2006 November

Macaw/Psittacus information

by Anne Wirtz /from Jonathan Shore
Tension between the need of self and the need for expression.
Expression for what is really oneself versus being an integral part of family and society. Individuation.
It is caught in societal duties and obligations.
Macaws are group birds.

Macaw themes
Relationship /group
individuality /group
individuality, sense of
love, people in the group
speak, feels comfortable to, in a group
connection, sense of
connection, sense of, to the group
communication, ease of
gives, feeling of, but feels doesn't get
hold back, feels she must
speak, unacceptable to, one's truth

Acceptance/impartial observation
accept, things as they are
accepted, group, by the
fly on the wall, as if
observe, ability to, involved without being
separate, myself, ability to

Feeling of self
nervousness, sensation of
relax, able to, never
split, feels as if

Being there, sensation of, just
mask, absence of
individuality, sense of
tranquillity, sensation of
wonderful, everything feels

Passionate, desires to be wildly
interesting, desires to be
extravagant, feels too

dreams, colours bright, vivid
dreams, tropical places

Drug, taken a love drug
stoned, as if
high, as if on marihuana

See Reference Works for further information.

Categories: Theory
Keywords: macaw, psittacus, individuality, self-expression, individuation

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