Kate Birch interviewed by Heidi Brand


Kate Birch, mother of two children, saw how her son started suffering from asthma after being vaccinated. After a successful course of homeopathic treatment, she decided to become a homeopath herself and find an alternative to inoculations.
She has been practising since 1994 and can look back on more than 400 hours of work in the fields of seminars and training. Kate Birch has been successfully treating children suffering from hyperimmune damage and infectious diseases for many years. She is the author of the book “Vaccine Free”.

The following recordings were made at the 2nd Children’s Homeopathy Congress held from March 12-14 2010 in Badenweiler.


In the first part of the interview, Kate Birch talks about the problems associated with baby vaccinations: the effects the vaccination has on the child’s body, what happens in the body after receiving a multiple vaccine and how vaccines are linked with allergies. She also talks briefly about various childhood diseases and how they contribute to the child’s development.

~video(Birch_part1.flv;Kate Birch interview, part 1)~


In part 2, Kate Birch describes her son’s case and talks about her daughter, who was not vaccinated. She also talks about homeopathic prophylaxis and how it works.

~video(Birch_part2.flv;Kate Birch interview, part 2)~


In the third part of the interview, Kate Birch describes two case studies from her practice and talks briefly about the measures she uses to support the homeopathic treatment of hyperimmune damage.

~video(Birch_part3.flv;Kate Birch interview, part 3)~



Memories of the Children’s Homeopathy Congress 2010 in Badenweiler




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