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Molybdenum metallicum and Bromum_A case of

by Ulrich Welte
6.1 Molybdenum metallicum, Brom

The mother of the 6-year-old boy first comes to the consultation on her own and reports what he should not hear: he has Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), he is inattentive, hectic and so aggressive to other children. He wants to dominate his classmates and shuts them in or holds them against their will. He closes right up when one of his weaknesses is exposed. She did not actually want a child and the entire pregnancy was one long challenge because she and her husband each wanted to go their own way. The boy screamed all through the first year. She also pursued this screening strategy in the succeeding appointments, only relating the unpleasant things when he was absent. Only then is he allowed to come in. He is withdrawn, uncommunicative, and looks grim as if in a cross-examination. His hair hangs down like a curtain deep over his forehead into his eyebrows. At the same time he smiles silently with a facial expression that is defiant and sneeringly stubborn, so that he seems precocious. Sometimes he pulls his headband down to just over his mouth so that he looks like an aggressive, half-masked bank robber. He shows himself in the first consultation to be an intelligent boy who, even as a young child, played every piano he came across and also now plays piano for at least an hour a day. Despite being so withdrawn, he still takes himself rather seriously. When he gets warmed up, he can talk pretty cockily. Then he shows that he has something to say. Once he is 18 he wants to drive a Smart Car or a Mini Cooper. He may be small but he'll show the big guys what's what. The mother adds that for a long time now he has had frequent headaches when he is physically active.

Analysis, Choice of Remedy and Progress:
What stands out to begin with is the defiant attitude which silently covers up a weakness with particular bravery. That's stage 6. The screening strategy of the mother is also a reaction to this stage: she knows how sensitively he'll react when one of his weaknesses is exposed. The pregnancy was a challenge - stage 6. Once he is 18, he'll show them all. He is not as confident as he'd like to be, but shows no weakness. Watch out if you show him up because he'll fly into a rage - all stage 6. The silver series is indicated by his artistic streak: he is a passionate piano player. Plus his somewhat condescending manner indicates the silver series. That he shuts in other children could indicate the gold series: he actively exercises power. This behaviour could indicate Brom, even piano playing can be an indication for Brom; the agitation is expressed in the fingers, as we'll see later.

We decided on the silver series and gave Molybdenum 1M. For over a year we heard nothing more of him, but he seems to have been particularly well because he was never ill during the year. Unfortunately we could not get any more information. The remedy is repeated. In the first few days after taking the remedy he becomes even more aggressive and gets a rash on the right side of the body. Then he becomes more sociable, even a bit weepy. Contrary to our agreement, the mother repeats the remedy after a few days. It does nothing, but good. Without further reaction he becomes calmer after 3-4 days, he is not so fidgety, in fact he is like a different boy. This lasts for about 4 weeks until his old aggressiveness gradually returns. Then the remedy is repeated, again with the same positive effect, this time lasting longer. After 6 months he is really good and calm, and the mother is very happy with him. He has not had any more headaches.

Two more years pass and he is now 11 years old. He has headaches again, pulsating in the forehead. It comes mostly at the weekend and is better when lying. Since changing to a more demanding school he is biting his nails. His hands are unsettled and he continually plays with his fingers. He twists his sleeves and chews his pullover. His stamina has also declined and he is easily distracted. He only sticks to it when playing the piano. He dreams of being attacked by talking werewolves with golden eyes that bite his tongue off. The dream is so upsetting that it takes a long time to calm him down. Following repertorization (headache forehead pulsating, > lying, sharp-tongued when provoked), Spigelia is given, without effect. His old aggression is coming out again and he is becoming extremely agitated and fidgety. When questioned he says that before the change of school he was repudiated by his old classmates. They only wanted to play football, but he had other interests. This is the main theme of Brom (Stage 17, Ferrum series): the class repudiates him. The agitation in the hands (positively compensated by his dexterity in piano playing) and the nail-biting are also typical for Brom. If you like, you can also add the old thing that he shut in his classmates. It’s just that the tables have been turned so that now they are shutting him out.


He receives Brom 1M. After just a few days everything gets better, he stops the nail-biting, he no longer drums and picks with his fingers. He becomes calm and is better able to concentrate. He does not flare up so much. After a week he has one more headache, weaker than usual, and then they stop completely. He feels really good. It is strange that he suddenly plays piano less. This was otherwise his only reliable source of pleasure since childhood. Instead of playing at least an hour a day, he only plays when he feels like it, every few days or so. In the meantime, another 4 years have passed.

On working through the case again, one also thinks of Molybdenum muriaticum when reading the old anamnesis. The bit about the mother is very important for his life. The whole pregnancy was for the mother a Molybdenum situation. The Brom given later on is still working well. If another remedy were needed, Molybdenum bromatum would surely be the first choice.

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