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Manganum iodatum_A case of

by Wendy Hewland

Gastro-intestinal pain and general discomfort in the whole area that changes location.

Her appearance was hippy, long gray wispy hair, no make-up, looked worn, but wise, dowdy loose clothing, flat shoes.

"I have intestinal pain changes, I’ve been taking care of my son - he is quadriplegic, paralyzed from his neck down. He broke his neck in a surfing accident and my daughter had a breakdown, she got married to someone we don’t like. I fall from grace over it, feel it from my stomach all the way down - the GI tract is trashed. I’m taking alfalfa, cut down on coffee to one cup, doing a fast walk every other day. In the early 1960’s I started getting anxiety attacks. My Dr. put me on Stallazyne, he told me it was glue; I stopped that. I have had a lot of spiritual path experience. My daughter is in a mutually abusive relationship and she’s still with him. I feel I’ve been to hell and back, this illness is pulling me back to myself and pain discomfort. I have never had an ulcer, but it feels like it."
> cayenne and peppermint, aloe vera helps, no dairy or wheat, no animal products, lots of tofu, soy, very little fruit, > warm drinks, < cold drinks. The pain is 1/2 hour to 45 minutes on left side stomach.
"We were in divorced 1970, their father lives locally, our son has to be on an intermittent catheter."

Q: Dreams?
A: "Yes, lots of journal work and support groups, we have a sacred circle of women that re-connect when seasons change. I have black medicine women come to me in my dreams - Tibetan guide in a waking dream - he zapped me in my heart chakra. I usually get dreams that tell me where not to go. An African Masai woman; she had scar from ear to ear - it was healing, I was so sorry for her, she made a beaded cover for a lamp and gave it to me. It meant put a cover over your stuff, don’t tell everything. My daughter came to me in dream and said I’m sorry about your pain, but mine is worse so that helped me. She’s going through the metaphoric woods, I recognize that stuck pattern she’s doing, way up ahead I see an opening. I show it to her, I don’t condemn or condone her addictive personality, I feel her personality is locked up in Bluebeard’s closet.
My father was an alcoholic, he spent all the money. I was an eldest child, mother just waited on him and spent her time in the kitchen. Through group therapy work I transmitted my co-dependence. I am in Alcoholics-Anonymous as adult child of an alcoholic; it bounces off of me now. As a child I made things, art work and felt connected to “the something”. When I was alone I could go there, when I got to 16 I thought I was going to be a nun or a prostitute -prostitute meaning do what everybody wants, but I got married and had 2 easy pregnancies. I’m very artistic, in my 30’s my marriage seemed like a farce to me. I had a meltdown, as a child I felt like I was in a box and it was hard to participate. In the 1950’s I joined a Hopi Indian reservation, I felt myself coming home. There’s a way to make a difference, this world is in big trouble. I just turned 70 and I feel like my life’s just beginning, I don’t have to answer to anyone. It’s a farce, my husband was addicted to sex. He pushed the kids away, he never acknowledged them and he was cruel to them. He was ex-naval officer - like Dad, I can’t look back with regret, he wanted me all to himself without the kids. My daughter has done the same, but he’s like Dracula."

Q How are you financially?
A: "I have a trust fund, I don’t see my future as bleak at all. I’ve been writing folk tales for years and I was getting good reactions, but my son’s accident stopped that. I did a series of paintings of New Mexico, I’m trying to make this river crossing in healing."

Q: Fears?
A: "For others - and abandonment. If you don’t take care of your crazy parents, there will be no one to take care of you. I’ve been terrified for my daughter, I’m doing this inner work with her. I feel I was a medicine woman too, every time I walk the labyrinth there is a hawk is above me. I live near a lot of wildlife, I walked around a huge snake the other day. I sobbed for weeks and read about damage done to the planet. Then I come out of that, it gives me faith that it’s in our own genetic coding to re-align with nature, it’s reconnecting with our own true mother. I gave up meat and bananas because of the production of mucous in my throat."

Q: Bladder infections?
A: "Yes in the past. This stomach thing, it’s holding onto stuff. Having to rescue everybody and take care of them. My daughter having 3 kids made me scream like a whale! I know there’s another way now, I don’t feel like alcohol and coffee is poison for me. I feel they are blockages, I can’t do my artwork either."

I was considering a bird remedy when I asked:
Q: What does the word freedom mean to you?
A: "Freedom to be honest, not being afraid."

Q: Vision disturbances?
A: "yes"

Q: Eye pain?
A: "No, I’m a hiker, upper thigh pain, left knee pain, lower back pain."

Then I thought of the SILVER series because she is an artist at heart, but as a child that was her escape (Iodatum). She's really all about task, work and duty, which led me to the Iron series. So I prescribed Manganum Iodatum because of restlessly helping her son and herself and the Iodatum part fitting the fleeing / i.e. Hopi Indian reservation/ needing to escape from the family.

NOTE: I find Iodatum on it's own or as a salt is useful for patients that had abusive cold parents that neglected them. Unwanted kids. (Compare Nitrogen(s). I often hear these lines in other Iodatum cases:
"Where are my people?"
"Am I from this planet?"
"I just want to leave."

(which really means searching for new family and a sense of belonging somewhere).
Also Iodatum can look like acid cases because they often look worn out.

PHONE FOLLOW-UP - Jan. 22, 2001.
No twitches, finished 2nd vial, felt a HUGE shift.

PHONE FOLLOW-UP - Feb. 5, 2001.
All symptoms 90%, better!
Rx - Continue same remedy Manganum Iodatum 30C - one more vial.

IN PERSON FOLLOW-UP - March 30, 2001.
“Intestinal symptoms” better. Spider veins, spasms in my neck (I see as direction in life), knees will lock. Only the second year I got allergies, before I met you I put myself on walnut essence now 2 times a day for 2 weeks, I’ve discovered yerba matte tea instead of coffee. I am maintaining the environment, caring for my son and I’m working multi-dimensionally. Lots of activity. "

Q: Dreams?
Themes of getting organized....
#1 I ran into the actor Anthony Hopkins in a bookstore, he’s an icon. I’m attracted to him, we embraced, but it was not night time. I had a tortured life growing up.
#2 My daughter is on plane - she told me she landed the plane - she was all right.
#3 My grandson’s in drug rehab and doing well.
I feel I got a lot of energy back, my appetite and sleep’s good. I can just feel this enormous change in attitude - more proactive than reactive."

Q: Left knee pain, lower back pain?
A: "I’m accident prone, but I can handle it. I am not in pain now, all my symptoms are connected to moving along with change. I have one group of friends (that we travel spiritually together) we are all going through heavy things. It’s just blowing my mind. I have fear of abandonment and isolation, a fall from grace. I guess it’s part of the journey back."

Q: Do you have other supportive friends?
A: "Yes, very serene and guarded and supportive women’s group we drink tea together and camp."

Q: Fears?
A: "I get a sense of where are my people? Like; am I from this planet?

Q. What’s the fear and abandonment?
A. "Early childhood stuff, I was neglected in my crib, my cries weren’t answered. Sometimes they weren’t kind, I tried to follow Mom when she drove away. So as long as I care-take, they won’t abandon me."

Q: Why did you leave Missouri?
A: "I left with my friend, I had to get away from parents that remarried and I don’t miss it at all. The last thing I want to do is hang out with right wing politics and ‘w.a.s.p.s'!"

Rx - MANGANUM IODATUM 30C 2 pellets once daily 10 days.

FOLLOW-UP- May 14, 2001.
Finished remedy, took 3 1/2 weeks to get it. I made a huge shift.
Itching in the mid back section, all around neck. Knee pains better.
Rx - MANGANUM IODATUM 30C for 10 days.

FOLLOW-UP - May. 31, 2001.
Feeling much better, mid back itch gone away. She felt a huge transition and discarded relationships that she didn't need!
Rx - Great! Plan; wait, call in a month.

FOLLOW-UP - June 29, 2001.
All symptoms disappeared, one symptom flared up, foggy headed
Rx - MANGANUM IODATUM 30C once a day for 10 days.

FOLLOW-UP - July 6, 2001.
Last day of dosing tomorrow, felt well, head clearing.
Rx - MANGANUM IODATUM 30C once a day for 10 days.

FOLLOW-UP - April 2003.
Had discontinued remedy 7/7/01, no symptoms feeling completely well. "Thank you so much, this remedy was healing magic".

Wendy Hewland - email: wendycures@sbcglobal.net

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