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Samarium carbonicum; Chest pains, Migraines, Chronic fatigue syndrom

by Sally Williams
Client: J.W., Age 32
Chief Complaint: Chest pains, migraines, and chronic fatigue.

February 2006:
"It all started in October of last year and before that I was fine and never to the doctor. I was driving at 11 at night to pick up my wife. I had a really funny feeling in my head. This did not go away. It lasted about 15 minutes. There was a tingling feeling in my sinus and nose. My heart rate was up and so was my breathing. It felt like the blood drained from my head. I stopped the car and took my pulse. It was 120. I carried on and told my wife. I was able to drive home. I decided to sleep on it; instead it would start back up. I could not get to sleep because of the pounding in my temples. The next day my 8 month pregnant wife took me to the hospital. They thought it may be an allergic reaction. They gave me a sedative and I went home.”

“A week later I worked all day and did not eat. I had a heavy meal and went to sleep. In the morning I woke with heart burn and high heart rate. I went back to sleep and when I woke my head was swimming. I went to the Dr the next day and the burning was really intense. She checked out the heart stuff. I was miserable for weeks with the burning and a fever. I could only take over the counter antacids. They did a lot of tests for the heart and it all came back fine. By that time I could feel burning and chest pain right under the sternum. I would also get vertigo. I was having heaviness in the chest. I feel gas in there and it is very painful like a heart attack. I have to squirm to get it out. Then there were the migraines that started in the back and would wrap around the sides.”

“The symptoms have never gone away. The difference now is I do not get the high heart rate as frequently. I had it the other night though. I woke with it and sat straight up and it went away in 20 minutes. I would feel like I had shin splints in the arms. I would work out every day before the work stress last fall. I have not worked out since then. I had so much on my plate with work is why.”

“I am basically working for R&D, we research new technology. I am one level below management, but am high on the tech ladder. It is a very tough and militaristic organization. Right now it is “my [boss’s] way or the highway.” There is a lot of tension and stress with this new director because he is a military guy. I want to be in my own world and left to do what I want and that is not possible anymore.”

“Over the past year I have worked on this new project. We are testing in Arizona. I was out there getting this unit running and there were a lot of problems. It was very tough work with a lot of pressure. I had to go at times unexpected. I had to work in 120 degree weather. In September I would get calls that it was not working properly. It was my project and it was not working. I had a lot of pressure to make it work well. In October I did not feel like eating because I had to solve this problem. I was constantly trouble shooting. Things are better now. I was able to fix it, but after a lot of trouble.”

“My parents are here now living with us. My father likes to be head of the family. It was stressful in the beginning… I was raised in a society where your parents are with you and they tell you what to do. When he creates that situation I am silent. The thing that makes me angry is not being able to do what I want to do……..”

Rx: Samarium Carbonicum, 200c.

Lou Klein teaches of Samarium; “A place of self autonomy from the forces of pressure and perseverance.”
I choose the carbon salt because of the restrictions from his father not allowing him to be autonomous.

Follow Up, May 2006:
“I am much better. I started to get better right after I saw you. I only took one dose. Things were on the up swing from then… I do not get the rapid heart beat. I started to work out and I can exercise with no problem. My stamina has improved a lot. I am not tired and can stay up longer.”

“Work is good things have improved. I did have a frank and open chat with my boss, about my concerns and he was very sympathetic and he said I have connections and we can move you.”

“With my parents it is much better. I told them I had stress with them being there and they backed off, but they are parents and you cannot change them so it comes back, but then I remind them and they back off again. My son is doing very well. Part of why I know I am doing better is because I can stay with the baby and take care of him and go for walks. That was part of why I was so worried last time, because I was not able to know if I would ever be able do the father stuff.”

“Previously I had kind of lost hope of recovering because I always felt bad physically. I now feel like a cloud has lifted and I am much more confident about what I can do. I could barely walk up stairs. I am almost confident that this will not happen again. I know that the first signs of this happening I would not go down that road again. I will not create this for myself again.”

Phone call, July 2006
“I still remain well. I am feeling much stronger in everything.”

Sally Williams
RSHom (NA) CCH 07/06/2006

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