September 2014

My body doesn't know where it should disperse itself: a case of Folliculinum

by Geoff Johnson

Woman age 40. Presenting complaint: painful endometriosis, heavy bleeding.

She suffered child abuse from the age of three to nine 3-9;  she is now married to the gentlest, kindest, nicest man (abuse is an issue). She became anorexic “so I could take control of something, regain control, not become a victim.”

She has one sickly son after many miscarriages; she couldn’t have any more children, so she adopted another child. She works raising money for charities and wants to open a centre for families with adopted children to meet and share their experience.

Endometriosis spread

She had a difficult birth, an emergency caesarian under general anaesthetic. “The anaesthetic didn’t work properly, my husband was chucked out of the operating theatre, and they sewed my womb into the abdominal wall. She says: “That was the start of it. My periods became extremely painful and a lump appeared in my abdomen;  they removed a tumour-like thing - then it spread more.”

She can feel the endometriosis building up. “I bleed constantly, I get terrible pain.” (HG claw gesture). Painful menses, pain is a sensation of giving birth to a knife, splitting, cracking sandpaper. Passing stool is painful “like a rabbit wrapped in barbed wire zooming out of its sensitive burrow.” 

Regulated and in order

They tried to induce menopause with decapaptyl injections, but she continued bleeding.

She had excessively heavy periods: “I felt I needed to control it, so the doctor put me on the Pill at age 15, so that it was all regulated and in order.”

The opposite is “chaotic”. "I’m not in control. My body wants to explode, I have cramps like mini explosions. Pain all over my body. You can feel these tumours growing inside you, twisting, contorting, you are not in control (control is a sarcode word)."

Going round in circles

“My hormones mean I am emotionally a mess, I never know who I am (no sense of self). I get pre-menstrual tension; I’m weepy, useless. I’m a wreck: no time, no space, no capacity. I’m angry – the doctors caused it. I just want to feel a normal cycle.” (HG: hand going round in circle). “To know where I am, organised, ordered.” (HG)

“The pain is trying to come out, it must come out somewhere. A lot of my body doesn’t know where it should disperse itself. It blocks.”

What in the Universe is like this?


“Flow of blood, rivers, lakes. It’s like the river has burst its banks, the tributary doesn’t go to a lake, it goes beyond the boundaries and makes a nuisance of itself.” 

What is your hobby?

“Walking, fresh air, views, picnics, conversations. On walks, I like to go in a circle, seeing everything as I go round; there is no destination, not going there-and-back which is not free.”

Sarcode themes:

The language in the case taking is hard to place in a kingdom: “capacity” (suggests mineral kingdom); “block / flow” (the sensation of the cruciferae plant family); and there is a strong issue with “control”. The main theme is a hormonal imbalance of the menstrual cycle: control is needed to restore balance, with themes of rivers, overflow, and going round in a circle or cycle. Control brings to mind Carcinosin, but the issue is not chaos; control is needed to rebalance the hormonal system which is overproducing oestrogen. Folliculinum is the female hormone remedy similar to Carcinosin, and we see Folliculinum’s characteristic caring and need to mother in the patient’s work with the charity for orphans.

The history of sexual abuse, and her experience of the caesarian and hormonal treatment as medical abuse, point to the abused / victim pathology of Folliculinum. She attempted to regain control by anorexia – self denial and loss of self as a woman.

Now, the sarcode language is clear in the free-flowing “nonsense” of the case, her sensation of the flow of blood as the “river burst its banks, beyond boundaries.” She describes the pain as her “body not knowing where to disperse itself.” The role of dispersing the menstrual cycle hormone has taken over this woman’s consciousness – but this hormone is not performing its function perfectly within boundaries. This is the pure sensation language of a sarcode.

Prescription: Folliculinum 30C once a month at ovulation, as advised in Melissa Assilem’s book “Gifts of the mother, Matridonal Remedies”.

Result: the pain subsided, endometriosis reduced, and she was able to come off all the medication over the next three months.

Shutterstock; Guenter Manaus

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