.

HOPE - a person who brings hope into being, midwife.


CONTROL CENTRE: produces 8 different hormones.

FUNCTION - wants the whole body to function perfectly, everyone to do their job properly.

COMMANDING - organiser of family, of body, bossy, in command.

(Theoretical scenario by Bristol Sensation group: manager, conductor of orchestra.)


PROBLEMS - trouble shooter, sorts out problems, exhausted from sorting out everyone’s problems.

FAST RESPONSE - must react quickly, to calm the situation down.

SUSCEPTIBLE to infections, weakness/ obesity/ flabbiness.


DAMAGE LIMITATION - containing the situation, need to protect, limit damage.

PROTECTIVE function, causes local swelling so bee sting cannot circulate through body.

REACTION - histamine causes a reaction but overdoes it: too much is released, triggered by white blood cells.

Ailments from bad news.

(Theoretical scenario: government public information campaign, damage limitation, reaction to a disaster or a campaign.)


EMERGENCY - Fear/Fight/Flight, pounding heart

DANGER - drawn to dangerous situations

IMMEDIATE RESPONSE - must respond quickly to an emergency.

ADRENALINE RUSH, extreme sports - DD column 6, Tungsten: jumps off mountains.

(Theoretical scenario: eg fire fighter, lifeguard).

INSULIN (theoretical)

OBESITY storing up fat in the body.

(Theoretical scenario: COLLECTING, storing up, gathering up stuff for use.

HOARDING - fear of poverty, hoarding, saving up, making sure there is enough for future.)

GLUCAGON (theoretical)

EXPEND energy, overspends energy, leading to ME burn-outs.

(Theoretical scenario: spends liberally, overspending without a thought for tomorrow, entrepreneurial risk makes us live for today.)


In Thyroidinum all the characteristics are related to functional qualities of the thyroid gland.

BALANCE REGULATION - controls rate of metabolism, balance, regulation.

FRANTIC - over active.

SLOW - sluggish, inactive, exhausted, low, tired.

HIGH/LOW - up and down levels, maintaining balance.



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