2008 November

Olea europea

by Anne Wirtz
A woman born in 1937

Came to me in October ’04 because she felt
“extremely tired and had serious neck problems these last years, it is diagnosed as arthrosis with neuritis. The pains are worse by walking and driving the car, better being seated.
It feels blocked with cramps and tingling hands. The cramps come from the neck, right side to the back of head extending to ear and eye. Painkillers are of no effect. The cramps have been so serious that she could not straighten herself. Stretching feels good. Acupuncture relieved for a while.

She is a quite small woman of 67 who wears her hair divided into two braids with a colorful hat on top of the head. She has a lively voice and expressive movements, quite youthful in fact.
She is a painter, actress from origin like her husband and comes from an artistic family. Her career as an actress was blocked because of her pregnancies ‘at the wrong time’, just before she got an important part to play. She changed to painting so that she could take care of her 3 children because her husband was not available for the daily care.
Her husband died of cancer some years ago and she took care of him till the end.
They lived in different countries, she tried to lean on her restless husband but she took the care of the family and felt first responsible for her husband then the children.
She does have stomachache regularly.
She asked herself “Why do I exist?”
“We have been together since I was 17 and at 19 I had my first child. My husband was very talented but he was evading it, did not go for it and I blamed him for that and felt disillusioned and irritated.
I wanted very much to help him. I could never lean on him but he always leaned on me. My emotions got blocked, I tried tactically to figure out how to get him more self-supporting.
When the children were small he was very dominating and I tried to understand and cover up and accept.
As a child I felt abandoned by my father, he was a womanizer and after the divorce of my parents I (age 11) took the care for him and my brothers, but then he left us for another woman.
I started acting and met my husband. The pregnancies decided the course of my life. I was asked to play a great role and because of another pregnancy I could not take it, it was bitter for me and I blamed my husband mutually. Then I started to paint. Later I had some abortions, one time I did it myself, very dangerous. For him it was ‘just like that’.
With my painting I had to fight for recognition, when he started to paint too he got it easily because of his fame.
He was very talented but took everything for granted.
When he got ill he did not want to ask for medical help. I ‘knew’ that it was serious, so I went to the MD because something had to be done. It was terrible to see him deteriorate. After 3 months he died at home.
Hereafter I felt a kind of relief, the tension dropped off.
The last few years’ tiredness grew into my life, there is no hold on anymore, my system is breaking down.
I like whiskey and red wine, I can forget to drink water. I like my food quite salty, love chocolate and deserts. My blood pressure is quite low.
I love the Mediterranean climate but too much sun irritates my skin. Hair falls out a lot, after my husbands death I got bald patches over the ears.
The tiredness is mentally and physically, I can just sit and stare but after 5 minutes I get restless.
My hobby is gardening, I like violets a lot and my very favorite is the olive-tree.

No remarkable dreams.

It was clear to me right from the beginning that I would need a quite unknown remedy, at least to me.
I told her that I was looking for a tree-remedy because her tendency to take responsibility and care from young age. Together with her remarkable youthful and lively appearance plus her exclamation that the olive tree was her favorite,
the tiredness on all levels ( written by Bach ), I decided for

olea europea

Follow up
after 4,14,20 weeks/summary;

“I feel very good and energetic but my eyes can be blurred. They are very sensitive to cold, wind and light, esp. since my cataract operation last year.
Twice I had white stools and have been quite flatulent.
I am mediating in a conflict between my brothers, I am a born to be regulator, but I never got any recognition for that. On the contrary I get the blame, although I am as honest and objective as I can.
I always had to be sturdy and strong and looking good. I feel better, more secure together with someone although I like to be alone. The idea that people think me weird makes me feel as if paralyzed. In friendship I feel obliged because I don’t want too loose it and I get insecure by those tiring, sucking people. In bad times; when I get up in the morning I feel well but after about 2 hours there is the dip, tired, exhausted and unable to concentrate. I cannot walk relaxed through the forest, which is irritating, I long for a strong shoulder to lean on.
I wrestle-and-overcome-feeling, that is how I know my life.
I realized that I never had a motherly care, only now I miss it. I have none positive memory of my mother, I think it was vice-versa.
I have a drive to be busy. I want to enjoy life, to paint, make things beautiful and share. Some people suck my energy out and I feel powerless which pulls me down.
After displacing a heavy stone in my garden I got a relapse the next day. I know that I will do it again another time. I don’t want to ask someone to do the carrying for me.”

The neck complaints did never come back like before.


She came in these 8 months as soon as she felt worse and the
OLEA EUROPEA MK gave her every time the energy lift she needed.
I gave her Salix Vitellina (bitterness) to start the case and Boletus Laricis (absent mindedness) because I misinterpreted that the Olea eur. did not work any more, both with no effect at all.

Every time after she took her Olive tree, she called after some weeks to express her enthusiasm about the effect of the remedy.

The remedy seems to work positively on the liver, regarding the white stools after the remedy, her original bitterness..

Anne Wirtz 

Amsterdam NL 


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Reply #1 on : Mon November 30, 2009, 12:42:30
I'v extracted some themes from the article:

- Sturdy vs. Conflict and early responsibility.
- Fighting vs. Tiredness of all levels. Powerless.
- Responsibility vs. Obligation.
- Beauty. Enjoyment. vs. Bitterness.

Link to this article @: http://www.homeopathynow.co.uk/app/kingdom.html [click on the Lamiales bubble]