2007 November

Majeptil case

by Nancy Frederick
CD is a heavy set woman of 53 with thick glasses and bluntly cut with dull gray hair. When she smiles, her expression is more sardonic than warm. She seems rigid and stiff in her demeanor.
“I have low back pain, and have had surgery and I am on medication for glaucoma. I need a trabeculectomy.
I’m skeptical about homeopathy; my partner encouraged me to come.”

Detached retina age 28, right eye, with scleral buckle.
Cataract surgery 1990, implanted lens.
Some degradation in left eye, but right eye is worse.
Vision ok; 20/40 both eyes.
Recently retired from her job teaching social work at University and wants to go to Divinity School.
Desires chocolate, dairy, cheese.
< Eggs in a restaurant, < ibuprofen, < fat.
Craves alcohol and has one glass white wine per day.
On a low carbohydrate diet.
Has palpitations and anxiety < coffee.
Occasional diarrhea from greasy food.
Averse cucumbers, onions, slimy things.
Likes vinegar, lemon juice.
Bladder infections in college.
Diarrhea alternates with constipation.

She is highly stressed right now, “every area of my life is so unsettled”.
From the Midwest and is the oldest of 4 daughters.
She is superficially pleasant and very anxious.
Mother was sexually abused.
Father was agronomist, a consultant, loud, domineering, drinks, diabetes, overweight, and critical.
“I experienced it all as abuse. One of my younger sisters was sexually abused. I've always felt outside the family. I assumed responsibility for everyone. I've always done what needs to be done, although I don't like to be in charge. I find myself in that position a lot.”

Rt. sided sciatica; “can't sleep on my back, arthritis in my lower back all the way up to my neck. It is worse at the base of my neck.”
< being in bed, stiff in the mornings.
> moving, > sitting
Averse turtlenecks.

“Acne as a kid and had UV treatments to my face. My mother made me have treatments. I took tetracycline for years.”
“I've had a non-cancerous growth on my nose and tinea versicolor on my arms”

Ingrown toenails.
“I have a good sense of direction.”
“I'm religious; I am studying Jewish spiritual direction and Hebrew.”
“I went into social work to make the world better. It doesn't feel like it's very effective, but I'm passionate about teaching.”
“I am feeling ungrounded, beaten down with too many people telling me what to do. I feel like I don't have a voice.
“I have issues with authority; I can't do what I'm told. I fear people, I don't trust easily. I feel ignored and invisible at times.”

Either vivid dreams or none. She had a recurring dream of being chased by a wooden weasel.
“I dreamed I was a cocker spaniel that could fly by flapping my ears. I have anxious dreams about being in college, not prepared for the test, or stuck at work.”
Plays piano, good fine motor skills, near sighted.
“I can't depend on people. At a very young age I had to figure things out on my own. I have to do it all myself - a lot of people in my life weren't competent.”

Anxiety about flying, but will do it.
“My reactions to things aren't consistent. I'm changeable and I don't have the same response to the same situations”.
“I can't give blood, I get faint.”

Dizzy when young with vertigo, as a kid.
Anemia, tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, acne on face.
“I love the water, love being in it. I want to be barefoot in the summer and I get very cold in the winter”.
Fears: heights, driving, being in the car, tornadoes, and the movie Dr. Zhivago.
Almost constant numbness in left arm.
Have a-typical migraines - numb on one side of the body or another.
Married twice. First time for 5 years.
Pregnant twice; 1st time was why she got married, 2nd time was the break-up of the relationship.
Toxemia with both pregnancies.
Sometimes take diuretics when it's humid.
2nd marriage lasted 7 years, but ended when she came out (as a lesbian).
On valium for a while.
She always had heavy periods. The cramps were intense with a lot of back pain.
Worries about money.
Hobbies are; playing music, reading, and learning Hebrew- Jewish alphabet.
Sees pretty well; vision is 20-40 corrected.
Always had gum problems and forced herself to deal with it.
No stamina, better working with small groups.
Always dragging (speaks slowly and flatly).
Cyst in breast 1974 (not sure what side).

“My oldest son is 29 and I haven't seen him in 7 years. He was a raging and angry kid.
When I was 13 my mother put me on amphetamines. She said I was too fat. I was only allowed to eat every other day.
I don't want to be controlled. I need to be free to deal with the threats in the world. I'm smart and I guess I can be bossy. I have a hard time finding joy in anything I'm doing. When I can't be creative, I can't move and then I'll be depressed. I don't hold a grudge, but I'm hard on myself. When I’m angry - it depends - I yell and get loud.”

Once she thought she was having a stroke.
Blood pressure elevated at times.
Sensitive to the smell of mildew, urine, sulfur.
Hates having sticky hands.

“What is the one thing you would never want anybody to know?”
Weeps hard and long and talks about a day-long crying jag at her parent’s house as a teenager, crying and crying and crying.

Masturbated a LOT.

Plan: Majeptil 30c 2 doses 12 hours apart.

Follow up- 7 weeks:
(Comes in wearing a turtleneck.) Hair shiny; make-up on and actually looks pretty.

Had the flu after the remedy and had not had the flu in 10 years.
“It was hard to leave the house, everything was wrong physically and I felt like a pasty 2 yr old. I had a long involved dream about an owl. A man is grieving because the owl was dying. I was sad for the owl.”
Started on a diet a month ago.
Was craving tangerines and has less of a craving for chocolate.
Stopped using artificial sweetener because she realized it made her feel weird.
Has coffee cravings.
No numbness at all.
Increased energy right after the remedy.
Not fatigued anymore- no back pain.
Skin is super dry - has had a rash on and off.
No strange smells.
Palpitations gone.
Anxiety decreased; has not noticed it, not tense.
Studying to be a spiritual director and enrolled in a school in NYC.
(Her partner states she is a different person. More affectionate, less shutdown. Expressing her feelings about their relationship, appreciative.)

This was in 2004, she continues to do well with occasional repetitions of the remedy.

Majeptil is Thioproperazine, an anti-psychotic drug used in schizophrenia. The idea of being controlled without the exercise of will was the essential characteristic in this case. As this woman’s story unfolded, I had the distinct impression of someone who had been enclosed in a straightjacket, being confined too tightly for too long. The remedy restored her sensation, her emotional expression, and her vitality.

Nancy Frederick; RSHom (NA), CCH

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This is a very interesting case. It should be titled "Majeptil Case," so that it appears in the right alphabetical order.

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