2007 May

Paeonia in fistula ani etc

by Marguerite Pelt MD

Mr. P. was 39 years old when I first saw him in 1999. He consulted me because of complaints of hay-fever, fiscula ani, migraine and aching pains in the right leg and big toe.
The anal fistel started after a rectal polypus operation two years earlier. The anus still often has a burning pain and bleeds. The migraine is just about once in the three weeks and followed by a visual aura (stars and balls) and vomiting.

The pain is localized in the eyes, an outward pressing pain.
Migraine < change of weather, < change of season, < drinking cold drinks, < thunderstorm.

Temp. : warm
Persp. : difficult
Aversion : cabbage, coffee, fish, beer (all 2 to 1)
Desire : apples (2), raw food (2) (raw potatoes, raw meat), sweets (2)
Nose : epistaxis sometimes
Throat : mucus
Stool : forcible diarrhoea sometimes
Skin : herpes labialis
: cracks hands in winter
Nails : brittle
Teeth : grinding
He is color blind.

Mister P. is a flabby, calm, easy going person.
His parents earned a living by sailing a commercial boat up and down Europe and he had to go to a school for bargees (dutch: schippers internaat). He says he did not mind it too much, but I can sense a pain there. He himself would not like to be a skipper, "too much hard work" and he would not like to miss his children. He loves kids, now has four of them, and can speak with tenderness and love about them. In my opinion he is a real family man. He is a bookkeeper.

Although Sulphur and Calcarea carbonica came up high in the repertorization I prescribed Paeonia. In fact only on the rubric Fistula anus.
All complaints ameliorated: fistula, hay fever and migraine. The last two hardly ever occur anymore. Although now in 2003 the fistula is not closed yet, it is much smaller. Every now and then he repeats the remedy in MK potency when he feels the fistel again and usually when he is also more tired and sweats more.
He is more relaxed then before the remedy and less tired mentally. He used to fall asleep at work, this is now much better. He is less angry, is not as irritated as he used to be. He cannot describe what has essentially changed in himself. He has a problem expressing his feelings and wants to be very precise about them, but then he starts stammering and hesitating to find the right words.

Marguerite Pelt MD
Lelystad /NL

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Keywords: paeonia, fistula ani


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