2008 April

Rhodium Metallicum Proving

by Joy Lucas
Rhodium Proving

Rhodium is within the precious metal group (also known as the Platinum group), atomic number 45, group number 9, nestled in between Cobalt and Iridium (above and below) and Palladium and Ruthenium (right and left). Not too far away from Ferrum, Osmium, Platinum, Niccolum. Quite a bunch – I say ‘bunch’ because there is a definite tendency towards a ‘group’ embodiment with Rhodium. A group that has individual characteristics as well – more of that later.

Rhodium metal is silvery white and has a higher melting point and lower density than platinum. It is highly reflective and is hard and durable. Upon heating, it turns to the oxide when red and at higher temperatures turns back to the element.

Rhodium nearly always occurs with other metals in the group or with others such as silver and gold, thus making extraction a complex process. Adding to the complexity is the fact that Rhodium acts as a catalyst.

Rhodium was known about and used by ancient civilizations, long before the periodic Table was formulated and long before it was re-discovered in crude platinum ore by W. H. Wollaston in 1803/4, much the same time as Palladium was also re-discovered. Industrially Rhodium is used as an alloying agent, as catalytic converters, electrical contact material, optical instruments and in jewelry. Rhodium is highly toxic and carcinogenic, the compounds are capable of strongly staining skin. The name comes from the Greek “rhodon” = “rose”.

For more info see: http://www.webelements.com



Jan Scholten and Peter Tumminello have offerings regarding Rhodium.

For Scholten the concept is taking the final steps in an experience; all the work that precedes this and making sure all will be perfect, but there still remains a chance that there will be a mishap along the way, so they undertake a ‘dummy run’ to ensure perfection. The end result is important because success, praise and worthiness will be forthcoming and that is needed, that is part of the hard work and ambition. Needless to say this places them under undue pressure to get it right and understandably this creates high tension and lots of nerves – the combination that can have the opposite result, failure.

We are already familiar with this in the symptom picture of Palladium and Platina, but as said before the Platinum Group is a group out of essential being, but they do all have individual characteristics.

Scholten further expands the picture by referring to the following:-

Fear of heights, narrow places, making speeches.
Dreams of falling, height.
Irritability << being humiliated.
Delusions of whispering.
Haughtiness and variable moods – laughter, friendly, nervous, hurried.
Menses profuse.
Headaches behind the eyes, pressing outwards, sensations of a lump.
Mucous membranes dry and rough.
Twitchings about the eye and other optical disturbances.
Muscle compression.
Lung complaints.
High blood pressure.
Cancers – various.

Peter Tumminello’s experience with Rhodonite (a sample of which he found when meditating in one of his havens) led him to have a beautiful vision and transportation to the location of the sample. These are some of his references to it:

Local miners would wear it round their neck to keep them warm in the mines.
It is a carrier of life force.
Can change colour in sunlight depending on the quality of the sample.
Often found covered by a protective layer of black oxide.
There is a need for this protection (part of the group? – my question).
He conducted a proving of the Rhodonite after immersing it in pure water and exposing it to the sun and moon for 24 hours. Higher potencies were then prepared from this water.

In summary his proving offered suspicion and guarding if you possess it, so there can be a feeling of greedy desire and aggression to protect this.

But there is a good side to nurture and protection as well, needs security, love and support. There is a need to protect from violation or being intruded upon.

It offers a new beginning so fertilization awareness is present, but new only comes out of destroying the old.

There is energy and force, driving through resistance, breaking through barriers, like a comet would. Earthquakes, volcanoes, eruptions.

A sense of wealth.

Affections of the bone marrow, reproductive organs.

Blood is the river of life – red, colour of Rhodonite.

Dreams of clam shells, angels, abundance or loss, the surprise of opening the clam shell to see what is inside.

Rhodonite represents a journey through materialism to a true understanding of abundance, generosity and trust.
Both Scholten and Tumminello have cases where they have prescribed Rhodium and cured.

Other sources include Boericke from a proving by MacFarlan with the 200c:

Nervous and tearful; dull frontal headache; shocks through the head; fleeting neuralgic pains through the head, over the eyes, in the ear, both sides of the nose and the teeth; loose cold in the head; dry lips; nausea from sweets; stiff neck and rheumatic pain down left shoulder and arm; itching arms, palms, face; loose stools with gripings in the abdomen; hyperactive peristalsis; tenesmus after stool; more urine passed; scratchy cough; wheezy breathing; thick, yellow mucous from chest; feels weak, dizzy and tired.


Ancient civilizations referred to the Platinum group as Adamas or Firestones and apparently knew how to extrapolate Rhodium from Gold or Silver or wherever it was found. They used their own form of electrolysis and knew that Rhodium would become soluble in molten gold. Ancient people ingested these elements, including Rhodium, for a variety of purposes too elaborate to go into here, but suffice it to say also that 5% of brain tissue is composed of Iridium and Rhodium. Both are also known to have anti-aging properties and most of the Platinum Group are able to activate the endocrine system in a way that heightens awareness and aptitude to extraordinary levels, this certainly occurred during the proving of Rhodium. It is the effect on the Pineal gland that allows for this along with close reactive links to melatonin production from the pituitary gland, bringing to light (almost literally) unused parts of the brain.

Melatonin, known as the hormone of darkness, is secreted by the pineal gland. People with high levels of melatonin react strongly to bright light and an excess of natural light makes the gland smaller and so lessens spiritual awareness. High levels of melatonin also enhances the immune system as an anti-oxidant so there will be a resistance to some diseased states especially cancer. It also heightens energy, physical tolerance and regulates sleep patterns.

During this proving there was certainly issues regarding light (in all its metaphors), enormously enhanced intellectual capacity and an overall healing factor.

The pineal gland is considered to be the third eye, the seat of the soul, that which regulates the flow of thought. It contains the nectar of supreme excellence. No wonder that the ancient people ingested Rhodium along with other elements of the Platinum Group.

If this whets your appetite then I would suggest you read Laurence Gardner’s book “Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark”. The whole book is great, but specifically chapter 8, ‘The Orbit of Light’ is the one to read. It clarifies and enhances all that Scholten and Tumminello write about as well as adding to my own proving data. It is an excellent source displaying a deep understanding of the ancient history of substances that we use homeopathically (not just those that come within the Platinum Group, but others as well). It is also worth researching the work of physicist David Hudson, who worked tirelessly on the mysteries held within these precious metals. He had a specific interest in Rhodium and Iridium. The revelations that these 2 people offer and I am sure there are many others involved in this interesting pioneering work, are quite extraordinary, not least in the fact that they explain the ancient past, but that they also define the future regarding these precious elements. As Gardner writes (in summary), "forget oil, the materials of the future will be Gold and the Platinum Group metals. It is a future of superconductor technology that will involve levitation, teleportation, space time manipulation and parallel dimensions", this is powerful stuff - or you could do your own proving and experience this first hand.

Rhodium has also been used for honouring, or to symbolize wealth (at one point in recent history Rhodium was selling for $3000 per ounce), when more commonly used metals such as silver, gold, or platinum are deemed insufficient. In 1979 the Guinness Book of World Records gave Paul McCartney a rhodium-plated disc for being history's all-time best-selling songwriter and recording artist. Guinness has also noted items such as the world's "Most Expensive Pen" or "Most Expensive Board Game" as containing rhodium.

Spending quite a lot of money was no problem whatsoever during this proving.

To help our appreciation of Rhodium a little bit more I offer this:

RHODIUM – Above and Below.
From Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, 1594:
'T is but thy name that is my enemy;
Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.
What's Montague? It is nor hand, nor foot,
Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!
What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name,
And for that name which is no part of thee
Take all myself.

Rhodium means "rose", the colour that rhodium reaches when it is heated to oxidation. This is when it begins to lose itself, lose electrons and become something else. But as the temperature keeps on rising it shape shifts back to its elemental whole. Although Rhodium is never a "whole" within itself because it is always part of a group (part of the platinum group) and thus does not like to be extracted, it only ever occurs with other metals, likes their company.

Even though it is hard and durable, Rhodium becomes nervous and tearful when taken away from the group. Even though it can shape shift and pull itself back to its origins, it still remains in a nervous and weepy state.
So, a rose by any other name is not good news for Rhodium. It wants to be what it wants to be and suffers during modification.

This is seen within the symptom picture as mainly physical symptoms that conform to fleeting pains and shock like pains, gripings and neuralgia. The bowels and intestines are always on the move and in other parts of the body a stiffness evolves as if to halt the hyper active and nervous gripe. The hyperactivity within the intestines relates to the acceleration known to belong to catalystic agents and this is a well known use for Rhodium.
Much of this gripe comes from eating sweets, as if sweets are cold comfort to the nervous and weepy state that lies within. All they do is exacerbate, cause headaches, diarrhoea, itching skin, wheezing, but loose cough, dizziness and tiredness. This suggests that the oxygen component is then missing and possibly an anaemic state is developing.

Above and below we have Cobalt and Iridium.

Cobalt is present in both meteorites and marmites! So it is an edible ride to outer and inner space. It has a very deep sense of guilt, all about stealing, and it hangs on to this guilt as if to condemn the self as a criminal and so alternating moods take hold as it tries to deal with the process of indictment. With all this responsibility of burdens, the back and knees become so weak and unstable they can hardly stand up to accusations.

But Rhodium is much heavier than Cobalt and so the symptom picture is moving rapidly via hyperactivity and nervousness towards something much denser, dizzy and tired; quite typical of the after effects of eating too much sugar. Definitely a rose by another name.

Iridium is the rainbow remedy (delusions of rainbows) and this is because of the iridescence of the salts of iridium and although this might suggest something light and beautiful (just like the rose in Rhodium suggests a thing of beauty), Iridium is even heavier than Cobalt and Rhodium and the symptom picture truly is that of anaemia and exhaustion.

Iridium is very hard and brittle and even more resistant to corrosion than either Cobalt or Rhodium, but this comes at a price. The anaemia affects the mind and the body. The mind feels like a void and the body is thoroughly weakened. Internally both putrefaction and septicaemia are possible. As with Cobalt the back becomes weak, even paralyzed and other body parts become numb and as in Rhodium there is also a profuse yellow discharge from the lungs. Everything is shutting down now and the true feeling of heaviness that is associated with Iridium takes hold (it is one of the heaviest known substances). Exhaustion prevails and the delusion of rainbows is drawn from the eyes to the brain, feeling as if the eyes were affected from below upward.

Above and below; Iridium has a triangular reputation, perhaps taking on board both Cobalt and Rhodium, with the sensation of a triangle in the face, the base formed by the 2 malar bones and the apex in the vertex.

These remedies really are part of inter-dependent group and it is difficult to separate each out and as Juliet asks “what is in a name”, everything it seems, guilt, nervous sadness and exhaustion.

Originally there were to be 7 provers but 3 and then a 4th pulled out. So far I would say that this was not central to the proving, i.e. nothing to do with Rhodium in itself. Unfortunately that left only 3 provers – 2 female and 1 male.

The potencies used were 30c, 200c and 1m.

In the previous provings within this project I have presented the symptoms graded pertaining to their occurrence to each prover, but as there were so few provers in this proving I think it best to present the data as themes with verbatim reports, but also graded according to their importance within the proving.

Most important themes:

A shift in perception – this took the form of:

raising the intellectual ego; intensely focussed on subjects, extremely determined in a linear fashion; very insightful with recognizable psychic ability; a sense of synchonicity; a merging of intuition, creativity and intellect with heightened skills and abilities; an uncanny interest in Platinum and Palladium as well as anything to do with Roses, also gems, minerals and an interest in metaphysics; manipulation of vision, often swinging off to the left; sound and smell delusions; enhanced sound perception; loss of time perception, everything seems slowed down, slow response to reactions, even emotions seem very still but clarity prevails; clumsiness, making mistakes, unable to concentrate, poor estimation of distance, very slow thinking, feeling heavy; feeling drained of energy; confusion in communications and issues with misrepresentation; cannot organise; involvement with numbers, but with an inability to count correctly.

Timing – this took for the form of:

timing of actions has to be perfect; diminished anxiety about completion of tasks; rushing, speeding when driving and encountering the flash of the camera light; delivery of items either lost or early; waiting for deliveries; coincidental happenings (a small example of this was the remedy being crushed in the post for 2 provers even though sufficient measures had been taken to avoid this); sense of progress; delays; feeling hurried and busy; repetition of states that seem aligned with moon phases and this encouraged an extra interest in moon phases and planets, the proving expiring at summer solstice; involvement with birth and delivery.

Money – this took the form of:

the need to spend with no or little regard to the financial implications, even spending money that was not really there to spend (credit or money that was needed elsewhere); delusion of abundance, feeling that the flow of money would never stop; an anxiety regarding money matters; part of the affluence was needing to travel away and buying exotic goods as well as connecting with rose oil and essence; having to pay extra postage when the rx arrived; purchases that arrived faulty, late or missing.

Assertiveness – this took the form of:

decisive; telling "home truths"; not holding back with feelings and thoughts; no feelings of guilt when not doing work; feelings of being free; not trying to please; feeling true to self; a need to be fastidious; wants to do activities not undertaken for a long time and does so throughout the proving; becomes contemptuous and dismissive at the stupidity of the world, especially in regard to the intellectual efforts of others (is this a reminiscence of the haughtiness of Platina and the need for approbation of Palladium?); easy to directly talk to people and give advice.

Emotional reactions – this took the form of:

sympathy; rescuing birds; family crisis and accidents; resolving arguments; anticipatory, but calm; weepy; thoughts about mortality; feeling of being healed considerably by the remedy; lacking interest in others; relationship issues/problems; nervous before an important event; calm versus chaos – internal dialogue about this.

Physical symptoms:

Eating; desires coffee + sudden aversion to chocolate, but re-gained chocolate craving which <<< + eating habits changed +++fruit/veg + yeast based food.

Skin; eruptions on fingers and arms + itching flea bite type eruptions that came, went and came back again + skin irritated + dry and sensitive scalp + flaky skin + skin feels good but sallow + skin feels sensitive + pins and needles sensations + nails weak.

Sensitivity; sense of warmth and smoothness, then very cold + adrenal glands seem stable and this is comforting + feeling of being well with increased awareness.

Energy; surges of energy and inertia, easily sidetracked and irresolute + feels tired has to sleep + sleeps in naps + sense of energy felt around the neck.

Pains; headache < lying down, < on waking, < full moon, > coffee, extends to teeth, ears, bridge of nose + sense of weight in the head which slows + neck cracking + pain in the ears.

Eyes; tremor + blurred vision.

Lungs; breathing slowed.

Menses; profuse + breasts swollen.

Rectum; pasty and floating stools + anal fissure with bleeding.

Urinary; frequent urging to urinate + kidney pain on waking.

General; body stance changes + acute illness developed towards the end of proving + frequent sneezing + early waking.

Dreams; dream of meeting ex partner and saying how angry I still feel regarding his behaviour and our relationship. We exchange large sheets of stamps. I had given him 4 sheets of plain gold 1st class stamps. The ones he gave me in return were a whole lot of different stamps in all shapes, sizes and values. Lots of red colour. I’m thinking how nice. While tearing them out of the sheet he says I did not give him 4 sheets. I’d forgotten, then realize for all the interest and variety in the stamps he’d given me there is a lot of wasted space on the sheet and the total value of the stamps is nowhere near the ones I’d given him. That echoes the energy balance in our relationship.
Key references = exchange; gold; value; red; money.

Dream of going to a conference and ended up staying in a hotel visited before in summer holidays with my father as a child. The place is completely altered, but I am excited at showing people around but think I get my directions wrong, not sure, was right first time.
Key references = re-visiting the past; altered states; uncertainty regards direction.

Dream I am back working for a company I worked for 20 years ago and going to New York again. Two people from the company are rushing me through the airport taking care of everything for me and upgrading me to "one pass". I’m wondering to myself about living expenses there, but then realize I’m getting a salary again so have no worries on that score and the company people tell me just to book into the most expensive hotel in town. We’re talking about the difficulties of them not having an office there any more and there’s a sense that this is the next episode from the last dream on this, these I had where there was no longer a company office there. One person goes off to take care of something on my behalf and I’m left with the woman who’s now taking me to the gate. She gets a bit confused and lost on the way and we stop to look at some TV screens. There’s a news programme on and they’re showing a plane crash which has just happened in Mexico City. The commentator is citing all the factors involved and mentions Uranus.
Key references = being transported; money; affluence; losing direction; accident; Uranus.

Dream I am in a large apartment building which then metamorphoses into some kind of enclosed compound which is locked and fortified by shutters to protect the community from the outside world. What’s outside is chaos and disorder, lots of violent men fighting each other like football hooligans. A visiting man wants to be let out so I oversee the process of raising the shutters. He immediately goes and joins a fight. I’m more concerned with getting over to the left side of the complex. To do this I have to go through an army barracks which is housed in an old castle like area. I want to get to the woods where I can sing. As I walk along a path with a meadow and woods to one side and houses on the other, I’m singing a Scottish folk song. In each house I pass, I can hear someone singing a folk song from their country. Involuntarily, I’m pulled into joining in with every song I hear as I pass. It is like some sort of sympathetic resonance.
Key references = metamorphoses; enclosed compound; protection; chaos and disorder; violence; army barracks and castles; singing folk songs; sympathetic resonance.

Dream I am being pursued through a derelict cityscape. It is like a game of hide and seek. There is no fear, even though there is a sense the person pursuing me is out to do me harm. In each instance I have a close encounter with them. I outwit them and slip away at the last minute and they fail to catch me. After a while of doing this there’s a sense this needs to be brought to a resolution, so instead of finding some new place to hide, I go back to a room I’ve already hidden in which is close by. It is like a metal container of some description – the walls are rusted metal and as hiding places go it is not very well hidden. I step to one side of the door, pick up a large plank of wood as a weapon and wait to strike anyone coming through the doorway, but the dream ends.
Key references = pursuit; hide and seek; containers; defence.

Dream I’m with my children in some kind of fairground. A man there has a karaoke machine hooked into a PA which plays over the entire fairground. He has heard from somebody that I sing and is very keen that I sing through his system. He rushes off and sets the whole thing up for me though I don’t feel ready to be singing to so many people in this sort of situation and tell him I don’t want to do this. He doesn’t listen and carries on trying to persuade me. The dream ends at this point.
Key references = fairgrounds; noise; singing; systems; persuasion and not listening.

Dream my eldest daughter is learning to drive and driving my car along a dual carriageway. A stretch limo passes by on the opposite carriageway, veers onto the verge and crashes. My daughter veers onto the verge on our side of the road out of some sort of sympathetic resonance, so I tell her to gat back on the road, she does.
Key references = crashes; losing direction; sympathetic resonance; getting back on track.

Dream I am living in a house which is right at the water’s edge at the seaside. Sea level keeps rising and threatening to inundate the house. There are several occasions when the water comes in up to the level of the windows, then recedes again, then finally starts to spill in through the windows. My youngest daughter is frightened and upset, but I’ve been expecting it and am matter of fact about it telling all the children to start going round the house moving things up from floor level. As we start the process am woken by youngest daughter phoning me from her dad’s. It occurs to me that the progressively rising and receding water level in the dream reflects the pattern of tides coming up to full moon.
Key references = water; tides; threatening but unmoved; rising and receding; organised; moon.

Dream I was in the midst of a fairly chaotic domestic situation, trying to sort the kids out with meals etc, keep it together to remember what everyone was supposed to be doing and when, and put up with ex partner’s presence and help, when I suddenly realise that this little man who has been hanging round in his gold and maroon robes for awhile is the Dalai Lama. Quite flustered and feeling bad I hadn’t noticed him before, but tell him about the time I was first in his presence 25 + years ago. He nods and says he remembers me in a way that gives me to understand he remembers everyone who is ever in his presence – relate this dream to a friend who is amazed because she also dreamt about the Dalai Lama the same night.
Key references = chaos; gold and maroon; ‘higher’ presence; coincidence.

Dreams that have a running and recurring theme about "equivalence". Widely different things being essentially equivalent to each other, a sense that everything is on a level playing field.
Key references = equivalence.

Dream about an old man and a young child, no more than 4 years old, going into a large warehouse-type sofa store. The old man is responsible for the child, but is plainly unwell. He lies down on a sofa at the entrance to the store and says he must sleep. He can’t stay awake anymore. The child wanders into the store alone. I’m thinking the old man is going to die there and there’s nobody to look after the child. I’m in some kind of urban park walking a dog and bump into the queen. She’s very down to earth and I’m completely unfazed at bumping in to her. It is like an ordinary event. I’m not even interested in talking to her and about to walk on, but she says if I hang on a minute I’ll get to meet one of her corgis. The corgi comes racing up and round and round in circles. The queen is plainly delighted in her dog. We exchange a few words about dog ownership and I move on. I’m an observer in some kind of soap opera. Two men have an extreme disagreement resulting form their respective subjective interpretations of some past even. It is very clear how both of them have come to their interpretations, but equally clear that both of their view points are badly distorted.
One is standing in a doorway and the other one comes up so mad by his interpretation of events he attacks the man in the doorway with an axe and cuts off his left arm at the shoulder. The man who’s lost his arm becomes a neighbour of mine. He’s very offhand about losing his arm and picks it up saying he’ll have to go and get it fixed on again as if this is no more than a tiresome inconveniences he could really do without.
Key references = ageing; separation; ‘higher’ presence; unfazed; observation; attack; trivialising events.

Wake with the impression I’ve finally managed to grasp what the "equivalence" theme in dreams is about and scribble something down on my bedside notebook – “a war in which the owner and the ?? are the same person”. The second word got lost but the sense was of a war in which both sides were the same person.
Key references = war; collective; both sides the same.

Dream I have a long journey to make somewhere in the countryside in the south of England to my home way north. Dawn is just breaking. I just jump up into the air to fly there. I am curled up with arms clasped around my knees. I try to stretch out into my usual flying position but my body snaps back into the curled position. I am flying strongly and powerfully. Used to be in my flying dreams that I was frightened of flying too high in case the winds blew me away. That fear has gone and the long distance home from the south of England, a distance I’ve never considered flying before, seems easy. Aware I need to urinate so descend to a ploughed field. I look for a hedge to crouch behind, but the hedges around the field have all gone. They’ve been replaced with shelving units and each house surrounding the field has put their own ornaments into the shelves bordering their own properties. I crouch behind a shelving unit instead. Notice my urine is cloudy and tinged with blood.
Key references = flying; levitation; misplaced; journey; easy transportation (there were incidents of bird rescue and bird symbolism during the proving and this links in with the themes of flying, escape, transportation, threat and rescue, that come through in the dreams).

Dream of situation with ex-colleague X. [Came back from Amsterdam to emails from Y to say she’d had intense words with X. Y had reflected X’s behaviour to her, but X hadn’t seen herself in the mirror at all and put it all back onto Y. In the dream, the background situation was as if all this had just happened, but I was in the position of Y.] X comes into a room where we have got together for a study group. She appears as two people joined together at the hip like Siamese twins, one male, one female. I’m trying to hide my laughter because she’s wearing a short skirt which has got hitched up at the back and she’s unaware that the naked bottoms of the two parts of herself are showing for all to see. She’s smoking (she used to smoke) and sits down next to me. I find the smoke very unpleasant so try to move nonchalantly away to another part of the room without making it look too obvious that I’m deliberately moving away from her, but she barely notices me as she’s intent on telling her story to everyone. She’s putting across a very one-sided version, concentrating on her perception of herself as a poor powerless vulnerable victim, but in doing so is blatantly unaware of and denying the role of the other (male) side of herself which is sitting there smoking and generally behaving obnoxiously to the extent that it’s distracting us all and making a complete mockery of her story. [Interesting that the word "obnoxious" has two meanings, the archaic use being "exposed or open or liable to attack or injury" which is the essence of the story Y’s female side was trying to put across, while her male side was demonstrating the modern usage of the word.]
Key references = group comparison; two parts conjoined; smoke; telling stories; words and meanings.

Dream I am some kind of air stewardess in an aircraft which has many rooms. The walls are a kind of metallic gunmetal grey and in each room there are rows of seats – the metal-framed and wooden stackable kind you find in village halls, etc. The people sitting in the chairs belong to a tribe of gypsies. One of them stands up and explains to me that his tribe’s world view is that everyone is fundamentally equal and that life is encountered with complete lack of preconception and prejudice. In the way he’s speaking to people I know what he says is true. I am thinking that’s the way it is and should be! I want to become a member of this tribe, to live among people who have this world view, though am aware just how much conditioning of the world view I grew up with I still have to drop. But I know at heart I am already part of this tribe. As if to confirm this, they welcome me as one of them.
Key references = flying in the air; rooms; seats; tribe (group); equality; belonging.

Dream I approach the open door of a room where a bird is inside as I get closer to the door the bird gets very large. Huge in comparison to me. I see the bird as a predator and quickly close the door and hide. Then I’m on a hilltop with others going ahead. They are climbing over a fence, as the person in front of me gets to the top rung the rung bows upwardly to the height of about 100 ft they climb over and it shrinks back and they get over and disappear down the hill. As I approach I decide not to climb over as I was terrified watching them doing it. I slide under the fence as there is plenty of room. The down slope of the hill appears as an almost sheer drop and I feel terrified again. I wake up. Relieved that’s only a dream.
Key references = birds (flying); predators; high places; upwards and downwards.

Try to hold on to my dream on waking. Very difficult, it was along the coastline with lots of outfits on hangers or tailors dummies and I was going back to get my clothes off, I can’t remember reaching them. I feel asleep trying to hold on to the dream.
Key references = coastline; outfits; tailors dummies; unresolved.

Verbatim summaries:

LUNAR cycle in symptoms – Around Full Moon: headaches, menses, thirst, increased urination, loose stool, desire fruit & veg, early waking, focus on websites, the ‘outward’ Tibetan bowl. Around New Moon: lack of thirst, constipation, insect bites, focus on yeast-based foods, universality and unity of consciousness, the feminine, the ‘inward’ Tibetan bowl.
Headaches. Dull, shifting focus, accompanied by nausea, vertigo, clumsiness, lack of coordination, < full moon, > coffee.
Tension in cervical region and shoulders.
Strong feminine energy – slow, relaxed, assertive, direct, decisive. Focus on the nature of what the moon represents in astrology – the universal matrix of consciousness (of which we are largely unconscious, or rather, unaware) and the interconnectedness of the entirety of existence.
Rose energy and my rock essence.
Birds: bird rescues, bird collisions, bird ‘messages’. Flying dreams, wings.
Faltering/stumbling/delay at the point of delivery. Last minute hitches and changes of plan. Almost but not quite.
Time: a greater amount of time seems to have elapsed than has.
Inert, inertia, lack of focus vs focused intensity, direct, to the point, laser-like.
Externalised presentation, image, smokescreens and mirrors, the illusory nature of ‘self’ and individual (as opposed to relatively individualised) existence.
Outgoing energy, radiance – easy expenditure, unconcerned about balance with incoming energy.
Strong synchronicity, coincidence, heightened intuition.
Desire fruit & vegetables, increased thirst. Desire coffee. Making bread.
Early waking.
Inner dialogue, self-reflection. Mercury retrograde issues in focus.

I had meant to keep a daily diary but got caught up in my own life. Very aware that my new pattern of behaviour was the proving.

Over the past few weeks I have felt very driven to complete tasks in a different way than has been my normal pattern of behaviour. I have been a multi tasker to the point of only being comfortable when I had started up to six jobs at once. Now I begin one job and stay on task. I have been doing this since I recovered from the physical symptoms of the proving.

It feels like there’s stability in my adrenal levels. It’s very comforting. I don’t have rushes of anxiety about completing tasks. I just do what’s important and don’t worry about the rest as I have a steady certainty about my decisions.

I have been making decisions rather than analysing the issues from everyone concerned point of view. I feel more able to see what’s right for me and not see that as being selfish. It feels very male and quite reassuring. This has been a very healing remedy for me.

Items being delivered to my house either arrive before I had expected them or they get lost or have some issue regarding delivery. I could give examples but don’t feel the need to. I also chose home births as my research topic for my degree project.

Synchronicity and psychic ability. Almost every day I think of someone and seconds later someone who I may not have seen or spoken to for years in one case appear, email or telephone me. Even when I don’t know someone there is synchronicity on a psychic level.

I was on the telephone to SoH to place an order with Tradco. I had sent a request for HAW the day before and now was ordering some leaflets. As I gave my name the woman burst out laughing, she had just clicked off my name to place my new order. Earlier that day I typed a friends name onto the email and she rang me on the telephone.

‘Under the wire’ is another phrase that I have been using, it is associated with the timing of my actions. For me the issue seems to be timing, perfect timing, being at one with time.

My dreams have been about travelling and they disappear on waking making it very difficult to capture them.

My personal issue has been misrepresentation. Any one can use SoH leaflets and non members are able to add their stickers to them to promote themselves. I have complained to SoH and now plan to write to the members through the next SoH publication.

Still have no desire for chocolate. Very unusual for me I either desire or deny to stop the obsessive nature of chocolate eating.
I have felt driven to keep going on a very self-determined path over the past two months. I experienced synchronicity on an almost daily basis. I felt that I was very in tune with a strong female energy that expressed its self as a heightened intuition. I found that although I wanted to stop and write about my proving I was driven to keep going with my activities.

About two weeks ago I felt a slight insecurity and had to check myself when I wanted to fix up relationship with a colleague. I knew this would be a backward step as this person had been very manipulative so I questioned myself and took no further action. It did however inform me of my change of mood. I sensed that it was the remedy’s effect waning or at a plateau, I feel that it was the latter. I have progressed spiritually and emotionally since starting the proving and see it as a curative remedy for me. I feel what I have learnt about myself will stay with me for a very long time.

I desired chocolate intensely and as I was about to add BoojaBooja chocolates to the online shop that I created during the proving I promptly ate large amounts sent as samples. Shortly after I started to have low immunity health problems the first since August 06.

I developed a cow’s milk allergy after my spleen was removed over twenty years ago, I get allergic rhinitis and flu like symptoms when I’m in contact with cow’s milk or my adrenaline levels dip.

I have noted that the waning occurred in the week before the summer solstice when energy to reach a peak and stand still before changing direction and pace.

Thanks to all who took part. Best wishes, Joy Lucas

email: joylucas@mac.com

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Reply #2 on : Sat June 20, 2009, 12:18:35
Dear Joy,
Thank you very much for this proving.
However, looking for Rhodonite in Wikipedia it seems that Rhodonite does not contain Rhodium: (Mn,Fe,Mg,Ca)SiO3. [Rhodite is a Rhodium-Gold mineral].
Tell me if I am wrong.


Arnold Deckers.

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Reply #1 on : Sun April 20, 2008, 19:09:01
Thanks so much Joy, not only for an excellently written article, but for sharing your proving. Your extractions and summaries of themes were so clear that one could immediately get a feel for this remedy.Great work to all involved!

~ Sonam Kushner CCH HMC