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Lanthanum carbonicum in a case of obesity

by Alex Leupen
Case: 6-year-old boy with migraines and obesity
I saw Peter for the first time in November 2005. He came for a consultation with his mother because of migraines and extreme obesity. The weight increase started after an adenotonsillectomy at the age of 5,5 years.
The migraines started at the age of 3. The pattern: unilateral headache (right temple) with vomiting, worse after 5pm. Pounding headache, worse for light and noise. Usually one attack per week.
Better when he lies on his left side. Worse from the smell of oranges.
He will then fall asleep and wake the following morning. His mother says he “passes out”; he goes to sleep so he won’t feel the pain any longer.
Migraines and headaches run in the family.
His mother calls him a “tortured person.” He always needs to walk on his toes.
Date               Weight: (kg)  Length: (cm)
01-11-04      28
02-02-05      29                 122
06-04-05      30,5              124,5
26-05-05      31,8              125,7
22-06-05      31,8              126,3
11-08-05      32
31-08-05      35,5

Pregnancy and Birth:
No high blood pressure or anaemia, but mother was very tired.
Aversion to coffee and raw meat (3).
Mother: “the pushing phase went too fast. I was using a birthing stool. Consequently, Peter came too fast and came out very blue. I only remember that he produced meconium right after “crashing out.” His umbilical cord was cut very rapidly and he was treated on the bed briefly with an air balloon. After 5-10 minutes his Apgar scores were better than his brother; he had a 10! The midwife said the blueness was minimal and she didn’t expect any long term consequences.”

Mother: “Teething went easily and at a normal rate, starting at the age of 5 months. Teething occurred later than with his brother.
The first year Peter continually had a cold, with problems with his nose, ears and eyes. The first year he had 3 courses of antibiotics and his first adenectomy at the age of 14-15 months.
From the age of 3-3,5 months, Peter slept through the entire night.
When he was 2,5 months old, the worst of his abdominal cramps were over, but they would reoccur regularly.”

Walking independently at the age of 1,5 years.
No reactions to vaccinations.
He was a bit slow, sometimes a bit apathetic. The first severe headaches started around 3,5 years. Peter could also drop away suddenly, very odd. Sleeping was his big hobby, sleeping 11 hours per night and also during the daytime until the age of 3.
Fell asleep well and also woke easily in the morning. The headaches were more severe and more frequent ….

His mother says that Peter has quite an extreme temperament, with ups and downs.
He can be affectionate and cuddle, but he can also become angry and hit his mother.
He is expressive, also declaring his love. He is helpful and cooperative, but this can also flip to the opposite. Sometimes he doesn’t understand what is socially acceptable: he hugs the teacher, for example.
He has a hard time concentrating at school, is restless and constantly needs to change what he is doing.
“Explosive” character. Also headstrong and stubborn.
He has an 8,5-year-old brother who is the opposite: Peter is blonde and chubby; his brother is skinny and dark haired and a quiet child.
Peter has a hard time distinguishing reality from fiction and becomes frightened when people dress up or wear a mask if he can’t see the face.
Afraid of “bad” dreams.
Dreams of scary witches that kill others.
Dreams about monsters that try to kill him.
Dreams about ghosts.
Desires: salami sandwich, sweets, cookies, broccoli, banana, potatoes, pasta (carbohydrates).
Aversions: vegetables, rice, citric fruits, milk, (previously meat).
Drinks a lot.
Stools are soft and he is bothered by flatulence.

Homeopathic prescriptions:
First prescription: Belladonna 200K (11-11-2005). A month later: headaches less intense; frequency unchanged.

Second prescription: Calcarea Phosphorica 200K (14-12-2005). 5 weeks later: significant reduction in frequency of migraine attacks.
I prescribed Calcarea Phosphorica in increasing potencies (200K, MK, XMK) every 5 weeks. The migraines improve remarkably, but the obesity continues to increase. He also visits a child endocrinologist. No signs of hypothyreodism or diabetes mellitus.
Date:            Weight: (kg)
09-01-06   36,8
22-04-06   40,6
20-05-06   40,4
25-06-06   41,8
09-08-06   43,2

On 13-9-2006 I prescribe Baryta Carbonica MK, 2 granules per month. He is chubby, slow, stubborn, and what is also striking, is that during every consultation he teases me about the way I write. I see this as a form of projection, because his mother says he himself has a hard time with the motor skills of writing.
Date:            Weight: (kg)
02-10-06   44,4
23-10-06   45,6 (this is the maximum)
29-11-06   45,2
03-12-06   45,0
08-12-06   44,4

I see him again on 13-12-2006. He has lost weight for the first time in years. It is only 1 kg, but his mother is nevertheless very pleased. He teases me again about the way I hold my pen. I decide to change the remedy.

Prescription: Lanthanum carbonicum; every month 5 granules 200K.
He returns 5 months later on 21-03-2007. I hardly recognize him, and neither does my secretary. He has lost 5 kg in 3 months. He is the only child of the FitKids group who has lost weight; the other children are only gaining less. He hardly has any more migraines. He can concentrate much better at school and his mother thinks he is less slow. He has fewer anger attacks. At school, his friends want to play with him again, whereas before they were avoiding him.
12 months after the Lanthanum carbonicum (every month one dose in increasing potencies) he looks practically normal. He has shot up significantly in length and weights 40 kg (end of December 2007). He hardly ever has migraines anymore.

Alex Leupen

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