2009 February

Magnetis poli arcticus: a short case

by Ulrich Welte
I have seen my first good case of Magnet according to the description of Lou Klein.

A very complicated old man forcing others to listen by deliberately slow speech and long-winding explanations. He was himself slowed down by a muscular weakness up to paralysis. This state became increasingly worse; a functional paralysis, not traceable in cerebral MRI scans. He was diagnosed with some kind of polyneuropathy.

He had to sit down or hold on to a wall after 50-100m of walking.
He walks freely now for miles.

Aluminium fluor did some good, but it did not hold. I gave it because he was always opposing and making things complicated; which the picture of Aluminium from Vithoulkas and because of fear of poverty and money issues; which indicates fluor.

Magnet polis arcticus was much better.

He is completely inflexible. He forces others to his will by unseen power. Even his married daughters are still under his sway. There is an air of great secrecy around him. His daughters will not talk about him even when they come alone (one does well on Selenium and Solanum melongena, the other very well on Borium).

During anamnesis he forces his extremely slow pace by elaborating unnecessarily on details and talking slowly. It is useless to ask in between, he would just use my interruption to make further detours and slow down the process even more (so I keep listening without any question until he allows a stop). In this respect he has an indomitable will.
He felt horrible to me. Completely fenced into his iron world behind unseen impenetrable walls of mental immobility, with intelligence and forcing others to follow him. A mental tyrant, quite different from mercury, more like the uranium series.
He continues to walk better, still has to take the remedy and it helps.

I got the idea from Louis KLein's seminar. The Swiss contractor and his wife moving in synchronicity under the same magnetic field.

Ulrich Welte
email: uwelte@homeo.de

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Keywords: Magnetis poli arcticus, mental tyranny, unflexibility, functional paralysis


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Reply #2 on : Thu February 26, 2009, 03:26:01
It is interesting to compare this case to two cases published by Wim Roukema in Links 4/97. These cases are both young boys. Themes in common include: slowness in action and speech, mental confusion (mixing up letters and words while reading and writing). As opposed to the old tyrant described here, however, the boys are very meek and yielding. The keynote of the remedy is irresolution followed by prompt execution when the mind is finally made up. The essence seems to be mental confusion that leads to inflexibility.

Diderik Finne

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Reply #1 on : Sun February 01, 2009, 14:39:32
Hi Ulrich,

Thanks a lot for your case - very interesting and helpful.

We've studied with Lou a long time and have used the magneticums and the solanacae family but we are not familiar with Solanum melongena (eggplant). Can you share any insights or resources on this remedy?

Kind regards,

Kellie Kirkpatrick