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Magnesium carbonicum and Sepia,_A case of

by Ai-Ling Makewell
A woman of twenty five years of age came to see me in 10/2004. Her main complaints were fatigue and genital herpes. Her left eye has been twitching for the last six months. She had gotten genital herpes back in 1996 from her first boyfriend. At first it comes and goes for a while, she did not have any symptoms of blisters, only discomfort and slight pain and tingling sensation in thighs when sitting down on toilet. In 2000 it got worse and worse as time went on. She had blisters and tingling pain in her thigh so she went to the medical Doctor and was diagnosed with genital herpes. The Doctor put her on medication (Marvelon), however, her condition got worse. She had attacks every two to three months. There would be a break out with blisters and sores (red blisters start on one side then to the other with yellow pus) when she feels stressed out at work.
Her chronic fatigue started in 1998 during her university years. At times, she needed two extra hours of sleep in the afternoon. Then during 2002, she became depressed over work and personal reasons. She had to go to sleep right away after work and had to struggle to get up in the morning. Because of the fatigue condition she is ready to go to sleep at three in the afternoon. Although now her chronic fatigue is not as bad as it was, the energy level is below what she should be feeling (had flu in 2002 and 2003). Now she has a lingering cough since catching the cold last week and can not stop coughing after talking for a while.
She is now on contraceptive pills, her menstrual flow was worse at night before the pills.
Food desires: loves Italian food, chocolate, junk food, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, strawberries, mango, lettuce, roast and vegetables and warm food.
Food aversions: cauliflower, broccoli, parsnip, apples and bananas.
She feels the cold, but does not cope well with heat either.

She had an argument with her father eighteen months ago that resulted in a stand off situation and left home without resolution. Much later, her father apologised to her and now they are back in contact.
When younger she was easy going, playful, could adapt to any situation, but she becomes aware of other people’s judgment as she got older and therefore, tried to fit in. She says that she is quite conservative, worries a lot about whether she is making the right decision or not or what others think about her. Externally, “I put up a good front and thought if that person really knew me, he would think that I am boring.” She continues: “If I want someone to like me, then, I am concerned about how they think of me – may be I am too narrow or conservative for them.”
Her security and family are really important to her though she does not spend enough time with them (living in different states). Also feeling content and happy is important too. Additionally, she feels that she doesn’t really belong in the family though comfortable with immediate family not with relatives (parents got divorced during her teens). She also relates: “I get angry a lot, but cannot express it towards anyone (tears running down). Sometimes I can express it through dancing.” At this stage I ask: “What sort of things makes you angry?” Reply: “When people show a lack of respect for others can make me really angry. Also, I get angry when someone won’t let me have an opinion or when feel quite alone and having to rely on myself.”
Her fears include fear of rejection, making wrong decisions, people who can’t control themselves (on drugs), which can be unpredictable.

Prescription: Magnesium carbonicum 1M, 1 dose. Feeling much more relaxed soon after taking the remedy.

The central issue for this young woman has to do with her feeling of not belonging to her family which is the theme of Silicium series. Her lack in confidence, concerned about what other people think of her (she criticises herself for others – her own imagination of what others would say about her), the tendency to adapt (fit in) to a social situation, and feeling passive and powerless (unable to express anger), etc. belong to the second stage. This brings to the remedy Magnesium. I chose carbonicum as a combination for reason that the issue of respect, value, self-worth and the father are of concern to her. Hence, the choice of remedy is Magnesium carbonicum.

Follow-up (12/11/2004)
She reported that she has been really well, changed diet (cut out chips and chocolate), and was able to throw a tantrum towards her partner. She was grumpy when feeling hungry. Her left eye does not twitch as much as before. The genital herpes showed a tingling sensation for one day only and she is not feeling sleepy anymore. Generally, there is more energy and her persistent cough cleared up three days later.
She became assertive with her partner immediately on the day she came to see me. She feels really good about her new found ability to express herself more, though still a little hesitant to do so at work. Everything has been positive.

Prescription: Magnesium carbonicum 1M, 2 doses.

Follow-up (12/1/2005
She is feeling very low (a bit depressed) ever since mid December 2004 (took the other Mag-c 1M on 12/12/2004). After taking the magnesium-carbonicum, she became really grumpy, irritable, lost the motivation to do things, and needing more sleep. Obviously, Magnesium carbonicum has served its purpose and is no long applicable. Retake the case.

“Dancing makes me feel better, I love rain. I have trouble breathing in, really constipated, feeling fatigued.” She goes on to say that “I have no headache for a while, no eye twitch either, no cold, no chest pain (apparently she used to get chest pain when tired). Herpes has been good without any eruptions. I am starting to look for another job because feeling as if at a dead end. I cry in the shower and feel I do more work than others at work which gives me a sense of being not valued.”
Her menstrual blood is quite light the last few days, no more pain. Exercising always make her feel better otherwise feels like a blob. She has no sex drive, it is a real effort for her to have sex with partner. Tears are running down her face when she started telling me about her health and personal problems. Her health has not been good since puberty. She has a tendency to keep her problems to herself. It only makes things worse when others try to console her when upset. As I questioned more, she says that she loves thunderstorms.

Prescription: Sepia 200C, 1 dose.
She has a reaction straight away after taking the remedy; tingling sensations around the shoulders, feeling a bit dizzy – light headedness with a desire to cry. Feeling more relaxed.

Magnesium carbonicum has done its job on one level, therefore it did not bear to be repeated again. Other symptoms come to the fore. The central theme at this time is showing Sepia is needed. During the first consultation, she said that as a child she was lively and playful without feeling self-conscious, which together with loss of sex drive, love of thunderstorm and dancing, and cries when telling symptoms form the central theme of Sepia. Also “never well since puberty” is another prominent Sepia symptom.

Follow-up (19/11/2005)
She reports that she has not had any herpes eruption during the last ten months until this week. She had the eruptions twice because of emotional stress, she is feeling emotionally torn between two men and not knowing what to do. She feels fatigued and always tired because often she goes without proper meals as her work becomes busy (changed job which is much more satisfactory).
Prescription: Sepia 1M, 2 doses (one to take home).

Report (24/1/2006)
There was a great deal of things going on in life, she made the decision to separate from her partner. The house they jointly owned is put on the market. Although there is change she is feeling happy and now meditates regularly. In this, she is not only able to sit with her emotions, pains, and feelings, and feel the changes all around her, but also with an optimistic outlook towards the future.
This case is ongoing. The ten months gap between her previous visit and this recent one showed that Sepia as a remedy could work well for her. The idea that Magnesium carbonicum could have been a remedy that was needed to take off one “layer” of which may have resulted from her experience during the time of her parents’ divorce (during her late teenage years). Parents’ divorce for a child (whether at an early age or in their teens) is till a major turning point in one’s life that could have a profound impact on one’s emotional, mental and physical development. As a consequence, now another remedy, Sepia, perhaps may work well for her for sometime to come.

Scholten, J. (1996), Homoeopathy and the Elements, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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dr hanumesh
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Reply #4 on : Wed August 27, 2014, 09:40:09
Thanks..very informative case
K. Mason
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Assessing personal characteristics to find a remedy that is helpful
Reply #3 on : Tue July 15, 2014, 18:49:25
I would like to learn how to assess characteristics of people in order to find a remedy that would be helpful to them.
I like the way it was done in the preceding case, but doubt my ability to do this.

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Reply #2 on : Tue March 21, 2006, 08:42:05
You mention the indications for Sepia that existed at the first consultation. I wonder if Sepia could have been given as the first and only remedy, and whether Sepia covers some of the symptoms that you prescribed Mag carb for.

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Reply #1 on : Sun March 12, 2006, 10:23:24
:coolsmile: Interesting,the case suggests the significance of follow up & the need to assess the life events.Thanx