2010 July/August

Jan's column: school killings

by Jan Scholten

Recently, there have been some school killings in China. We have seen similar actions in the United States, Germany, Finland, and the Netherlands. School killings are a new phenomenon; 30 years ago they were unknown. So, the question arises: where are they coming from?
We know that the boys who do this are very lonely, feel excluded by their schoolmates, have hardly any contacts with family or friends, and often retreat in their own room. The theme of exclusion is very strong and this points to stage 17*. We can especially think of Bromine, stage 17 of the Iron series, who is the scapegoat and the outcast at school. We can also think of Fluorine, stage 17 of the Carbon series, who feels excluded by God and by life. That feeling can even lead to psychopathic behaviour, which can be observed in these boys. Iodine, stage 17 of the Silver series, who feel excluded by society and have no opportunities to gain a good position in society, can also be a possibility, as is Chlorine, stage 17 of the Silica series, who feels excluded by the family; these boys have hardly any contact with their family.
A second aspect is the killing itself, which is a theme of the Gold series. The last killing is always the suicide of the killer. Suicide is the theme of Bismuth, stage 15 of the Gold series and we can think of the remedies Bismuthum bromatum or Bismuthum fluoratum; someone who takes many lives with him in his doom and destruction. When excluded and left on his own to die, he can drag down others with him. When he has suffered injustice, he will inflict  unjustice upon others.
I also see a connection with the injustice of certain wars, like those in Iraq and Afghanistan. When your government commits injustice, it gives the wrong example to youngsters, who wonder, "why shouldn't I do it myself." When society behaves immorally and excludes people, they, in turn, feel justified in behaving immorally and in excluding others.

* Similar remedies can also be found in the plant and animal kingdoms.


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Keywords: school killings, exclusion, rejection, loneliness, injustice
Remedies: bismuthum bromatum, bismuthum fluoratum


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school shootings
Reply #1 on : Fri July 23, 2010, 01:48:52
I believe that these school shootings and the murderous shootings in Tx by the psyc all have zoloff (drug) in common. I d be interested to know if the China shooters have also been on anti depressants.

Respectfully, Ellen