2010 February

Jan's column: the banks and the economic crisis

by Jan Scholten

It is interesting to look at the international crisis and at the banking world from a homeopathic point of view. The bankers are represented by the Gold series, which reflects the responsibility for the world. The bankers, however, in their responsible position went for personal gain, which is an aspect of the Carbon series. In this case, Fluorine is the most indicated, as the bonuses are more a theft than an earning. The amount of money they took out of the banks was not in proportion with the amount they brought in as profit. 

We can see several aspects of fluorine in the bankers’ behavior. Speculation and gambling became major sources of income in the banking world and in the stock market. Here, we can also see the aspect of theft; nothing was produced but a lot was gained. Dishonesty and cheating are other aspects, which are reflected in the ratings of mortgage packages. Borrowers were rated as very good but, in fact, they were approved for mortgages they could never afford. So, when we combine these observations, we can see that the remedies Aurum fluoratum or Mercurius fluoratus are well indicated for the bankers.

For the people working for them, who are also getting bonuses, the  Silver series fluoratums are strongly indicated. They are not the  bosses but the ones who invented (Silver series) new and strange  "products" that made the cover up and the cheating (fluorine) possible.  

It is interesting to see that the whole process gradually came into  existence since the use of fluorine, in dental hygiene, has become  extensive. In some toothpastes, the chemical combinations used could very well fit a group of people working in the banking industry, for instance Stannum fluoratum.


Categories: Columns
Keywords: column, gold series, silver series, fluorine
Remedies: Aurum fluoratum, Mercurius fluoratus

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