Senecio aureus discovered systematically with Jan Scholten’s theory of plants

In his seminal new work “Wonderful Plants”, Jan Scholten shows that the classification of the myriad plants follows the same natural laws found with the series and stages of the periodic table. The path to the correct remedy is more difficult than with the chemical elements: it is a work in progress. Using a case of bladder cancer, Jan Scholten explains in detail his theory, his procedure when taking the case, the classification and the analysis that leads him in this case to the Asteraceae family and finally to Packera aurea, known homeopathically as Senecio aureus. For comparison, we have also printed the same case from his book in short form: this makes it clear how condensed are his usual explanations of how he finds the remedy.

Key concepts: Asteraceae, Asteranae, bladder cancer, classification, Lanthanides, Packera aurea, plant theory, phases, Senecio aureus, series, stages, stage 12

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