Patrica Le Roux has passed away

After a tragic accident our beloved author Patricia Le Roux died in Paris on 17. October 2011 at the age of 53.

Patricia Le Roux

Patricia Le Roux

Patricia Le Roux was one of the foremost homeopaths of France. She devoted her whole energy to the development of homeopathy. She was a real pioneer and explored many unknown homeopathic regions.


Below please find an excerpt of the orbituary of Ton Nicolai, the president of ECH:


Dear friends of homeopathy

Some of you may already have heard it, others not. Yesterday Patricia Le Roux died.

It is hard to believe that Patricia is no longer with us. We will always remember her dynamic heartfelt commitment to homeopathy, her family and friends. She was a loving mother, loyal friend, doctor, homeopath, musician, choir leader, writer, manager. As far as homeopathy is concerned she served as a board member at the national (SNMHF) and European (ECH) level, wrote books and gave seminars. She had an unfailing energy and many of us were amazed by the amount of work she was able to do.

Last Saturday, when she was in Paris, she was knocked down by a motor scooter and brought to hospital. She had a severe headache and later on she went unconscious. She died from a cerebral haemorrhage. Let our thoughts be with what she has meant to us, with her family and friends.......

Kind regards

Ton Nicolai


Patricia Le Roux

Patricia Le Roux is author of many homeopathic works, a pioneer for the future of homeopathy.



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