2007 August

Opium and Bothrops in CVA

by Dr. Pawan Pareek
A woman aged 68 years, known case of hypertension.
She was suffering from hysterical fits and sleeplessness.
Patient was on anti-hypertensive drugs and tranquilizers.

Past history:
History of grief as her daughter was divorced 7 years ago after a long torture by her in-laws.
One day while taking dinner the telephone bell rang; she had intense pain in her head at the root of her nose.
Uncontrollable laughter alternating with burst of tears.
Choking of swallowed food.

After some time;
Face red.
Stertorous breathing.
Involuntary flow of urine.
Patient became completely unconscious.
Paralysis right side of the body.

Investigation 1:
Serum cholesterol- 246
Triglyceride -94
VLDL 18.8

Investigation 2:
Before treatment a CAT scan.
A large intra-cerebral hematoma in the left frontoparietal periventricular region and left anterior centrum semiovale, with mild surrounding edema. There is minimal mass effect on the body of left lateral ventricle, without any significant mid-line shift.
Age related diffuse cerebral atrophy seen.

Investigation 3:
Hb 11.2
TLC 11800
Neutrophil 87
Eosinophil 00
Monocytes 03
Blood urea 41.8
S creatinine 0.95
S Sodium 149.1
S Potassium -3.54

Hopeless neuro-physician:
Patient was under the treatment of a neuro-physician, but was advised to take the opinion of the senior physician as her condition was deteriorating.

Homeopathy as a rescue officer:
OPIUM 200, single dose sub-lingually was administered.
No response- waited for one whole day.
OPIUM 1000, single dose sub-lingually was administered.
Semi consciousness returned.

Patient in a semi-conscious state:
Tears rolling down her eyes on seeing her divorced daughter.
Retinal hemorrhage of her right eye.
Face blue.
Twitching of the muscles of her face and eyes.
Thumbs clenched.
IGNATIA 1000 was prescribed.

Patient was fully conscious:
Tears stopped.
Retinal hemorrhage persisted.
Facial expression was better.
Twitching of her muscles stopped.
Thumbs regained their normal state.

Disabled gentle lady:
Besotted expression.
Retinal hemorrhage persisted.
Patient could not open her right eye.
Swallowing and talking was difficult.
Fluid passed by the side of her mouth.
BOTHROPS LANCEOLATUS 200 weekly at bed time was prescribed.

After four weeks of treatment:
Retinal hemorrhage disappeared.
Patient started sitting up.
Patient was able to talk with difficulty.
Fluid stopped passing from her mouth.

Investigation after treatment (CAT scan report):
Sub-acute infarct in left frontal lobe with generalized cerebral atrophy.


Moving picture of Patient Zubeda

Pareek Homeopathic Clinic,
Moti Katra, - Agra - (UP) INDIA

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