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Report: Relief activities for Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake on 1 April(1) 2011, Fukushima

Torako Yui and her team visit Fukushima, Sendai and Morioka
We departed the headquarter of JPHMA around 6am.
We are blessed by very clear sky without any clouds and headed to Tohoku area.
The team is headed by our chairperson, Ms Torako Yui, JPHMA homoeopaths,
and people from Homoeopathy Japan Co Ltd and Institute of Homoeopathy Co Ltd, which supply goods.

This photo was taken at Kamikochi rest area.
8.00am “I’m going to see you!"    
10.30am “We are not worried about that!”  
Geiger counter detected high level of radiation. The was beyond the measurable range.
11.00am “I hope this helps to clean the river as much as possible.”

Ms Yui spread homoeopathic remedies, Radioactivity (Cadm-s.,Sol.,Pluton., Kali-iod., Rad-br., Uran-n., Caes-h),
X-ray, Heart Sutra and Shinto ritual prayer.
This river runs into a town, which the nuclear power plants are located and goes to Pacific Ocean through the land of Fukushima.

12.00pm “Please purchase pears grown in Fukushima”

Ms Yui visited a fruit garden in Fukushima city. She listented to the situation when the earthquake happened and the current situation from the owner.
They agreed that Ms Yui starts the project to develop the contaminated soil by radiation by renting a part of the fruit garden. Ms Yui presented fermented plant liquid, called 'Active plant', leaf soil with beetles' larvas and sunflower seeds.

At 14.00pm “We help each other for recovery of our nation”

Ms Yui visited Fukushima prefectural government.
Although a reception for the donation was on the 7th floor and the lift was not working,
the people in charge came down to the 2nd floor and received the donation.

Ms Yui passed 1,000,000 Japanese yen from JPHMA members and colleagues from the world
to the welfare department of the prefectural government for Fukuchima to recover from this disaster.

The people in charge thanked so deeply with tears - Ms Yui had also tears in her eyes.

When we entred in the affected area in Fukushima, we saw many houses lost their roofs.
Due to the land was moved, their roads had many bumps and being fixed.
Our car was stopped by unexpected road closure, we had to be late for 30 minutes.

Meeting with people in Fukushima
Although that was a very short notice because of its emergency, so many people were waiting for Ms Torako Yui eagerly.
First of all, Ms Yui spilt her heart, telling that she was feeling their hardship as if her own's. She also gave a eulogy, being filled with emotion, and gave courageous messages to people, who are suffering from so many hardships, in Fukushima.
Audience expressed their gratitude to Ms Yui for her visit in this difficult time. They were also taught specific and effective measures and how they could deal with their anxiety feelings.


Countermeasure for radiation and mind care
Ms Yui lectured how we could purify the contaminated land and human's bodies by radiation.
She introduced human's knowledges, which are learnt from experiences in Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Chernobyl.

She also taught homoeopathic remedies to respond to symptoms to avoid having trauma from emotional damage.

Surprise graduation ceremony for the students of the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy
Due to the disaster, 3 students in Fukushima could not attend their graduation ceremony in Tokyo.
However, Ms Yui brought the surprise graduation ceremony at this occasion and they were so moved with this act of grace. Everybody at the venue were also moved to listen to Ms Yui's words and see her hugs to them as hard as she can.

The audicence received homoeopathic remedies, remedy guide book, dried vegetables, sunflower seeds and mineral water from Tohya natural farm with free of charge. We really hope people in Fukuchima get over from this biggest hardship, which never happened before, and move towards recovery step by step.

Supporters: Homoeopathy Japan Co. Ltd, Homoeopathic Publishing Co. Ltd, Institute of Homoeopathy Co. Ltd.



  • I am encouraged by receiving the energy and passion of Torako Sensei (Ms.Yui). I truly appreciate her to come here in this busy situation. I ignored so many things until now…. I also was not courageous enough, and even I didn’t realize. Including me, all people in Japan was now realized. I want to change Japan as a person in Fukushima and as a Japanese.
  • We finally had this accident of nuclear power station in Fukushima. As I’m living in the west part of Fukushima, there is not much big affect of the radiation, but still I lived with fear every day. But I’ve been realized by listening the talk from Torako sensei today. We should not be fear of the radiation, we should accept fully that we live in here and just do what we should do. The purpose of life is not just live long. I think I have my role to do here and now. I will propose the change from nuclear power to other natural energy as a testimony of Fukushima. Of course homoeopathy too!
  • What I learned today was very helpful. My Worry after the disaster was relieved. Concerning my children and living, I relieved about everything. From now on, I will live with happiness by belief of my natural healing ability and homoeopathic remedies. I still think I have to be smile face! If mother lost her smile the children would also lose their smile. I will let them play outside as much as they want from tomorrow. Long live Torako sensei! Long live Homoeopathy!
  • Thank you very much for today. I am filled with the feeling of gratitude I can’t enough express in here. I am encouraged. I now have got to be clever. I think we should look inward more and more. I will try to operate our farm naturally as much as possible with my husband. We need homoeopathy.
  • I become cheerful by just seeing Torako sensei. Even in the situation where even TV reporters don’t visit from the fear of radiation, and in difficulty to transport aid supply, I am encouraged by seeing Yui sensei and hearing that she have done purify of the ground. I will do my best what I can do, too!! The remedy was very helpful. Thank you very much.

(1) Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake on 11th March 2011.

(2) PTSD = posttraumatic stress disorder

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Report: Relief activities for Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake on 2 April 2011, Sendai

7.00 am “No petrol !”
Ms Yui deperted toward Sendai. When we tried to fill petrol at Kunimi service area, petrol had run out just before we arrived and in Sugao parking area, the petrol station had big queue of people waiting for filling petrol.
We also saw track towards Miyagi fully loaded gas tank.
We can clearly see the people in Miyagi need such fuel.
According to the local information, in the area of the coast affected from this disaster, afterquake around level 4.0 on the Japanese scale is still occurring and evacuation order is announced by local wireless radio.
9.30 am “I’m stunned …”
Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai City stricken by Tsunami.
We crossed over the East- Sendai toll road and found that the area had been completely collapsed.
When we were in the car, it had not really hit us. But once we got out, all we could feel was grief and it’s traveling through our legs.
We sprinkled over the purification of the soil and prayed for the repose of souls.
It is completely mess by fallen trees and water still remain in the ground. Where should we start to clear up.

I guess this area had been probably rice fields. But I’m not sure because lots of sands were deposited and prostrated pine trees were lying down. I wonder where they were originally.

An uncollapsed shrine surrounded by the debris. Separated from the daily lives. Only the debris in the road had been cleared away. Collapsed buildings, leaning buildings had been there.
We can’t see any lives and hopes at the moment, but I believe they’ll sprout out from now on.
Now, we will move on to the way to Miyagi prefectural office to pass the donation money from all over Japan.

11.00 am “Establish a new town in the national forest”

Ms. Yui Visit Miyagi prefectural office.
1 million JPY donated by the members of JPHMA and people who loves Homoeopathy from all over Japan is handed to the staff of the head office of Miyagi disaster relief by Ms. Yui.
Miyagi prefectural office was very handsome building.
According to the staff, the building has quake-absorbing structure and didn’t have much damage from the quake but it was hard to clear up all the documents or other stuff in the office were scattered.
Apparently there is no destruction of buildings in central of Sendai city.
After all we can see the damage is caused from the Tsunami rather than the earthquake.
The meeting with people in Miyagi
In Miyagi, there are still aftershocks occasionally and lifelines, gas, petrol, etc, have not recovered enough. The site at where we were supposed to hold the seminar had been closed because of the quake damage, but we could realise the lecture thanks to the people working for the site and had made a hard effort in fixing it.
Though in such a difficult situation, people of all ages had been gathered at the site and when Ms Yui entered the lecture room, many people rushed to and crowded round her with cheering. At the beginning of her lecture, she read a poem which she had written when she visitted afflicted area and saw collapsed town in the morning aloud. She was reading the poem with her eyes fill with tears and choking up with tears so some participants also shed tears of sympathy. When a participant expressed her appreciation and said "Thank you for coming to Miyagi in such a situation" in tears, all the participants become one.
Members were kept beeing encouraged by the messages from Ms. Yui.

The lecture ‘Measures to radiation contamination and mental care
Ms. Yui showed how to cleanse the soil or the body which contaminated by radiation. It’s contained the knowledge from the experiences of the Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Chernobyl and how to deal with it by homoeopathy. Then let them know the useful remedies which can take by themselves as selfcare for preventing PTSD from the fear or anxiety of earthquake disaster. The participants earnestly took down the note with a nod or leaning over.


The graduation ceremony of the RAH
The graduation ceremony was held for a student of the RAH who lives in Miyagi and could not participate the earlier ceremony which had been held in Tokyo because of the earthquake disaster. Ms Yui hugged her eagerly and appreciated the efforts, which she had made for heady 4 years. The student was deeply stirred by the graduation ceremony.



  • Thank you very much for coming to Miyagi in this hard situation to support us.
  • Thank you very much for the lecture today. Seeing Torako sensei cheered up me and I could recognize the meaning of - ‘why I am surviving’. Now the all things I can do is to do things what I can do. But I believe that it will become greater power and we will be able to think we are OK. I’ve heard that children have their own task (an assistance etc) at the shelter and they say ‘We enjoyed doing our own task’. I think they are learning important things what can’t learn from study at school. So the future of Japan will be OK. I would like to give them remedies. Keep up the good jobs Yui. I’ll be also hanging in there.
17:45 Visiting a cafe ‘ROUTE 99’
Ms Yui and the staffs gave applause to a homoeopath, Ms Takahashi, who bases around Sendai and had done well.
These are EXPACKs by which the members living in Aomori had sent the relief supplies to the ROUTE 99. They are really helpful !
The normal home-delivery service was not working except for EXPACK, so many people had used it and sent them such as battery and disposable body warmers in smaller packages.
Some people living in Aomori had sent them shredded fresh vegetables by using EXPACK and they said that they had been really moved by their warmth.

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Report: Relief activities for Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake on 3 April 2011, Morioka

7:00 am We left the hotel and departed toward Morioka
We departed toward Matsushima along the Sanriku motorway.
Firstly we visited Matsushima, a sightseeing place. We saw many broken shops badly but the city was tidied up well already. I think the local people worked hard. Still we can’t see any tourist at all. We have never seen such quiet Matsushima before. Matsushima is also famous for cultivation of oyster and we presume the fishing ground had received devastating damage. So many black-tailed gulls were flying around to eat the oysters from the damaged fishing ground.

10:30 am It’s incredible !
We inspected the east part of Matsushima where had devastating damage from this calamity.
Because of the damaged buildings are still remained, we could feel the situation graphically. We could not believe the fact in front of us, that the tsunami caused this much of disaster and took so many lives of people and their houses. Ms.Yui said "it just looks like a city had bombing".
The situation is as if we can not find from where to start mending but the self-defense-force were keeping calm and carrying on.


Oku-Matsushima is located about 1hour car drive from Sendai city.
While we drove along the coast, the scenery changed completely and the town was collapsed.
At the 14:46 on 11th March 2011, the great earthquake hit the east part of Japan especially in the Sanriku.
The clock of Oku-Matsushima tourist information centre remained the indicated the time. Just 1 second before this time, there was a town and people were spending their daily life.

The collapsed Higashi-Matsushima station. Now the rails were distorted and the building was disrupted.
Here is near the Noberuchiku harbor. This town is completely swept away. Even rubbles had been swept away somewhere.
It’s an absolute devastating situation and we even can not tell what existed here and what life was run by the people lived here. When we are here, our emotion and every perception become numbed, we can not even cry and we can not even acknowledge the reality. We don’t know how we can explain and we have no words to say if we think about the victims actually had damaged from the disaster. We repeatedly ask to ourselves, what we can do.

We spread purification of ground to repose of the souls.

We are going to leave the east part of Matsushima and will head to Morioka.


13:00 pm ‘We are having such a hard time. That is why, Let’s support each other.’
1,000,000 Japanese yen addressed to the Iwate prefectural governor from JPHMA members and colleagues from the world was passed to the social welfare section of health and welfare depart of the task force for Fukushima disaster by Ms. Yui, the chair of JPHMA. Even it was Sunday they allowed us to meet them. They received the money and thanked us about it very much.
Many vehicles of the self-defense force were parked in front of the prefectural office.


Meeting with people in Fukushima "Countermeasure for radiation and mind care"

Plaza Odette

It was reported that 3 thousands and 5 hundreds people were dead and 4 thousands and 5 hundreds people are still missing in Iwate prefecture.

As this seminar was decided quite suddenly and had only less than one week to announce it, we expected only a few people would be able to come but many of old and young people were waiting at the venue by knowing the information from the word on mouth.

There were not enough seats so we had to prepare temporary seats and started the seminar.
When Torao sensei arrived there, it was very impressive that students and homoeopaths run toward to her with crying to express their gratitude. Torako sensei who had visited the affected area along with the Sanriku coast just before started the lecture from reading the poem she made with quivering voice by thinking of all the people who lost their life from this disaster.

When people had too strong shock, their emotion and everything become numbed and they can not even cry, they can not acknowledge the reality. We could see the participants released the tension of their shoulders and become relaxed gradually by listening Torako sensei’s speech.

Countermeasure for radiation and mind care
She introduced how we can use the wisdom learned from the experience of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Chernobyl and homoeopathic approach to cleanse the soil and our body polluted by radiation.
They were also taught about self care remedies for each symptoms so that they can prevent to be affected from the fear and anxiety experienced from this disaster physically and mentally as PTSD.

Participants were nodding and writing down hard while she was talking. In her lecture, there were so many hints for us who are living apart from the nature and god, and caused this nuclear disaster we have never experienced before, and that we need to realize. And the end of the lecture they made a lot of applause. While the lecture the participant of Iwate was very quiet but they asked a lot of questions after her speech.

Surprise graduation ceremony for the students of the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy
With attend of all participants, the graduation ceremony was hold for one student who lives in Morioka and could not attend the graduation ceremony held in Tokyo the other day because of the disaster. Torako sensei hugged her strongly and celebrated her achievement in the hard situation of past four years.

The student filled her eye’s with tears and told her thank to Torako sensei for the ceremony which she was givin up. There was a lot of applause from the audience celebrating her graduate and everybody shared the impression with her. We could feel warm heart of the people of Iwate.

The 3 day relief tour for Tohoku has been finished with big sensation.
We accept this tribulation from the god and the people who had damage from this disaster start realizing first. As the people living in Tohoku are reticent and perseverant, everyone certainly have the strength to overcome this trial. We really thank the people in Iwate gathering today even this lecture was held in short notice. We all the member of JPHMA is hoping that the seeds of homoeopathy spread in Iwate will heal its ground and the heart of people. We hope that someday homoeopathy will become help for everyone’s happiness, for everyone to regain their natural healing ability and the belief of their own natural body and themselves by passing it to the next generations.
Homoeopathic remedies and remedy guide book, dried vegetable, organic handmade fermented soybean paste, sunflower seeds and water from Toya etc. were supplied to the all participant of 3 prefecture of Tohoku by JPHMA.

Sponsored by: Homoeopathy Japan Ltd., Homoeopathic Publishing Corporation Ltd.,Homoeopathic Institution Ltd.

Also by leading of the JPHMA, the short consultations were held by profesional homoeopaths and the students learning homoeopathy, and they cared many people’s damaged mind from this disaster.



  • Thank you very much for the wonderful lecture today. I also appreciate your thoughtful consideration to hold this seminar with free of charge. Your powerful voice cheered up me. I’d like to do my best in Morioka and live with foresight and thankfulness. I appreciate with my whole heart that you came all the way to here with lots of presents such as clarifying water for ground and the donation.
  • Today’s lecture makes me think about how to live from now. I’m having a baby soon so I was anxious about radiation contamination in various ways. But I’d like to prepare for the birth of my baby with taking remedies to keep a peaceful state of mind. I don’t want to live with the ins and outs, deceptions or place importance on money than life. I felt that the true happiness may be to live what I am and the purpose of the life may be to seek what I am. Thank you very much for coming all the way to here today.
  • I was very glad to be able to listen to Torako sensei’s seminar at this timing. It would be very helpful. I would like to study homoeopathy more. Thank you very much for today.

18:00 p.m. Returning to Toky
 Ms.Yui with the members of JPHMA and the supporting members.
We could complete this relief activity tour in Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate safely.
By meeting everyone in these 3 days, we promised with every one that we will learn something from this suffering and live courageously.
Ms. Yui visited a lot of the stricken areas, tried to repose of souls by remedy and prayed for them from the bottom of heart.

Also she tackled the pollution problem of radiation squarely and brought the collected donation to support people and lands in affected area.
We had meeting with more than 300 of people and we hope that this homoeopathy seminars to live with courage and hope would be a great love and energy for not only the people in the area we visited, but also the people in the all affected area in Tohoku.

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