Rajan Sankaran Seminar 2010

Report on the Seminar on 24-25 April, 2010

The third seminar with Rajan Sankaran took place in Badenweiler in beautiful spring weather. The theme this time was the integration of old homeopathic knowledge with the new insights of his method.  Here is a report in pictures.

Reports on the Seminars in October 2007 and April 2009

In front of the Kurhaus building
Badenweiler at its most beautiful in spring
  A warm welcome! Reception
Rajan Sankaran begins his presentation Thrilling reptiles

Infectious Humor
Concise presentations of cases
Case-taking techniques with children were discussed in detail  
Lunch break and magnificent cherry blossom
Book table    
Radar advice Bus trip from the publishers to Kandern
Indian refreshments Ulrich Welte A visit from Jayesh Shah
A holiday mood soon spreads during breaks
Lively conversations in the warm sun  
Signing and answering questions Heartfelt thanks!

Themes in 2010:

The Sensation Method
Rajan Sankaran is the originator of the Sensation Method. This treatment method provides new tools at the disposal of anyone practicing homeopathy in the 21st century. His revolutionary concepts– such as the Levels of Experience, the Vital Sensation and Classification into Kingdoms – and also the technique of following the patient’s Energy Pattern, working with Hand Gestures and doodles are now widely taught and employed all over the world.
Although there is much that is new in this approach to understanding disease and the correspondence between the patient and the remedy, the method, as practiced by Rajan himself, seamlessly combines new ideas and basic principles with the old method. In this way knowledge of the remedy and the natural kingdom, and of the symptoms and the system complement each other, till the homeopath reaches a point where there is no longer a distinction between them. 

Lachesis example
When we study Lachesis in our Materia Medica, reading symptoms such as sensitivity around the throat, the tongue darting in and out, extrasensory perception, sensitivity towards extremes of heat and cold, and so on, do we not hear the voice of the snake? Knowledge of the remedy Lachesis from our Materia Medica helps us understand snakes; similarly, knowledge of snakes enables us to see Lachesis more clearly. Thus we are in a position to view the remedy as part of a group of reptiles. If we continue in this manner, our vision extends towards other members of the group, increasing the chances of a more similar prescription and enabling far greater precision in terms of remedy selection.

Family Themes
This applies to the same extent to plant families and the study of the Rows and Columns of the Periodic Table in the mineral kingdom. The study of an individual remedy offers us ideas about the whole group to which it belongs, and this understanding enhances, broadens and deepens our understanding of other remedies in this group.  It applies equally to both better- and lesser-known remedies. In this way the possibilities and sphere of action of a remedy will increase exponentially. We are in the position to facilitate effective healing with homeopathy for many more people than was previously conceivable.

The concept of this seminar involved the integration of the old and the new.

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