Louis Klein interviewed by Heidi Brand


Louis Klein is a world class senior practitioner, lecturer, teacher, and professional consultant. He has been studying and practicing curative homeopathy for over 30 years and has been registered with the Society of Homoeopaths in England since 1984. He started his studies with George Vithoulkas and has studied with other masters of homeopathy over the years. He has a Licentiate of Homeopathy from the London College of Classical Homeopathy.

Louis' expertise is his ability as a homeopathic clinician, to deal with even the most difficult of cases. His gift is his ability to teach these clinical skills with clarity, depth, and humor. His style is interactive and friendly. Louis Klein's experience and easy access offer a special educational experience to students of all abilities.
He is the author of the books "Miasms and Nosodes" and "Clinical Focus Guide".

The following recordings were made at the 2nd Badenweiler Congress - Cancer & Severe Pathologies, September 23.- 26., 2010


In this interview, Louis Klein explains the definition of Miasm as well as the origin and development of the concept of Miasms. He describes his approach to cases and selection of remedies and briefly discusses the cause of disease and its import to homeopathy. Klein also talks about the influence a virus has on the human body, particularly from an energetic perspective. He discusses viral remedies and what they have in common and shares his view on the source of an ailment: what he thinks when he hears “I have never felt better since…”. In the interview Louis Klein also defines what a nosode is, their development and use in homeopathy. He shares his approach on why and when a nosode should be used. In addition, he briefly describes his view on vaccinations and how he approaches the choice of remedy when faced with an adverse reaction to a vaccine. Klein shares his vision of the future of homeopathy and the challenges that it faces, particularly after (in his view) the eventual acceptance of homeopathy by conventional medicine.





Memories of the 2. Badenweiler Congress - Cancer & Severe Pathologies





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