June 2014
Editorial: fruits of our learning
Keywords: editorial
A girl who loved the colour black: a case of Crocodile
Keywords: case witnessing, molluscum contagiosum, violence, attacked, crocodile
He does not react to anything: a case of Carbo vegetabilis
Keywords: clotting factor factor seven deficiency, inertia, lack of reaction, ulcer of anthrum, Helicobacter pylori, desire to be fanned
Something is choking me: a case of Crotalus horridus
Keywords: arthritis, bleeding hemorrhoids, vertigo, tormented by family members, suffocated, suspicion, revenge
Anger at trifles: a case of Platina
Keywords: hemiplegia, cross-sided complaints, Wallenberg's syndrome, uncontrollable anger, unforgiving
If alone, I will be deprived: a case of Lac defloratum
Keywords: phobias, harrassment, humiliation, deprivation, used, beaten
Deceived by his family: a case of Arsenicum album
Keywords: dry gangrene, diabetes mellitus, peripheral neuropathy, hypertension, exploited, suspicious, lead poisoning
I'm frightened of being injured: a case of Arnica
Keywords: nocturnal enuresis, fear of injury, trembling from fear