Patricia Le Roux grasped the issues of the radioactive remedies in her pediatric cases with great clarity and wisdom: for example, Thorium nitricum and Actinium nitricum

With her work The Actinides in Homeopathy1 the well-known pediatrician Patricia Le Roux made a significant contribution to the use of these important remedies, which are particularly relevant to our modern world. She captured the essence of the Actinides for the world of homeopathy. Her impressive cases show how these remedies can be used with confidence and success. Patricia Le Roux died after a tragic accident in 2011. This extract from her book with two cases shows the clarity with which she recognized the Actinides and prescribed them in her practice.

Key concepts: Actinides, Actinium nitricum, cancer, decay, depression, pneumococcal infection, radioactivity, sepsis, seventh series, Thorium nitricum, Uranium series

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