2009 December

Lanthanum phosphoricum in a PDD-nos case

by Jan Scholten
A boy of 8 years is diagnosed with PDD-NOS. He is anxious very easily, especially from loud noises. He has difficulties making contact with other children. He has no friends and doesn't want children from school to come home to play with him.

His concentration is difficult, he cannot focus on one thing, jumps from one thing to another. He plays only shortly with things. He falls asleep with difficulty because he keeps thinking about the things of tomorrow. He can be obsessive with buttons and plugs. He likes to play with electronic things, computers, everything that moves and turns, a steam engine of a train. He wants to be like others and has an aversion when he is talked about. He behaves weird sometimes, makes strange jumps when walking on the street, makes weird noises, says strange things.
He has difficulties at school, doesn't understand often what is meant or what is the goal of games. He takes proverbs literally. He likes language and reading and learned to read himself at 5, but his results are mediocre. He is too much introverted, autistic. With mathematics one day he is very fast, the other day it seems as if he doesn't know what you are talking about. He asks himself why he should go on with school anyhow. When he started to go to school he always was in a panic. He was also teased for a while.
He is "too good", very soft and likes to cuddle with his mother. He answers mostly with "yes" to please the others.
Until the age of 5 he saw people in the room and talked easily about it. He hears voices in his head, voices of his friend and he talks with him regularly. But lately he doesn't do that any more because his father doesn't want him to do that.
Soon after birth he developed epilepsy, a jerking of his head to the right and backward together with a jerking of his right arm. He doesn't loose consciousness, but sometimes has foam on his mouth and lets his urine go. The days before the attacks he starts to yawn and smack frequently. The attacks are especially when he has stress, before his birthday, before Santa Claus, stress at school. He is treated with Depakine and has not had any attacks this last year.
His father also has been a loner, didn't join school trips, had an aversion to school and preferred to stay home with his mother. His grandfather never had friends. He has good contact with his parents and he leans on them, especially his mother.
During his pregnancy his mother was homesick, missed her family and friends. His labour was difficult with a breech presentation which resulted in a Caesarian section. After birth he had prominent big eyes and he didn't close them for a few hours.
After the vaccinations he got some fever for a day, nothing more.
Weather: < storm, it makes him overactive.
Desire: beets, spinach, French fries.
Aversion: broccoli, green beans, raw peas, red cabbage
Sleep: grinding of teeth.

The main problem is the social one, with problems with learning and making contact. The strange thing is that his learning problem is quite erratic: one day he is very good in mathematics, the other day he doesn't know what you are talking about. He is not stupid at all, he even learned to read by himself at age 5. It looks more as if he is in his own world and cannot or doesn't want to come out. He sees people in the room and speaks with his friend in his own inner world. The theme of the inner world is strongly suggesting the Lanthanides. This fits with his brightness, learning to read himself, playing with electronics and computers. It fits with his obsessive behavior, his big eyes after birth.
As he is timid and anxious he needs one of the Stages on the left side of the Periodic Table, Stage 2 till 5. His changeability indicates Stage 3, Lanthanum. He jumps from thing to another, doesn't stick to one thing. He cannot concentrate. The fact that he was teased at school is confirmation for lanthanum and his weird behavior fits too.
The whole problem is mostly linked to learning, school and friends. He has a fear to make friends. One can imagine that he will be loosing his freedom with them, as he always says "yes". So the salt is Phosphorus, leading to the prescription of Lanthanum phosphoricum.
One month after Lanthanum phosphoricum he feels much better. He started to enjoy school, his results are better and he is making friends. He can express his tensions in a better way with words and plays with more fantasy, more concentrated.
Half a year and monthly repetitions of the remedy later he is doing fine. He takes friends with him at home, he likes ball games. School is going fine. His nightmares have stopped. He hadn't talked about them in the first consultation. They were frightening, for instance someone injecting his family with poison so they died. Falling asleep is no problem anymore. His epilepsy has stayed away for more than one and half a years.

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