2006 November

Macaw, a bright bird

by Anne Wirtz
Woman, born in 1966, comes to see me in February 2003 because she is 10 weeks pregnant and has severe allergic asthma attacks from the cat since September 2002. I have known her since 1995. This allergy was one of her complaints which together with menstrual problems, visual disturbances and depression, had almost cleared up altogether. Now she has this reaction which compels her to use allopathic medicine! Being pregnant she does not want this at all.
So I must look for another and better remedy. On re-studying her case I recognize her remedy in the former interviews, but at that time I didn't know this bird-remedy, MACAW.
Walking into the office I see that she has parts of her hair painted bright red and standing out of her head like feathers and she is colourfully dressed as usual.
She is very happy with her boyfriend and her pregnancy. It took some time before she was sure she wanted a child because she was afraid of losing her freedom, but her partner very much wanted to have a child with her and they agreed to care for it jointly. She is an illustrator and draws comic-books and has a lot of imagination. She lives with a group of artists and she always felt very responsible for the well being of the group. She took many tasks upon herself and offered her help readily if no one else was available. After leaving school she always lived in groups with 'anarchistic' people, ready to demonstrate against injustice in the world. She did street-theatre and travelled for some time with a circus through Europe, but eventually left because they let the whole organizational burden fall to her and she did not get any recognition.
She is an outgoing, enthusiastic and lively young woman falling in love easily in the past, and then going for it. She is very faithful and idealistic about relationships. Before she met this partner it was difficult for her to live on her own even within the group and she longed constantly for a true relationship. She had periods of crying out of solitude and the love of her loved ones could not reach her. The crying had a soothing effect on her.
She likes physical exercise and did a climbing course last year.
She now tells me that they are looking for a place to live on their own, but want to stay part of the group because she will keep her studio there. "The group has been essential to me but it’s not any more. It has been ideal to work and live together, go to demonstrations and exchange views on our work." About her colourful appearance she says, ”it is to attract attention, the idea is that people will see you." On her holidays she goes for nature, walking and freedom, vast and green.
She has a big appetite and she eats the whole day through, 'healthy things', like whole cereal bread and tahini, fruits, nuts, muesli, dried apricots etc.

I gave her MACAW MK

Follow Up, 5 weeks later, end of March '03
"There is a lot of dust in the building because they are rebuilding it. Everybody has a job to help. I wear a filter cap, but my nose is blocked anyhow so I snore at night. I am careful with my belly, but I am working hard, I do plastering etc. It is amazing how energetic I am. It feels very good. No sign of respiratory problems even when there are cats about. In the house committee meeting I showed my anger. I threw the papers down and walked out. I have never done such a thing before, I used to be very conscientious, but now I’ve had enough. I told them I am leaving the committee.
When I do too much physical work my uterus warns me by tightening, and then I stop. I found a nice picture of an ARA and put it on the wall of my studio."

Follow Up, July '03
In April she had a heavy nasal discharge after a visit to her sister’s home in Portugal, where there are 2 cats, but it did not go to her chest. Back home no physical reactions from the building work, dust etc. Now her restless legs are bothering her from the hips down and stiffness in the lower legs at night preventing her from falling asleep. It can take 2 hours before she falls into an interrupted sleep. She bought Zincum-Valerianum from a health food shop which did some good.

2 weeks ago (in June) after a telephone call to me, she repeated MACAW MK.
"I am more assertive since taking the remedy, not angry but more direct. I cannot handle too much fuzz. I am much more conscious of my emotions and express them and share them more easily with my loved ones. It feels very good. It is not easy to accept that I need more help to lift things or that I have to leave a concert because the baby does not like the noise and excitement. I take a nap during the day because I feel that I need it. On hot days I had swollen feet, but when it cooled down the swelling disappeared. My energy is OK.” A slow healing wound in her nose is gone, no problems with haemorrhoids, the stool is OK.
“This last week I hear and feel myself breathing again from time to time. Dust is having no effect. Other people make remarks about how easy going we are. I enjoy the movement of my child, I feel in contact and I am feeling very well."

I gave her a solution with MACAW MK, to take 3 drops a day, as long as she feels that she needs it. She will call me next month to give me a last report.

Follow Up, 4 weeks after the last visit.
She is not sleeping well because of her restless legs which begin to trouble her as soon as she gets into bed at night. She needs to move them and tries walking, stretching and massage, which helps briefly. She has a stiff feeling in her lower legs. She feels hungry and eats all day long. The lack of sleep tires her and she starts thinking about the future "How will it go? We haven’t found a house for ourselves, where will we live? Am I making the right decisions for my well being as a pregnant mother?” She has a lot of ideas for her creative work to make money, but not enough energy to realize them now.
The MACAW does not help anymore with this discomfort.

So I looked for a remedy for these last weeks of her pregnancy on the following symptoms in Reference Works: restless legs/ night/ pregnancy/ stiffness /rem./ better motions /rem./ hungry/ anxiety future.
I chose for Calc.Carb. 30K

After 3 days she called me and told me that the first few nights she slept like a log and last night she was more wakeful, but no restless legs and no worries (until now). I advised her to repeat the remedy if needed and to keep in touch.

All through the pregnancy she felt fine and on the 23rd of September she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She and her boyfriend felt overjoyed.

Presenting this case in my study-group, one colleague made a remark about the Calcium Carbonicum.
Namely: that it was quite logical that she needed this at that stage of the pregnancy, to prepare ‘the egg’ so it is strong enough to be pushed out.

In two years time she came twice to me.
Once, because of ‘rheumatic’ pains after stopping breast feeding; extending from the hands over the whole body and stiffness after sitting or lying, better with motion. The feeling is as if the bones are loose in her shoes with weak ankles. The joints feel dry. She needs walking boots for support.
MACAW MK healed her joints within a week

The other time because she felt tense in her relationship. She was irritable and impatient with her partner although he gives her all the space she could possibly need to do her thing.
Again the MACAW MK helped her very quickly.

July ’05
She is doing fine.
They live in their own place, the three of them, but they (the parents) both long to live with a group again to share their idealistic actions.
They share the care for their daughter and my patient took up her artistic work again. She has an exhibition on at this very moment.

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Reply #1 on : Mon November 06, 2006, 19:58:28
A most interesting case, Anne.
I have a comment about the need for Calc-c. seen partway through your patient's pregnancy. Macaws like many other parrots are known for supplementing the vegetarian diet with minerals obtained by eating soil at "clay licks." Research shows that this helps their reproductive success, adds dietary sodium and aids in binding toxins (plant alkaloids) therby neutralizing negative effects to the bird.
An interesting paper is available on the web to read about studies recently carried out. It is at: http://www.duke.edu/~djb4/Clay lick seasonality AFA.pdf

Thanks for sharing this interesting work!
Cynthia A. Shepard, CCH, RSHom(NA)