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Magnesium Fluoratum, Tilia Europaea and Scandium, _A case of

by Ai-Ling Makewell
Case 1 – Magnesium Fluoratum, Tilia Europaea, Scandium

A man aged 41 of medium built came to consult with me in 4/2003. He looks older than his age and came in with overalls on covered with white paint. He is a painter by trade and owns his own business.
The main problem he is having includes a general lack of energy, not sleeping well, feeling tired and profuse perspiration. He could easily doze off after dinner, or “go out like a light” at three o’clock in the afternoon. While he was on holiday, he slept all the time during the first week there. “Generally I just don’t feel 100%, eyes are tired, wake up 2-3 in the morning without having had a deep sleep. There is also bowel problem with haemorrhoids that lead to bleeding.”
He also smokes (10 cigarettes a day), likes to drink one beer a day, sometimes spirit. Although he enjoys his drink, the symptoms are worse after taking in alcohol.
Other symptoms include: blood in the spit (saliva), varicose veins in the legs (1 1/2 inches in diameter, like bruises), hiatus hernia (< alcohol), bad sweats (profuse perspiration creates a lot of body heat), sweats easily (did not use to in the past), cramps in legs when surfing in cold water, sore right shoulder, and chronic snoring.

History: Born with one testicle, tonsils were taken out at age six, hernia operation last year, and is allergic to Penicillin.
He is not affected by temperature changes and is warm blooded, sleeps on sides. He does not dream a lot, but when he does it is about work and he talks about work in sleep. He loves salads, hot chilli, spicy food, fish, chicken, fruit, strong coffee, sweets and cakes. Not very keen on red meat or Brussels sprouts. As a child he used to like milk a lot, but not very fond of it anymore. He drinks six glasses of water a day plus juice and cups of tea.
He further related that making money used to be something really important to him. His father was like that and instilled in him that he must be successful and making a lot of money. Making money has been an important goal ever since he was a child. He wanted to own his own house – “I am doing well. I have my own house and own my business, but family is now more important, also having more friends in life. These were important, but they were on the back burner before and now there is a yearning for those.” He also says that his sex life is very important and can have sex ten times a day if he could. He goes on to say that “when I get stressed out, I tend to lose the plot which leads to more stress, and I end up yelling, just can not let it go, can not deal with the problems rationally."
He also says that he lacked confidence when younger, now that he is financially secure he feels more confident, he used to apologise for everything. Additionally, he is not able to take criticism with the tendency to become very defensive and is self-critical.
His parents were divorced when he was very young. He says that his father only married his mother for her money. His parents’ divorce has affected him badly, he then has to take on the role of being “man of the house.” His step father came on the scene when he was ten years old, but they were not wanted by the step father. As such, he felt that he and his siblings didn’t really have a home anymore, which caused him to cry for days at a time, not a happy childhood. These childhood experiences left him with a sense of lacking in control. He can also be very aggressive, volatile, and cranky.

Prescription: Magnesium Fluoratum 1M, 1 dose

The central theme of this case is his place in the family structure. There was no room for him after his parents’ divorce and especially so when his step father came on the scene. There was a lack of certainty about where his place is in the family. This theme belongs to the Silicium series. It is the stage two of this series, Magnesium. Other Magnesium characteristics include aggression, fear of criticism, lack of confidence, feeling forsaken. His food desires also indicate the choice of magnesium such as a desire for salad, fruit, sweets and meat.
My choice for Fluoratum as a combination with Magnesium is based on the theme of his strong desire to make money and strong sexual drive. Other symptoms indicating Fluoratum include desire for alcohol, spicy food, and being warm blooded.

Follow-up (5/2003)
His return visit was a month later. He related that there is a deep sense of inner peace and felt content for a few days. All the symptoms were better for a short time, but they returned. The Magnesium Fluoratum touched him on the mental and emotional level deeply, but did not have much of an effect on his physical symptoms.
The symptoms he has now include night sweats, feeling really tired, cranky over little things, body feels heavy, and feeling overwhelmed by his daily work demands. He needed to push himself in order to get his work done.

Retake the case.
He again related to me about his childhood experiences. He was unhappy, parents divorced, mother had to struggle to keep the children going during the first few years after divorce. During that time they saw their father on holidays only because he remarried. When at age ten his step father came on the scene and never he felt that he belonged there and could not wait to leave home. As such, he had to make a choice to whether to live with his father or mother, he felt emotionally torn. Each time when he went from one parent to the other he felt a feeling of being torn apart because he developed attachment for one parent then had to leave and go to the other parent so the attachment was broken again and reformed with the other parent.
This situation went on for sometime while he was growing up. Resulting from this he just couldn’t wait to grow up and felt very insecure as a kid, “did everything by myself, felt sad.” He further relates that this situation created a lot of resentment within him, as they were left to their own devices, and never felt a part of a family.
Prescription: Tilia Europaea 200C, 1 dose.

The reason for choosing Tilia is based on his feeling of being torn apart every time when visited one parent then had to go to another. This situation created a sense of forming attachment with one parent and then being forcibly detached and separated when he had to leave and go to live with the other parent. This sense of attachment is between parent and child, which belong to the Malvales family. It is the sycosis miasm because of his feeling being stuck and unable to do anything about his childhood situation. This brings to the remedy Tilia Europaea.

Follow-up (8/8/2003): Had factures in the teeth because of grinds teeth in sleep awoke with sore jaws. His profuse perspiration is much less and feels normal most of the times. He is now having thoughts of slowing down on his work commitments, though a bit scared of not having anything to do and is feeling rather restless. He says that he has trouble getting satisfaction out of anything especially money, which was something of importance to him in the past. Now, he feels that his family and music and friendships are far more important to him and he also feels a lot more confident.

Prescription: Tilia Europaea 1M 1 dose. At the same time, the bowel nosode Sycotic Co. 12C, 3 doses were given (one a day for three days) for reason that he still having occasional perspiration and grinds his teeth in sleep and feeling restlessness.

Follow-up (19/12/2003)
Although emotionally he is feeling low and fed up with everything his tendency to perspire profusely has totally disappeared. After the last remedy he did feel much more relaxed and felt good. He still grinds teeth a bit not as much as before. He is now thinking about a career change which causes anxiety. At the moment, he has trouble making decisions about changing his career (going into Real Estate) though he is normally quite decisive. He is lacking in energy. When gets up in the morning he doesn’t feel refreshed and his worry about having to lay off his staff tend to drain his energy. It is a big weight on his shoulders because he feels responsible for their welfare. Additionally, though he still wants to make a lot of money and achieve more, he feels that he is at a cross roads in life and questions the validity of his goals. This “confusion” makes him very indecisive.

Prescription: Scandium metallicum 200C, 1dose.
As soon as after taking the remedy, he felt much less tired and his sore eyes are also better, not as sore as before when he first came into the room.

This man’s concern at present is about his work (Ferrum series). He is thinking about changing careers, but has trouble making decisions because of worry over whether it is the right thing to do as he has wife and a daughter to support. Also he feels responsible for his employees and what they will do if he closes down his business.
As his main concern is about work it belongs to the theme of Ferrum series. It is stage three which has to do with comparing, scanning, and investigating the possibilities in changing his career. Because of the uncertainty of the future in what he is trying to do there generated a lot of doubt and he therefore hesitates in making a firm decision as what to do. As such, his internal conflict causes a lot of confusion and indecisiveness. The essence of Scandium metallicum is “not knowing which task to choose” (Scholten, 1996:336).

Follow-up (17/3/2004)
Two weeks after the remedy Scandium metallicum, he made a decision to go on holiday, then the change of career came. “All of my employees completed their job last week and I have 3-4 weeks before I start my new job in the Real Estate.”
Now he is feeling a bit lost. He has given up a reasonably successful business and is unsure about his future which makes him feel frustrated, angry and confused. He feels that people let him down and is feeling angry inside and unsettled at the moment. There is perspiration from time to time which wakes him up during sleep. Tiredness returned and he feels he can always lay down for a snooze.
Prescription: Tilia Europaea 10M, 2 doses (one to take home).

Follow-up (23/3/2005)
Now it is a year later from his last visit. He still works very hard, but is not as stressed out as before although the job (Real Estate Agent) is quite stressful. He says that he is not nearly as angry as before and is much more confident. He feels much better and dresses better since he changed job. The reason for this visit is because he is a bit under the weather.
Prescription: Tilia Europaea 10M, 2 doses. As far as I know he is well.

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