March 2014
Bird themes overview
Bird themes overview, by Carolyn Burdet
Keywords: freedom, flight, expansive, lightness, overview, awareness, empathy, caring, responsibility, trapped, love, loss, soaring, vision, conceptual thought, knowing, messenger, realms
To be detached and separated is liberating: a case of Ardea herodias
Keywords: detached, detachment, separate, connection, liberating, calm, stillness, contemplation, reflection, patience, time to reflect, loner
She put me in my room and wouldn't let me out: a case of Falco peregrinus
Keywords: imprisonment, captured, locked up, escape, freedom, speed, fast movement, sympathy, siblings, worry, anger, resignation
I hate what comes out of my mouth: a case of Corvus corax
Keywords: hot flushes, anger, outspoken, cursing, misunderstood, disrespected, undervalued, cheated, imprisoned, unreal
I feel everyone is judging me: a case of Passer domesticus
Keywords: cystitis, panic, poor, ‘common’, materialistic, rich, scarcity, poverty, provide for family, abusive relationship, fighting, squabbles, arguments, commitment, responsibility, trapped, caged birds, rise above it, feeling judged, unworthy
A confrontation with a dominant male makes you feel vulnerable: a case of Columba palumbus
Keywords: sexual abuse, domination, victim, weakness, poverty, survival, world is harsh, suppressed, anxiety, cancer miasm, tympanic abdomen, sinuses, cystitis
Book review: Homeopathic Mind Maps - Birds by Alicia Lee
Keywords: book review
Panorama: seminars and books
Keywords: panorama