2008 December

Lanthanum phosphoricum - short case

by Ulrich Welte
A boy of 12 is mobbed by friends. His "friend" is the leader of a gang and alternatingly teases him, puts him down and befriends him, i.e. he plays a power game with him. Since his liaison with this "friend" (4 years now) he sleeps badly, is awake till midnight. He dreams of being punished at school. He doesn't thrive, he is too small and too thin. After Lanthanum phosphoricum, in the course of 4 weeks he changes his attitude, refuses an invitation to the birthday party of the leader, quits his connection with the gang, and builds a new circle of friends to his own choice. He sleeps better and gains weight. It all solved without a quarrel, just by change of attitude and new determination. He says, "Now I determine myself who are my friends". In a short span of time he was a changed boy. Suddenly his trousers didn't fit him any more, he gained weight. In the last 4 years Tarentula and Bacillinum did also a little, but only Lanthanum phosphoricum was really convincing.

Ulrich Welte
Blumenplatz 2 - D-79400 Kandern - Germany
email: uwelte@homeo.de, http://www.homeo.de/

Categories: Remedies
Keywords: Lanthanum phosphoricum, power game

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