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Magnesium Fluoratum case: the magic bullet

by Alistair Dempster
Magnesium Fluor case

Oct. 29, 2001
Female 19 yrs old
Customer Services Clerk.

Neatly and fashionably dressed. Well presented and with meticulous make up, with quite a lot on her face, she has some spots underneath. Blonde, brown eyes. Wears very high heels. Fairly short stature 5’4’’. Shapely figure. Clothing shows her shape.
First job. Not particularly ambitious. Did not like college. Hates education. Went to college because it was the right thing to do. Sick of books, sick of trying, sick of not getting anywhere.

Case: Been taking Dothiepin. Previously Paroxetine, but these gave her insomnia. Miserable coming off them.
"I work hard. I am not a slacker. I’m such a sensitive person. I give a lot to others, particularly boyfriends. I’m easy going. I feel at a loss. I can get attached to one person. I am an outgoing person. Able to talk well to people. I hope people think I am not a bad person."
Likes people to think well of her.
Naïve about sex. "At school I was a swot. I was paranoid about getting into trouble." Fear and ashamed of getting into trouble and letting parents down. Nobody fancied her at school because she did not have a fanciful image.
She went to college knowing nothing.
First sexual relationship was not relaxed about it. She was frightened. Sex was painful. The boyfriend ended the relationship, then he told all his college mates, because she did not expose her body.
She wondered if all relationships were going to be like this.
The next boyfriend thought a lot of her, showed her a lot of affection. Sex still hurt. During sex the condom split. Had to go to family planning clinic for morning after pill. Felt ashamed.
Developed anorexia, binging, dieting and starving herself. She could not control her eating habits.
Tried to commit suicide – took an OD of her drugs.
Mother – bad tempered. Not easy to live with. Frightened of her.

Entered a beauty competition and became third. She felt special.
Dressed up to look good for her boyfriend. They have split up.
Can’t get over this boyfriend even though he is mean to her, and abuses her… it’s the image he represents of being successful, a star, glamorous. "I punish myself so much. I need make-up on to help my self confidence. Otherwise I won't go out."
"I struggle with learning. No ambition. No point in studying."
Went to private school. Then to A level college. Was happy the first year there. Went out with “sporty” boys. Her first boyfriend really.
Devastated when that relationship ended. Felt depressed and worthless for a long time. Felt she had be tougher than she use to be.
Mum does not like weakness in people.
Didn’t feel good enough. Boyfriend told her how she should look. "These looks attract a certain type of person." Next boyfriend, a basketball player. Seemed they did not have any commitment. They’re looks matched them – they were hard. I am soft and have old fashioned values. She shows an image of hard, blonde. "If I don’t look like this I don’t feel worthy, self conscious, ugly, not striking enough."

Went to a model agency. Competitive about looks. Looking for perfection – in herself. In search for the perfect image. Was hard on herself.
She says she has bad skin -whiteheads –she pulverises her face squeezing spots. Gets aggressive with them trying to get them out. Has some moles, but cant get them removed because they will leave a scar.
Needs to have the best of everything –anything that can make her look better she wants. Needs to be superior to other people.
"I hate fading into the background." Likes to be noticed and stand out from the crowd. Hates not to be the best looking, the most intelligent.
Does not take compliments onboard – thinks she can be better than what they say. "I want to be outstanding."
"I don’t like being nasty to people, that’s why I have so many friends." Friends come to her in a crisis – usually boyfriend trouble. She is able to calm them down. They ask her advice about style and looks. I can never do enough to help them.
She likes shiny sparkly things, diamonds. (Hobbies?) Shopping. Wishes she had more money. Try to become the girlfriend of a neighbour who had won some money on the lottery. Uses her looks to feel superior to more intelligent people. Very sensitive about what others say about her looks or her personality.
Not fair to Dad to spend his money. Okay to use neighbours lottery money. She would be doing him a favour going out with him.

Rx Mag-Fluor. 200. i OD 4/7 Stop if response.

A routine questionnaire I give to patients confirmed a number of keynotes symptoms of Mag-fluor.

Nov. 23, 2001 1st Follow up
Feels more balanced and level headed. Less obsessed. Felt different the day after started the remedy. Not been bothered about material or body enhancing stuff, teeth whitener coloured contacts etc.
Been a lot happier in herself.
Last week or so some of the feelings coming back.
Skin appears to be worse. Spots on her back and chest – hardly gets those. Seem to be an unusual amount.
Has met a new boyfriend. – he’s a lot different from previous one’s. Not macho, not glam type at all. He gives her the support she needs.

Rx Mag-Fluor 1M, phone in 6 weeks.

Telecon follow up 6 weeks later
Better in herself. Happy. Relationship going well. Not bothered about the glam look any more although takes care of her appearance not obsessed about it like she used to be. Energy normal!!! Sleep – no problems.
Rx wait. Phone prn.

One year later she is fine after response to routine enquiry. Spots a lot better – still gets some, but not to same extent as before. Not aggressive with them now!!

Complete Repertory 5.5
Jan Scholten – Homeopathy and Minerals
Jan Scholten – Homeopathy and the Elements.

Alistair Dempster

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