2009 February

Niobium metallicum_A case of

by Wendy Hewland
Reason for visit: has been severely depressed. Wants to get off Prozac....and smoking pot, weight gain, (10lbs) lack of energy, holding myself back, cold for a month, in chest. Problem hearing in left ear - closes off, wants to stop alcohol and pot (marijuana) usage, when I have pain, it is in neck, jaw, shoulder.

I had teeth extracted year ago. Immense wax in my ears worse left, deeper than a Q-tip can reach. A lot of breakdowns in her family history on both sides. At 5 mom went to work and grandmother had a breakdown, went through a lot of abandonment. I sang from age 2, I was a freak, at 18 I was raped, a guy rescued me, I married him, soon after that, accidents - I fell out of tree, lost consciousness, hit head left side, chiropractic only, #2 neck injury falling, scissored cervical, vertebrae chiropractic, I drop things a lot, cross-eyed from measles. If I focus on something too much I’ll break it. I transpose 3rd and 4th letters. Had meningitis - 3rd grade - hospitalized for that, 2 weeks.

Dream #1 common dreams about different houses, moving back to old house;
Dream #2 hummingbird drinking from my mouth, I was taking pix with pink camera, that was lovely,
Dream #3 traveling, see an actress, lots of struggle, dreams - when I was in 20’s/ 30’s, attacked in shower;
Dream #4 dream being on a lake - 1800’s (as a child), saw my mom - meditating/ angelic, glass coffin underwater with Grandmother in it, I opened casket and there was a smell,
Dream #5 large eyed kids with no bones, always overwhelming feeling of broken heart, deep sense of regret/guilt. I’m really sensitive person (cries), I thought the world was pretty cruel, I have an enormous talent, but fear of connecting with the world, I panic when I have to get there, don’t feel safe.

Q: Fears?
A: Making mistakes in anything, where I’ll hurt myself or other people, fear of humiliation, that I’ll never get through my issues, I’ll sabotage myself quite a lot, trying to keep myself safe. When I was 4 years old my crayons fell into the furnace, flames flew up and set our house on fire, father yelled, so if I was not constantly hyper-vigilent, something bad would happen. I’d use something to get myself off track, I never go out without make-up on, my mother cared about appearances, so I guess I took that on.

Q: How was your relationship with your Dad?
A: I recall him growing up distant. He read Freud and he talked to me about sex while he was in the bath, he was immature, never believed in himself, he was an artist who sabotaged things.
Q: How was your relationship with Mother?
A: I loved and hated her, verbal abuse came from her, they were both snide with one another, so tone of voice is very important to me.
Q: How was your relationship with husband?
A: We are one month apart. The depth of my despair, it upsets him, he’s protective, it’s intimate, he doesn’t want me to be co-dependent. I always want good feedback, he’ll hold it all inside until it’s done, he says I examine too much, like why do I have to analyze everything? He regrets that I sabotage, is it spirituality? I am learning to forgive myself, I forgive everyone else except me, I sabotage everything because it will be taken from me, like I don’t deserve it. Let’s talk about singing, love singing, I teach personal relating, public speaking, I teach voice as well. Due to bad teachers I lost the middle section of my voice, I found a way to teach voice with people without damage. Loss of spontaneity and freedom but I’ve taken it back, I can demonstrate it on command. Being on Prozac feels like I’m on hold, seems as if like my life fell away. I was spiraling during the sale of our house. I’d rather lose my libido than go into the black hole of depression, I was taking daily 55 mg of Prozac for the last 6 months, off it for 2 years before, then on it again and took 2 a day up until 1992. Have bloating in lower abdomen.

Q: How is your libido?
A: Sexually, I reach orgasm pretty quick.
Q: Weather you prefer?
A: To be outside in cool air. Favorite pieces of music - go round in my head, repetitive thoughts about regret, I play 7 instruments.
Q: Menstrual cycle?
A: Periods regular, PMS - I get sensitive.
Q: Describe what success means to you.
A: Making a decent living; meaning with singing, now - frustrated and the money aspect.

(Note because of not enough success with his business and her music career they were forced to sell their house and are now renting)
Doubt ,hesitation, tortured by ambition, runs through her case.

Rx - NIOBIUM 30C 3 pellets once daily at night for 3 weeks, keep on with your M.D.’s Rx of daily Prozac for now.

Follow up 2004-JAN-05
On remedy 3 weeks, singing immediately better, I sing better, less blockage, then I got lung stuff. I chose to lessen/stop Prozac on my own in 3 weeks. I’m being well received, lots of performances. I feel kind of crabby now, hearing in left ear is the same, still got stuff in lungs. Pain in neck jaw and shoulder, big release back there, last night I was lying on it, I felt an amazing change right away with this remedy.
Q: dreams?
A: I’m always in rooms, houses, back to the old house, once in my dream student now there, did performance.
I’m a well rounded singer, not as afraid, not harassing myself, being kinder to myself, not holding back, less procrastination, no fear of loss, by the way, a psychic I saw said "keep seeing". Wendy, she’s powerful.

Follow up 2005-JAN-09
Off Prozac now, since the end of March. when I was on it I felt like someone was stabbing me. After oral surgery I cracked my neck, huge lymph swelling - had a big huge release. I can swallow, my voice changed so much since the remedy in strength, very full, middle range breathy! Still have weirdness with my ears. No depression, but sensitivity; I saw my sister, she has Rhett’s syndrome it brings back sadness. She talks about her family, wants to feel connected (cries), "I have a desire to give and make a difference". forgot remedy for 4 days - didn’t feel as good, just past.
Rx - NIOBIUM 30C 2 pellets am and pm for 5 days, then resume 1x/ day for a month

Follow up 2005-JAN-23
Lapsed...severely depressed got no singing work. Did not take remedy for a while, and did not call you..
Rx - NIOBIUM 30C 3x/ day for 5 days. Get Niobium 1M.

Follow up 2009-JAN-28
Didn’t hear from her for a while, she chose to continue with Niobium 30C 3 x day.

Prescribed Niobium 1M.

When she took it all depression gone, not smoking pot, no return to Prozac, singing career really shifting, marketing own CD!

Wendy Hewland
email: wendycures@sbcglobal.net

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Posts: 4
Reply #3 on : Tue February 24, 2009, 04:30:48
Dear Dr. Banerjee,

The proving can be viewed on http://homeopathyvancouver.com/index.html
under "wanting to become a homeopath" and then "provings."

Linda Miller, DCH, CCH
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Reply #2 on : Tue February 17, 2009, 14:41:08
How can i get the proving reports of the said drugs along with its monograph if present and available
Dr Indroneel Banerjee

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Reply #1 on : Sun February 01, 2009, 16:23:09
The Vancouver Homeopathy Academy conducted a proving of Niobium the write-up of which was my final project for graduation in 2007. This case echoes the proving beautifully, particularly in the frustration of the singer's career, the dreams of houses and children, the rape and the codependent relationship. Dr. Scholten has a copy of this proving.

Linda Miller, DCH, CCH
Calgary, Alberta, Canada