2007 November

Second - chakra case examples

by Margriet Plouvier Suijs MD
Second Chakra Cases

K potency: 30K or 200K, LM potency LM 6 or LM 12

The Sanskrit name for the second chakra is Svadhistana, translated as graciousness. Another translation is: sweet. The logic of both translations is present in the idea: to live together. To be able to live together we live according to the circumstances in which we are gracious to each other and we give the little children sweets at the moment we expect them to show nice and quiet behaviour. This shows that we are aware: little children don’t have the education to be gracious, by sucking a sweet it is easy for them to be quiet. The nature of this chakra is to be recognized in the words Chaim Rosenthal associates with "Plant-kingdom": increase, reproduction, assimilation and adaptation. The element water is associated with this chakra and expresses itself in the flow of fluids: blood, urine, bile and digestion fluids. The appropriate miasm is the sycose: the core topic of sycose is increase and production as well. Ortega describes in ‘Notes on Miasms’ the changing mood and the abundance of ideas that is appropriate to the sycose. Harry van der Zee names the phase of the labour-pain as the sycotic period of the delivery. Chaim Rosenthal typifies Medorrhinum as the remedy which fits the sailor who visits a port and ‘lives’ during the night. He is taking too much space, is too noisy and doesn’t seem to have any border. Also from the Materia Medica validation this picture comes forward: surplus of everything, much need for pivots and challenges and thereby fear about what might happen.
In the body the second chakra is localized in the lower abdomen. It corresponds to the nerve plexus at the reproductive organs. At this chakra reproduction is the aim of sexuality. This sexuality is appropriate in the marriage meant to have children. Another form of sexuality is again the picture of the sailor, who literally and figuratively just visits a prostitute and has his flu.
Mammals feed their young ones from several levels. The herd animal feeds from the second chakra and with the milk of the mother the calf gets the message; "stand up on your legs, join the herd and stay there". A calf that is lost by the herd will die. These aspects are to be recognized in the Delusions of Lac Defloratum: she has to go to a convent, he is about to die. The intolerance for milk is showing that the message is contrary with the development to ones own identity, but in big families it is appropriate to drink milk.

Surrounding factors:
I being one of us.
The environment, furniture.
People who feed you.
People who show you who you are.
Family members.
The every day communication, verbal and non-verbal.

Physical factors:
The vegetative system.
The digestion.
The reproduction, the cycle of menses.
The urine system.
The blood flow.
The grow and physical development.
Sleep, the coma.
Organ of sense: the taste.
Life period: ½ year up to 2 years.

The patient is a woman of 44 years old. Her complaint is a stinging pain in the eyes, stinging like needles. She is a hay fever sufferer; she feels suffocated and uses inhalers. She has pain in the finger joints; a burning tingling feeling in her thumb, index- and middle finger. Moreover her periods are painful.
The problems with the eyes have arisen since she left the parental home. Being the eldest of the children she had a lot of tasks in the household. Both her parents had jobs. Mother was sick most of the time. She was rheumatic and she had emphysema of the lungs, nevertheless she smoked and this caused many arguments between her parents.
She worked as a nurse, but suddenly she decided to change her life. She followed a sewing-course regardless of the protests of her parents and in-laws. Now she teaches others how to sew, and that is a pleasure to her.

I gave her Spigelia 200K, which gives complete relief, but it has to be repeated many times. With Spigelia 30K she feels much better. She realizes she doesn’t argue with her husband any more. Her eyes are good, she doesn’t suffer from suffocation and her periods give rise to no more complaints.

Figure: 208-Spigelia_marilandica_inflorescence
Figure: 208-spigelia-flower
The choice of the potency has been based on the fact that the picture of the remedy has grown on the basis of surroundings factors. She has taken over the behaviour of her parents without noticing and she realized that Spigelia 30K changed this behaviour and cured her from her complaints.

Figure: 208-spigelia-drawing

The patient is a woman of 32 years old. She visits me because she has a lot of complaints in the course of the mourning process after her mother died 4 years ago. She is weeping permanently and is morose all the time. For 9 months she didn’t visit her mother because her mother took her for granted. She had to do everything; her brother was kept free of tasks. She feels put aside; her brother has followed the same course as she started, but she never finished it because she felt homesick. Afterwards she has followed other lessons.
During the period she had her struggle with her mother, she gave birth to her first child. Her mother didn’t visit her. After 9 months her mother fell sick with lung cancer. At that moment she restores the relationship. Sometimes she feels guilty about it. Her parents were separated. Her father always had girlfriends. Her mother has a new relationship and with this man she has a very good connection; she calls him father.

Initially I gave her a remedy that didn’t fit. (Thorium Oxydatum 200K ).
During the second consultation she tells about her son. In the morning he jumps on her bed pulling at the blankets and waking her up with the words; “Mamma you have to wake up, I have a joke!!!” Then she confesses that she herself behaved like this in former days. Now it shows that she always had to do everything for her mother out of sympathy. She was impulsively ‘contracted’ and once she takes on a task, she had to finish it herself.

I give her Kalium Phosphoricum 30K.

Afterwards she is good, but she has dreams every night. In her dreams she is industrious. She also dreamed for a period about the quarrels in the family. I then gave Kalium Phosphoricum 200K.

The third consultation she says; "I am fine. I have ups and downs, but that I had before as well". She has a new job and at work for the first time in the past 4 years she has talked about the death of her mother. This is how she used to be.
A new complaint she tells about now is the headache during her periods. She has flickering in her eyes beforehand, the headache is above the eyes, she is dull during the headache, dislikes noise, doesn’t want one bothering her and is irritated. Before the menstruation she sucks on sweets.
Natrium Muriaticum follows well after Kalium Phosphoricum and I gave her one dose 200K. Two months later everything is fine. All of a sudden she stopped smoking and that is good.

The decision to give Kalium Phosphoricum 200K to her is based on her dreams: during the dreams she is very industrious. The reason to give Natrium Muriaticum in a 200K potency is because the headache occurs during the menses.

A child of 14 months old, a little boy the second of a twin birth, visits me with many complaints. He has ear infections over and over, inflammation of the throat, and cystitis with extension of the inflammation on to the kidneys. He is very sick at that time with a high fever.
During the pregnancy his position was high in the abdomen under the diaphragm and he didn’t have much space because of little amniotic fluid. His brother was born first in a normal position. He did well after birth.
He saw light some minutes later in a breech position. He needed oxygen after his birth and for 3 days laid in an incubator. Still his mother reminds herself that she had to make an effort to have contact with him. From his birth onward he is often sick.
He is a child that tries to comfort everyone. In my room it is notable that he tries to have eye contact. As soon as he has contact he sways. He tries as well to be funny and let people laugh. He is a child with a strong personallity. In development he is the first one, but he keeps an eye on his brother to help him. For example; he was looking at pictures in a book and his brother tried to get it from him. Initially he kept it for himself. Than his mother got his attention by saying his name and he gave the book he was ‘reading’ to his brother and for himself opened up another one.

I give him Uranium Nitricum 200K concerning his strong non-verbal communication, clearly putting down his individuality and his physical complaints.

Consultation 6 weeks later:
He recovered very well. He has come around very well and has no longer been sick. The remedy has been repeated when he became sick after his brothers operation. From that moment on he has been well. Afterwards his brother visited me concerning ear complaints. He showed good improvement on Lycopodium.
At the age of 4 the children went to kindergarten and it proves the intensity of life in the patient. Some weeks earlier he had chicken pox and because of it he was very sick. He has recovered very well by himself. His brother still has ear infections from time to time.

The choice of the potency is stipulated here by the fact that patient particularly suffers from inflammation of the urinary tract. Moreover, he is occupied strongly with the well-being of people in his nearest surroundings. His intense seeking for eye contact disappears after the remedy; he remains much more focused on his own toys.

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