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Musca domestica_A case of

by Matilde Flores
Male age 6 3/4, born in July 1992.

First consultation April 1999.

Physical: Repeated Ear infections with fevers of 102F (38,9C). History of pin worms.
Popping sound in his ears driving him to tears.
Always has a lot of mucus in his head, sticky and thick. Having a cold for months.
He snores loudly at night. His mom is concerned he will be one of those men nobody wants to sleep with.

When sick he wants to have someone with him and he is afraid he will never get better. Fear of the dark and being alone, wild animals, owls, crickets and night sounds.
His mom describes him as fragile. He has no margin/no tolerance. He has an older brother. At night he asks his mom if she can cuddle with him first, she says yes, he goes to the bathroom and when he comes back he sees his mother sitting with his brother and the night is ruined. “He is very sensitive and fragile and I do not deal with him well.” If things do not go exactly the way he wants them to he cannot handle it and cannot control his temper. He screams cries, throws things around and after a while of carrying on he says that he hates himself, that he wish he was never born. Always remorseful afterward. He snaps or falls apart every couple of days.

Sometimes if mom tells him that he has gone too far and she will have to discipline him, he snaps out of it.

He does not want to try anything new for fear that he cannot do it. Once he does it, he is great.

Sleepwalking about two months ago. Also he gets up to go to the bathroom, maybe he is not fully awake and he would go anywhere.

When angry he makes animal noises, shows his teeth and kind of hisses, he contracts his hands in a claw-like gesture. His mother says he reminds her of a weasel, fierce noises and teeth. He can go from horrible to great within an hour.

Now being tested in school because they see inconsistencies in his performance. His fine motor skills are undeveloped.

He plays with his poop since about a year ago. His anus was itching a lot then and he talks about the worms and he checks himself looking for worms.
After he goes to the bathroom there is poop on the walls. His mom says “I have never seen a kid that is so messy with it.” The used toilet paper ends up on the floor or in the trash can, he makes a mess.
He is easily offended, withdraws, and sensitive of people making fun of him or his things.

If he wants something and mom says no, “he will insist, and insist, and insist, and insist until you want to strangle him.”

“He drives his brother crazy. He bugs the heck out of him. He does all this annoying things. He does not get ‘NO’ and boundaries. His brother comes to me and says you better do something because if not I am going to kill him. Then MG cries.”

He has taken Lyssin April 99, Mercury (for acute) Aug 99, and Hyoscyamus Jan 2000

Follow Up: 10/24/00

He is more coordinated and is also more willing to do new things.

He is 8 now and his brother is 11. He fits in his brother’s clothes.
His temper is worse, he explodes, it is as if his nerves do not have any cover, he snaps and he is out.

He has a lot of thick mucus in his mouth and drools a lot.
The saliva in his mouth is thick and foamy and his face is always dirty from food.
Even when he brushes his teeth, the teeth have a very thick film on them that is fluorescent orange and the stuff out of his ears is also fluorescent orange.

He wants to be a wrestler, he likes to fight. His mother says: "I am terrified because he is not in control. He loses it. He does not think about what he is saying and doing and how he is affecting others. He is hurtful: “I hate you, I wish you were not my brother” He is easily offended and hard to win him back. He flips out easily.

He is the most persistent creature on the face of the earth. Will repeat what he wants over and over, and over, until he drives you crazy and he gets what he wants.

He worries about everything and wants to know the what the plan is for the day. If he does not know in advance he will be upset. If I forget to tell him he has a haircut appointment and pick him up at school to take him there he cannot handle it, he will not get out of the car, screaming ‘I am not getting my hair cut’

He is disorganized, papers everywhere, ot doing the work, and no desire to even try.

He has dreams that his body can fly.

He was given Drosera 200c.
He seemed to have done well with Drosera. His mother reported he was more reasonable.

Follow Up: 11/15/01

He says that it bothers him that people treat him like a baby.
According to his mother he acts like a baby, talks like a baby, sleeps with his baby blankets. Screams when going to bed for someone to tuck him in. In the morning he is bugging his mother to pick out his clothes, he does not know what to wear. He does not want to grow up and does not want to do for himself. He wants his mother to do everything for him.

He has a rattling cough, his throat hurts when coughing.

When he wakes up in the morning his breath smells putrid “like a vase of flowers that has been sitting there for a week.” He has diarrhea sometimes, or constipated only passing tiny little amounts.

He has lots of headaches and has them in school. He is biting his nails.

He has a lot of pimples on his arms, head and shoulders.

Biggest fear: heights, of looking down.

Fear of his brother injuring himself by falling from his dirt bike.

He wants to own a pet store. He likes driving his dirt bike with his brother in the woods.

They live in the woods and he does not like the darkness outside.

Repeated Drosera 200c.

Follow Up: 4/11/02

Pimples in his buttocks and has a rash on his face.
Sleepwalks and peeing into things like his father’s dresser’s drawer or the lego box.
His moods are better.

Follow Up: 11/29/04
He is 12.

They moved to NH a couple of years ago and he started to have a hard time. He was confrontational, no fuse, and not sleeping well. He was doing poorly in school and was put on ADD medication: Adderall. He did great, but recently reverting to the ugly personality thing. Contradicting everybody and everything, disrespectful, rude, horrible.
“I forgot he used to be like this” It has been going on since last March.

He does well in school with the medication. He is immature for his age. He still enjoys talking and acting like a baby, needing a lot of direction and attention; it is not appropriate for his age. On the other hand he is trying and working hard.

“When he was not on the medication things were not clicking for him and he was behind at the social, intellectual and emotional level, and he did not care. He never got the months of the year, even his address. Now he wants to get it and he is trying and realizing that he needs to work.”

“When he is so irrational and awful you wonder if the kid is alright in the head. He pushes and pushes. I set boundaries ahead of time and he will take it to another level or another direction, no hope for recovery. I go silent and he starts something up again. He does not get how unrealistic he gets and how awful it gets. He will twist what you say and turn things around and can be malicious. He will blame anybody and won't take responsibility. He cannot take any criticism, he falls apart.”

“He is relentless, he will not let go and one can be driven crazy”.

He gets a lot of migraine headaches when he is off the Adderall.

He talks a lot in his sleep.
He is particular about having to have everything dark and quiet when he goes to sleep.
He gets driven crazy by noises. In the summer he does not want the windows open, he cannot stand the nature sounds outside.

Anxious, hyper alert.......... do we have enough gas, do we have enough money?

Remedy: Musca Domestica 200c.


Follow Up: February 7/05

From mom:
"Did not notice an immediate effect, but at this point he is doing better. He is leveling out. His rages are less. He still bugs everybody intentionally or unintentionally. It takes so much to keep going in life as it is and nobody in the family has a lot of reserves for his foolishness. He is still taking the medication. On the weekend he is off the medication and he seems to need to be making all these noises. It bugs us."

He has not been getting migraines since the remedy (was getting them when off the Adderall).

No remedy.

Follow Up: May 18/05

He is doing very well. Thinking back to 4 years ago it is like night and day.

He is lazy and does not want to work.

At times now he will take responsibility and helps out in the house.

He gets tired very easily. Does not want to do the martial art class in school.
He has gotten headaches when the Adderall wears out.

He has a bad cold and a clicking noise in the ear when he swallows.

Repeated the remedy.

Follow Up: September 18/06

Had a cold beginning of August that would not go away. Gave a dose of the remedy and made a huge difference. Doing well otherwise. This remedy seems to be working great for him. His moods are better. He wanted to get off the Adderall and I let him. So this year he will do school without the medication.

Follow Up: August 10/07

He has done very well. I have to say he is starting to come into his own. He has his first job and he is responsible and doing well in his job.

He is not combative as he used to be and I can reason with him now. He is definitely not such a pest as he used to be.

Mother gave him a dose of his remedy a couple of months ago. “The whole family was very stressed out. His father’s mother died and left a lot of things unclear. K, the father was the only son, but there is a step father and million of dollars are at stake. There was a lot of disruption traveling back and forth from NH to MA and the kids were stressed”

“I am so proud of him. He organized and coordinates his own paint ball team. In school he is doing well enough. Still shows some obsessive compulsive tendencies, but he is so much better, that is ok. This year he is going into 9th grade and as he wants to get his license and drive, he will have to keep his grades up to get that. The difference here is that I know he can do it now, where before we all were wondering what would be come of him."

He has not had any major headaches in over a year and all the coughs and mucus are gone.

musca_domestica dead

As with some cases, it took several follow-ups to be able to see the whole picture.
They live far from my office, so the follow-ups were also very sporadic.

What got me to the remedy was:

- The persistence and insistence--Coming around again, with another twist…! And people’s reaction to want to kill him—swat that fly!
- The image of his face: always dirty from food.
- The poop on the walls, dirty toilet paper everywhere. Peeing everywhere while sleepwalking.
- Mucus thick, foamy, and thick fluorescent yellow film over the teeth. And stuff coming out of the ears being the same color.
- His breath smells putrid “like a vase of flowers that has been sitting there for a week.”

The dreams and desires of flying “with his body”

In the proving there were other things that confirmed the remedy:

Delusions; younger and dreams of babies.
Extreme sensitivity to noises.
Loathing of self.
Frothy mucus in mouth on waking.
Delusions he is an animal; he hisses, shows teeth, makes animal noises and claws his hands.
Fear for others.
Indolence and irresolution.

However, what is not in the proving, maybe because the provings are not done in children and that was very strong in this case:

Learning disabilities.
Such out of control tantrums and rage.
Fear of owls is something rather curious and I wonder what this relates to.
Wanted every thing dark and quiet going to sleep, - flies are not active at night.
Contradicting, disrespectful, rude, hateful.
Somnambulism and peeing in drawers or boxes. – In the proving, delusion talking as if asleep.

Matilde Flores
email: matiflor@verizon.net
Matilde lives and practices in Maynard, MA, USA.
She has been in practice since 1983 and is a Board Member of the New England Homeopathic Academy.
She is Certified by the Council of Homeopathic Certification since 1995.

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Posts: 2
The relation of Musca domestica to Cuprum metallicum
Reply #2 on : Sat July 04, 2015, 08:34:32
A friend of mine called me for help, he was desperate because he was afraid he could be violent to other people. He was very angry, could explode any moment, and he said that he feared that he could loose control. Some of his words which he mentioned let me think of Cuprum. I asked him if he suffered from cramps, especially cramps on unusual parts of the body. Yes, he said, he got cramps even in the face and arms ... he was very tense. Then he mentioned some other issues about rules ... that was it, I told him to take Cuprum Q1, one drop at evening.

I saw him after 2 weeks. He told me he felt much better after he started to take the remedy. Much more relaxed and cool. Rules are not so important, "we are all imperfect human beings".

During my visit there a fly "attacked" me. It flew directly to my eyes or my ears. I tried to push it away, to catch it and kill it, ... it was so annoying. Later we get to the balcony and there was a very strange fly too, which flew in a very strange way, unusual to the known patterns of flies.

Today I noticed a interesting note about Cuprum in system-sat.de, a German website about homeopathy. The Dogon people in Africa associate the red color to flies, but also to metals like cuprum, which they regard as a sublimation of Gold as the "younger brother".

Both Cuprum and Musca have few symptoms in common which are remarkable. They both have the tendency to escape (flee, fly away), aversion to company and certain people, the delusion of being watched, cursing, and the fear for others.

Posts: 2
Reply #1 on : Fri December 05, 2008, 01:28:49
Hi Matilde,
Awesome case! I have a case now of a 9 year old with Asperger's doing great on Musca. I gave him Cantharis first and it helped, but wouldn't hold. Then I switched over to Musca, and now he's like a new child.
I like some of the details of your case. They remind me of other insect kids I've seen. Blatta, for instance shares a lot with Musca-d. Often many of these insect kids are VERY difficult for the parents as they are so good at being annoying, contrary, etc. They often also have odd fears and aversions. But once they get the right insect, the whole family can breathe easy.
I'm so glad you wrote up the case.