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Rubidium carbonicum_A case of

by Matilda Flores
Taken November 13, 2007

Female – 28 y, very attractive and sensual look to her.

Stiffness in neck, particularly on right side since 7 days ago.
< Bending forward
Painful in the occipital area, tension in the neck and into the shoulders.
Not a lot going on right now physically

“Major life drama”
Broke up with fiancé 3 weeks ago.
Re-evaluating work situation.
Issues in the relationship mirrored at work.
I do not want to be in that situation any longer, stress coming with that as well. Aware that while it is not a crisis I need to make a move. Anxiety and strain that comes with that.

My fiancé was in Iraq for a while and came back a month ago.
I was selflessly sacrificing, waiting, putting everything on hold and worried sick. Even before he left I was commuting and going to see him. “Giving a lot of me and not getting a lot back.” I thought it was ok, because I thought his work was good and he was verbally appreciating the support. He came back and completely ignores me. It is bizarre. As if he dropped from the face of the earth, incomprehensible. Beyond me. I made it known that this was unacceptable, and did not hear from him.

Anxiety with that. No answers, Afraid I am again putting out a lot and nothing coming back. It is the history of the relationship and that is how it ended.

At work (she is a buyer for a reputable furniture company in NYC) Great job, compensated well. Love what I am doing in terms of my career but my boss is a complete narcissist, maniacal, immature, temper tantrums, all about him. I put the work in, day in and day out. Feeling on the verge of a nervous break down, unsupported.
I needed a day off and had the right to take the day and when I came back he is acting as if I did something wrong.

It hit me all at once.
With fiancé: “fuck him, he does not deserve my ass”

I handled it well; I could be a mess now. Picked myself up. My mind starts to wander and it is upsetting. I need to keep moving, I am functional. Then I get depressed, not recognized or acknowledged as a human being.

With work. Nothing is perfect. Instead of making a desperate move, I will be methodical and wait till the right opportunity comes.

Normally when stressed react by eating more but now do not feel like eating.

Basically putting a lot out and getting nothing back.

Fear: That I won't meet anybody else. The Idea of an open, loving, genuinely caring forthright man exists. But now I really started to doubt that. Not from my experience.
Or from the experiences of my friends. It is a dire situation. I don’t know if it is the age, the maturity is not there with the guys; maybe I should start hanging out with older men.
I want somebody that openly confronts things.

With work the situation has not changed, but my perspective changed. Afraid I won’t put my thoughts into action in a timely fashion, that the situation will become unbearable and I will not be able to fake my interest and participation in work.
I am respected there and the role I play is respected and is important to walk away from the job maintaining that. Involved with people highly recognized in the industry. Cannot lose anything that I gained. Afraid I will become so disillusioned that I will not care.

Upbringing/past history:
Her father is from Syria; her mother is from Costa Rica. Racial tensions between father’s family and mother for years.
She considers her father weak and close-minded.
She is an artist with a master’s degree In Fine and Decorative Arts in England.
Lived in Amsterdam for a few years after London. She followed her boyfriend to Amsterdam and married him. The situation was very difficult; they were both depressed and he was abusive to her. She divorced. Big disappointment.
She has always being very naïve, ‘wide eyed.’ Yet gets into fixed ideas and impulsively challenges the establishment.
She had bouts of depression In Holland and England and felt that she took the decision to take the program in England due to an impulse and not because she had all the facts.

When she started the job in NYC she met a woman and entered into a Lesbian relationship. She was not sure if that was her sexual orientation. Her partner then putting a lot of pressure on her to challenge the values of her father and mother which she did and her father had a nervous breakdown.
She ended up feeling abused by this woman and eventually left the relationship.

In the conflict at work we can see that she is just being established and is looking to be honored, but her biggest fear is to fail due to impulsivity and thoughtlessness.

Prescription: Rubidium Carbonicum 200c. One dose.

Follow Up Nov. 26, 2007

The stiffness in the neck is much better.
Feeling calmer and not so desperate with the break up.
Searching for a job.

Follow Up August 8, 2008

She said she had not called because she is doing well. At work the attitude of her boss has changed significantly so she stayed with the job. No relationship right now.

Matilde Flores
email: matiflor@verizon.net
Matilde lives and practices in Maynard, MA, USA.
She has been in practice since 1983 and is a Board Member of the New England Homeopathic Academy.
She is Certified by the Council of Homeopathic Certification since 1995.

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