Plutonium nitricum resolves a serious case of trauma during pregnancy, leading mother and child back to the light

A six-year-old boy, whose mother was seriously traumatized by her father‘s death while she was pregnant, is suffering from chronic coughing and severe, uncontrollable aggression. With Plutonium nitricum, the complaints disappear and the precocious, profoundly thoughtful boy can once again become like a child of his age. With this case, the author shows how it is possible for light and new life to supersede the dark energy of the radioactive remedies with their themes of decay and death.

Key concepts: Actinides, aggression, atrophy, cough, death, decay, hyperactivity, lungs, pain, periodic table, Plutonium nitricum, pregnancy, radioactivity, sensitivity, seventh series, spiral of life, trauma, Uranium series

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