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Neodymium phosphoricum: I armored myself since the death of loved ones

by Anton Kramer
I armored myself since the death of loved ones.

Man of 28 years. Psoriasis since age twelve, diagnosis of arthritis at age of seventeen.
He is almost incapable of work because of the pains in his joints. He has an impressive psoriatic eruption on the face, covering one quarter of his face.

psoriasis cheek

The rheumatic complaints date from the age of fourteen; they started two years after psoriasis of skin. The knees were the starting point, later the lower back started aching; it felt as if his bones were grinding. Then the feet were involved; now his walking is impaired. The last few years it went to the hands and wrists too (stitches like needles, cramps); he is handicapped in his work, works one to three days a week depending on the symptoms. The hollow of knee feels as if it is in a knot, as cutting, as being cut off. Our patient has constant pains for last 4 years.

Rheumatic complaints worse in winter, worse lifting, working, and worse emotional problems. He is chilly, but works a lot so he is not bothered by it to often. He likes meat, fish (3).
Therapy: methotrexate gave some improvement, but it caused hepatitis and he gained thirteen kilo. He uses Daivonex and corticosteroid without result. PUVA gives relieve for some months. The specialist now advised biologics, but he and his wife desire children.
The psoriasis is very thick, crusty and the skin is very red. It is essentially everywhere on the body; on the face it is large, but it does not bother him, people can take him for who he is. He can take many remarks, but if too blunt he will give his opinion of the person that bothers him.

psoriasis plaque

The eruption is worse with stress. He has a long history of quarrels with his parents; the death of his best friend in puberty caused a serious set back, so did the death of his beloved grandfather.
Emotionally: his father is very closed and his mother is very bossy. He would have liked to share his feelings with them, but there was not the least possibility. There where always quarrels in family, but when visitors came the family wore a mask. What he hated most was that his mother often said: "Behave nice". This was what she did least herself.

psoriasis nails

What feels worst about his parents:
That they do not talk about feelings, are full of reproaches instead. It feels that he gets not the least recognition from them. So he puts on a mask, hides himself or fights his parents. The only ones that helped him in his youth were his grandfather and a friend and the friend's parents.
His grandfather died when he was eleven; they were very close, like friends. After his death life for his parents was as usual: back to work the next day and not a word of grief. "I could not get over it". His friend died when he was fifteen. His parents did not even try to remember his name. He worked at that time in the garden shop of the parents of his friends, felt valued and loved. After the death of this friend he tried to help them out by working hard for them.
After the two losses he grieved internally, closed him self more and more and worked harder then he did already. I choose my own path in life and could manage without my parents.

He worked from age of twelve; he was away from home all the time. By working a lot he avoided home. His parents did not value any of his work; at home nor otherwise. They only criticized him so he felt trapped at home. At the age of twelve he worked two to three days a week after school-time and at the age of fifteen 5 days a week. When he did his internship at the age of sixteen he tried to come home when his parents slept.
When he works he strives for one hundred percent satisfaction of his clients. He is dedicated, works hard and gets recognition. The recognition he did not get from his parents.
He recently married; this aggravated the problems with parents, because no one was good for him as a partner.
He is very social and communicative as long as it does not concern his own feelings (then he closes immediately).
He says he is closed emotionally since the death of his grandfather. His mother said: "That is life, you must accept it". He was not allowed by his parents to skip one day of his job.
Dreams: he has contact with his dead grandfather; they talk, it is a sensible communication about the questions of life. It helps him a great deal; his grandfather values his ideas. He also has prophetic dreams.
Physical problems: migraine. It is not frequent, but rather strong. Hammering pain in the forehead with nausea. Migraine is better with sleep and closing his eyes.

Lanthanides come up strong: he choses his own way, is independent and he has an auto-immune disease.
Which Lanthanide?
Neodymium: he makes himself untouchable, creating and sensing a huge wall. He is fighting his independence, trying to prove himself.
Which salt: Phosphor. He is open, communicative, and amiable. Working with zest and he has ailments and walls himself off since the death of friends: his grandfather and his friend in his puberty.
I prescribed Neodymium phosphoricum C30, once a week for three weeks.

First follow up:
He feels much better, has more energy, and less joint pain. His skin starts to improve lightly. He is capable of light work again for 15 hours a week instead of 8 hours. Roughness of his nails is better in 36 hours.

In the next follow up he has improved a lot. His energy is much better, after work he has some energy left for social events. He is capable of light work again, 38 hrs instead of 18 hrs. Joint pains 80% better, eruption also 80% better. The eruption changed into a seborrhea eczema, as he had in in his early youth.

The last consultation he was doing well physically and improved emotionally; the relationship with his father opened up.
In the following year he called twice for repetition of the medication for minor setbacks and added that he was doing well.

Kramer, A.
Homeopathic Doctors Centre Utrecht

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Psoriatic nails
Reply #2 on : Mon September 06, 2010, 18:30:51
Over the last 1-1/2 years, I have transitioned to a vegan diet, that is mostly raw vegan. I did this in an effort to reverse my heart disease and diabetes. I was headed to an early death like my father and I was running out of time. Guess what! Not only did the diet dramatically improve my blood sugar numbers and put an end to the returning angina (subsequent to quadruple bypass surgery!), but my fingernails which were pitted and always splitting due to psoriasis, have been hardening and a shine has been returning to them. The splitting, which was almost daily, has ended. I'm now 49 and the psoriasis was diagnosed in my nails when I was in my early 30s. Topical creams didn't help very much, but believe it or not, a mostly raw vegan diet has stopped the pitting, stopped the splitting, and brought back the hardness and shine that was missing for almost 2 decades. p.s. I also consume fish oil and that may be a beneficial factor too, but its beyond obvious to me that the diet changes brought about the greatest improvement.

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Reply #1 on : Mon June 01, 2009, 10:23:16
Dear Anton, hope you are well. I have started incorporating Lanthanide cases and provings into the Complete Repertory. While working on the related case i missed information about the improvement of some of his physical symptoms as listed. Any more you can write about this?

take care,