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Introduction to the Gem family

by Peter Tumminello

The information in this article has been gathered from 10 years of proving experience and 16 years of prescribing these medicines clinically. Over those 10 proving years a core group of 10 individuals and sixty-six others, who attended between one and six provings, worked to produce the foundation material which underpins all that I and my associates have written in Twelve Jewels. In addition to this, many hundreds of hours were spent in discussing, distilling, analysing, and understanding this material, in the light of long term experience and the application of the remedies in a clinical setting. This produced a deeper understanding and the ability to write about these medicines in a grounded and penetrating way, in all the arenas that comprise the human epic: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The results have been gladdening to all who receive and prescribe them with due attention to their enormous healing and transforming potentials.


Gemstones, so strongly imbued with radiance and colour, stand apart from more common substances. The ancients thought them to be of supernatural origin. Robert Boyle, the physicist, remarked that “they are the rare and noble products of nature,” reflecting on the fact that they have always captured the imagination and the eye which searches for beauty. Their most distinguishing traits are rarity, beauty, and durability. Nature has surely been bounteous with the fruits of the Earth but ungenerous with its rare jewelled beauties. They are the product of a remarkable transformation of common rocks under heat and pressure, often deep within the Earth. They were credited with power over disease and misfortune, and the ability to confer traits and abilities like invincibility (Ruby) and divination (Topaz).

Historically, they have had no ordinary practical use but have been sought after by nobility as icons of beauty and stores of wealth. Those of esoteric or spiritual leaning have recognised in them a store of subtle powers and sacred connections. Most famously, the breastplate of the high priest of Israel was studded with twelve gemstones. Now, their use as a technology is well established in precision instruments (Diamond and Ruby) and even in beauty products (Pearl).


A journey through Hades

The Earth’s crust is a solid layer on an ocean of molten magma and the majority of gems have precipitated out of this primordial pool of minerals. Even the Pearl naturally comes from the ocean depths. Gems are the ‘flowers of the underworld’ and as such have a power over the forces that move in the depth of the psyche, whether they be familial, cultural or racial. They include the vast gamut of human programs and limitations, the structures that prevent us from finding our true potential, and the physical diseases that accompany them.

Taking the gems is a journey through the depth of the psyche. Hermes, the god of science, knowledge, healing, occultism, and alchemy was the only one who could freely enter the underworld of Hades, return to the Earth and enter the realm of the gods. The gems relate to the death of various parts of self, the various elements by which we identify ourselves, and by which we are bound. Interestingly, there is a tradition that Hermes’ gem is Emerald, which is the gem of guidance on the journey of undertaking great tasks. Because of their very nature, the gems as a group are our company on such a journey, through the roots of our conscious and unconscious behaviours, and belief patterns. They have the power to take us down into the unconscious for a purging, an experiential purification, an expelling of unwanted dross.

This is a mysterious and unknown journey and the signposts of the gems light the way, otherwise the traveller through this subterranean world would no doubt be lost. These comments come from observing the experiences of many. The gems are outstanding for gaining strength, awareness, trust, and inner guidance during the process for this journey.

I have found that the deepest energetic perception of the gems is a sense of imprisonment, which is often expressed as such or ‘as if in a grave’, ‘shackled’, ‘trapped’, ‘hidden’ or ‘locked away’, with no hope of escape. This inner feeling or sensation has a direct correlation with the signature of the gems in that they have been locked away in the underworld since time immemorial, with no seeming way to express the joyous glory of their colour, power, and presence. When released by nature or the hand of man, all its expressions are exposed and illuminated. There is a clear correlation on the mental plane with depression, as an expression of a hopeless existence or situation.

Another way of expressing this is ‘hidden and released’ or ‘out of the darkness into the light’. The light in gemstones is imprisoned until it is freed by outside forces, mostly by mining; the intelligent application of human skill. This appears clearly as a state in a number of the medicines. The prime example is Diamond who feels he is imprisoned, buried by his own negativity and despair, a powerful theme mentioned many times in the proving. The Diamond character may end up in prison or feeling as if imprisoned by his relationship, work or social order. This theme appears strongly in Black opal, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Golden topaz, Sapphire, Morion, and Pearl.

Instinctual vs enlightened attitude

Commonly manifest in the gems is a battle between the lower aspects of self, the more animal, instinctual or inert aspects of human behaviour, and the aspects that enhance an intelligent response to our world of experiences. The lower aspects are highlighted in the animal images; violence, abuse, and want of feeling that pervade the gems as a group. The enlightened attitudes are highlighted by the positivity, big picture consciousness, and awareness/understanding that the gems evoke.

There is a feeling that these opposites need to be reconciled and there is a strong conscious tension between them that is often expressed as the desire for connection, whether with self or others. This desire for connection is a search for the solution to the tensions between these natural worldly and emancipated thoughts. In Diamond, for example, it is the desire to connect with perfection versus the stress of doing so, without understanding that it involves a process and the need for loving oneself. In Sapphire, the tension is between survival instincts and the maintenance of one’s caring humanity.

Familial alignments

Gems are geometrically aligned minerals. Elements in compound form act on relationships. In gems, there is a seamless and orderly bonding between the atoms which comprise them. This relates to the integrity of our personal relationships and particularly to families. The most common elements in the gems are Aluminium and Silicon, which are pivotal in series 3 elements and the formation of relationships. We see from clinical experience and provings that the gems have an unusual power to align familial structures that have broken down or are dysfunctional. Amethyst, Golden topaz, Lapis lazuli, Black opal, and Ruby have been outstanding in this regard in clinical and proving settings.

Yin and yang

Many crystals are the result of the resolution of powerful elemental forces that appear irreconcilable. Yin and yang, light and dark, good and evil, male and female, life and death, fire and water, love and hate, confusion and order are all recurrent themes of the gems. There is a distinct current of consciousness grappling with the larger issues related to these forces, not unlike the forces of nature that are aligned to produce these marvellous substances. For example, fundamental male/female issues are largely dealt with in Emerald and Ruby, love and hate in Amethyst, and life and death in Diamond.

Crystallised belief systems … into the Light

When talking to a gem-cutter about a beautiful red zircon I had cut, we were admiring its magical beauty and he commented “and it will only last you 400 000 years!” Gems are old, really old and are indicated for the oldest and most solidified of belief systems. Those beliefs about race, religion, sexuality, and the nature of human existence are particularly at stake. Sapphire, Black opal, and Lapis are the outstanding remedies for gaining a new perspective but many of the gems generate a powerful change in consciousness and perspective. Have you ever heard of the phrase “he has got rocks in his head?”

Ego and exclusive rights

The words ‘rare’, ‘precious’, ‘special’, and ‘valuable’ are all attributed to the gems. They were originally mostly reserved for the upper classes and nobility. People have always sought to have exclusive rights over a gem because it is such a valuable, prized, and revered object, or because of their implications with money and power. This lands them in the realms of inflated ego, whereas in the positive it is about giving credit, benefit or power where it is due, where it will be appreciated and used to good effect. Diamond is the pre-eminent ego destroyer and other gems, particularly Ruby and Sapphire, are able to topple powerful egocentrics.

Transformation and alchemy

The production of gemstones is an alchemic/transformational process in itself. Dull and ordinary rocks are heated, brought together, and subjected to stupendous heat and pressure within the crucible of the Earth, during which time they are purified and transformed into a structure of lasting beauty that is able to receive light and express it with its own characteristic virtues. The conscious desire for transformation is a fundamental theme in Black opal. The change from negative to a positive focus by destruction of the ego in Diamond is perceived as a transformation. The will to transform is implicated in the Diamond state: dreaming of body transformation and giving the strength to transform oneself.

Abuse, betrayal, violence, and protection: This set of characteristics is particularly prevalent in the gems. They relate to the story of gems which, because of their rarity, value and beauty naturally induce desire, lust, and violence. They are about extreme passions and obsessions. This is particularly evident in the gems Diamond, Sapphire, and Ruby.

Beauty: search for beauty and perfection is a theme of the gems.          

Boundaries and light: A crystal can be described as a solid body bounded by plane surfaces or faces, which are an external expression of a geometrical arrangement of atoms. Amethyst, Black opal, and Quartz crystal all have definite issues with boundaries. This theme also conveys the power of individuation, the development of a persona which is decidedly unique and valuable, even eccentric.                    

Faith: The gems work at this level, evoking faith in self, faith in one’s own abilities, faith in one’s relationship to spouse or family, faith in a Higher Power. A crisis of faith commonly calls for the prescription of a gem.

Geometry, order, and structure: Geometric images were particularly prevalent in Sapphire, Amethyst, and Diamond. Ruby, Quartz, and Diamond are outstanding for the need for precision and order.                                                                             

Heat, pressure, and passion: in the hard gems, which are produced under enormous heat and pressure far below the earth’s surface or are metamorphosed due to the movement of continental plates a sense that “the heat is on’, ‘pressure is high’, and intense passion are evident themes. This is particularly true of Ruby and Diamond.

Imagery and symbolism: Some images common to the gems appear in many provings:
Animals feature strongly as symbols of essential instinctual impulses related to violence, sexuality or control.
Giving birth and babies relates to the birth of new or renewed consciousness and concurrent death of the old. It is particularly prevalent in Diamond, Ruby and Lapis. Faeces and toilets correspond to expelling incumbent and unwanted feelings and thoughts.
Flower imagery often refers to the colourful blossoming of feelings, love or expression through various gems.
Volcanoes with obvious affinity to their origins associated with heat, pressure, and the eruptive quality of emotions and expressions associated with many gems.
Gods, saints, masters and holy men indicate the spiritual, universal aspect of self, the inner being.
Spinning force or machine appears in a number of medicines.
Spiralling force relates to the generation of energy on the deepest levels in the human system; the chakras.
Sun and Moon are symbolic of the essential egoïc self – the essential feeling self – and feature very prominently in the medicines.

Intellect and memory/focus and concentration: Since internal order is the natural signature of all gems, it can be easily understood that they have a great power over the ordered intellectual processes, clear thinking, rationality, and memory. The gems often enhance focus and concentration.

Out of the body … grounded: Gems are minerals of high specific gravity but transmit light, which is the finest of substances. Accordingly, those who need the gems are often very material and grounded, or very etheric, or they alternate between the two.

Elemental affinities: The gems include elements from series 1 to 3 and there are strong affinities. Diamond is an obvious one with its issues about self-worth (series 2) and with its accent on independence, balance, fixity and sense of self (stage 10). Many gemstones, especially the precious ones, have inclusions of series 4 metals: eg Sapphire includes titanium and iron. Many of the themes of this series of metals are evident in these gemstones: control; being put to the test; order and task.

Colour: the use of the symptom of colour choice, as expounded by Ulrich Welte in Colors in Homeopathy, is a veritable sword of clarity for choosing the right gem for an individual; the gems are often deeply characterised by colour choice. (see information on individual gems below)


The fact that gems are transmuted substances themselves infers their inherent ability to express a state of transcendence, qualities that are vastly greater than the sum of their constituents. This of course corresponds to their interaction with humanity: in Ruby, ‘he is so human (in his compassion) he is more than human’; in Pearl, he reaches a transcendent state of realisation through emotional rectification so that he becomes like a serene swan sitting on a perfectly still lake; in Diamond, through a mental purification and rectification he reaches a state of absolute clarity about his own nature and its value in spiritual and human terms.

There is often a strong sense of spirituality in those who need the gems. For some they need a spiritual perspective on everything they do: they may be focused on a spiritually centred activity like healing; they might be channelling energies and spiritual healing or need crystals around themselves. Often, they have very strong spiritual goals. I find there is commonly a conscious search for a spiritual (higher or more universal) virtue or experience as a fundamental focus of their life.

Spiritual vs material

The gems are indicated for those who sense a strong separation or tension between their spiritual and material desires or worlds. This is often expressed as a struggle between good and evil; Christ (or other spiritual ideal) and the devil; between egoic self and Higher Self; between worldly desire and renunciation. An excellent example is seen in Golden topaz in the choice between the world of material trappings and the renunciation of these, in order to find the inner self.

Christ, the cross, and crucifixion

Christ, the cross and crucifixion appear many times in these provings. These medicines are definitely not exclusively for Christians and many other religions have been alluded to in the provings. The reason Christ’s experience is most powerfully alluded to is clearly because of its inherent symbolism of renunciation, suffering, and death; it is an indicator of transcendence through suffering. This suffering relates to purging the small or egoic sense of self in terms of material, emotional or mental desires and needs, as opposed to higher ideals that are for the good of all, the all-encompassing spirit, and the Higher Self. The person needing the gems may be ‘carrying a cross’ in her life; being ‘crucified’ for beliefs or principles; suffering a personal test or being ‘crucified’ by his own ideals or mission.

Sixth sense, energy awareness, and healing

The gems have long been associated with the supernatural power to protect against misfortune, illness or danger, to act as an oracle (as the stones in the ‘Breastplate of judgement’ of the ancient Jews), and have long been used as talismans by many cultures. Paranormal faculties are often relevant for individuals who use these remedies, be it before their prescription or as a result of their action. During the  proving of Diamond and other medicines various abilities were developed, including clairvoyance, awareness of bodily energy fields, and the ability to see auras. These finer faculties are developed by the field of the gem in much the same way as a magnet induces a magnetic field by its molecular alignment.

Religion and renunciation: The gems enhance the experience of spirituality regardless of whether it is tied to a set of orthodox religious practices, an innate sense of spirituality or in those who are consciously travelling an inner mystic path of expanding consciousness. The idea of religious renunciation, giving up material desires for spiritual ends, is very strong in the gems. They are indicated for anyone who is sincerely working with this principle whether through diet, relationship, money, possessions, thoughts or feelings. This theme is particularly strong in Golden topaz.

Meditation: Most of the gems are particularly useful in meditation, though for differing aspects of it, for instance Diamond  is outstanding for stillness and great depth in meditation, erasing thoughts and transcending the self to find the inner light.

Chakras: Experience of the chakras has been an integral theme of working with the gems. All the gems were experienced in this way by one or other prover, whether in meditation or not. The gems are light transmitters and the first place of fixing the inner light is in the chakras, the primal energy centres of the body along the spine. The details can be found in Twelve jewels.


The gem medicines, arising from the combinations of many elements, are indicated for a vast range of conditions. It has been noted, however, that they showed an unusually strong action on heart and head, on the special senses, and on energisation of the whole system. More details can be found in Twelve jewels and under the specific proving indications for each gem.

Twelve Medicines

These medicines were prepared by immersing a whole natural crystal in water for a period of 24 or more hours. This is called the “immersion method” and all medicines made by me from gems are prepared in this way. This 'gem water’ is then prepared into a medicine using standard homeopathic methodologies. As well as acting on mind and body, these medicines are often useful for aligning and connecting with your spiritual self.

Amethyst immersion is made from a strong purple variety of Amethyst. This substance is crystallised silicon dioxide. It is now believed that structural anomalies produce its characteristic colour. It is for those who are oversensitive and who easily pick up the feelings of others to their detriment. It opens the heart to unconditional love for all. It is an excellent medicine for addictive tendencies, especially alcoholism. It is a useful medicine for ailments of the respiratory tract, including asthma and sinusitis. It is often indicated where Phosphorus has already benefited the individual. Colour association:  deep purple 12-14D

Black opal immersion is made from a classic Australian Black opal from Lightning Ridge in New South Wales. It has a reputation of being an unlucky stone for some. This could be related to the fact that it has the power to release all that has been inhibited and limited. It is for releasing the treasure of the authentic and spiritualised self, for breaking down the barriers of disconnection, repression, and imprisonment of our own and of society’s making. It is for those who desire change, release, and transformation. It gives great centeredness and strength in times of change. It is indicated for paralysis (inability to change); chronic fatigue; chronic ear pain, and the effects of sexual repression. Colour association: teal blue 17C. 

Diamond immersion is made from a whole crystal of colourless diamond, which is pure carbon. This is an extraordinary medicine for chronic depression and many clients have benefited from its action. The indications are suicidal feelings relating to self-hate, loss of faith or loss of your most precious possession (be that a person, an object or one’s sense of self). Anguish, despair, and worthlessness are often associated. It is unparalleled in its drive for perfectionism. On the transformed side, a great sense of positivity and self-love ensues from its curative use. It is a staunch friend at the time of physical death, enabling the passing over to be fearless and secure. It strengthens the will, enables one to realise his golden desire. Physically, it acts on the head, sinuses, and anus. It has a specific power over viral diseases. Colour association: white, sometimes black, or the rainbow of colours as a whole. 

Emerald immersion is the epitome of the rich green of nature, the abundance of life force. Psychologically, it is indicated when one feels that their potential and desire for expression is trapped and needs release. This is often associated with frustration and anger, related to one’s own incapacity or situation. The freeing of this feeling leads to a sense of strength and an ability to undertake tasks that seem insurmountable. It is the medicine par excellence for balancing difficulties in male / female relations and the inner masculine-feminine divide. It allows each one to come to the relationship in their strength without aggressive power struggles or emotional manipulation. Physically, it regulates and distributes heat in the body. It is excellent for migraines and has an action on the cardio-vascular system and digestive tract. Colour association: rich green 20-22C.  

Golden Topaz immersion is made from the gem often called Imperial topaz. It has a deep golden or even amber colour. It is indicated for those whose lives are locked up from fear, shock or loss in the past. This often leads to depression, negativity or being ‘out of the body’ and not in this world. Once these scars of the past are released, there is energised enthusiasm, a personal renewal, and a love of life is actuated. Because of its ability to clear away the past, it is excellent for creating positive relationship and communication in a family, where there was previously dysfunction and lack of communication. Spiritually, it is for letting go of the world and its trapping and allowing you to make the pilgrimage within. It is the stone for spiritual retreats. It develops devotional love; opening the heart to the divine. Physical: energises, strengthens, and produces steadiness on the feet. It has an action on the liver and lower abdomen. Colour association: golden yellow 3C. 

Lapis lazuli immersion is made from an extraordinary piece from Afghanistan. This medicine is indicated for the search for meaning, that which is larger than the egoic self. It is also for those searching for the cause of unhappiness or disease, or that which arises out of feeling tied to the mundane trivialities of life. Its resolution is in seeing the bigger picture, the aerial view of freedom, beauty, and larger perspective. It is also indicated for those who have not been nurtured properly and it allows them to ‘mother’ or nurture themselves. It improves communication, freedom of expression, and connectedness in families. Physical: acts on the thyroid and historically has a beneficial action on the eyes and sight. Colour association: royal blue 15C-D.

Morion immersion is made from the variety of quartz crystal that is black but is transparent on holding it to the light. It is a remarkable medicine for those who are hindered in their life by past events, tainted memories and feelings that have been left on the refuse heap of the unconscious mind. It is often related to physical or emotional abuse, where the feelings and memories are suppressed. These people are trapped in the darkness of their past. The release of the memories is often cathartic and intense yet leads to resolution and reconciliation. Physically: this medicine works on the lower bowel and urinary system. Colour association: Black. 

Pearl immersion: the Pearl is classically associated with and worn by women; in truth it strengthens the ‘feeling nature’ regardless of gender. It resolves panic, terror, irritability, over-sympathy, and hysteria when associated with the sensitive feeling nature. It is for those who are insecure and overwhelmed by their feelings. The positive outcome is firmness, balance, and confidence, all centered in the feeling world. While Diamond immersion is a medicine of spiritual mastery through the mind, Pearl achieves the same through perfect calmness and peace in the feeling nature. It has a special action on the head (pressing headaches) and eyes (effects of strain). It is an excellent remedy for travel sickness and jet lag. Colour association: White and sometimes black.

Quartz crystal immersion is made from a clear quartz crystal from King’s Bluff in South Australia. It is a medicine for the ego, be it exaggerated or diminished. It is for those looking for recognition, those who have great ambitions be they intellectual, spiritual or physical. The resolution of this state is the healing of the tension that arises with these feelings and the realisation that even the small in this world is an indispensable part of the universe. He learns to go with the flow. This medicine brings great visionary and inner wisdom and connection with the spiritual path. Physical: it is a remedy for colds, flus, and glandular swelling. It is also important for bone growth. Colour association: deep inky violet-blue 15E. 

Rhodonite immersion is composed manganese silicate and the material used in the preparation is from New South Wales, Australia. It is the medicine for those who desire wealth but are too selfish and aggressive in seeking it. For these people, a sense of generosity and self-sacrifice is developed. Others who need it may be doing all the ‘right’ things in life but are unable to save or get ahead in a material way. For them, it opens the flow to abundance.  Spiritually, it is indicated for compassion, selflessness, and the suffering for your beliefs or the greater good. Physically, it is a great energiser. It is indicated for physical trauma, much like Arnica montana. Colour association: pinkish red and black.  

Ruby immersion is indicated for those who are suffering from the burden of responsibility in the form of a mission. They tend to take on their life work in a ‘religious’ way, forsaking the softer and more human aspects of their being to complete their task. This results in too much masculine or yang energy in their lives, a wounding of their feminine side. In some situations, there is focus on money and power with a loss of heart felt feeling. All these states are resolved by Ruby immersion and a wonderful attunement of heart will come into play. Physically, it acts on the cardio-vascular system and is indicated for palpitations, heart disease, and easy hemorrhages. It also has a specific action on the shoulders and head injuries. Colour association: deep rich red 10C.  

Sapphire immersion is made from blue sapphires found in Oberon, New South Wales. It is the medicine for warming the cold heart. Feelings are shut down from the harsh experiences and traumas of life, from war and violence. This is often necessary for survival yet, when carried into ordinary life it can become a hindrance to love, care, and compassion. It allows us to tear away the masks which hide our true nature. It is also an excellent medicine for creative ideas; it opens the mind to new perspectives of creativity and different views of world and its phenomena. Physically, it is a medicine for inflamed arthritic joints. It is also indicated for tendinitis. Colour association: deep blue 15-16D.

Peter Tumminello: Twelve Jewels, Southwood Press, Australia, 2005












Photos: Wikimedia Commons

Ruby: Corundum (Var: Ruby); Rob Lavinsky / iRocks.com
Molten lava; public domain
Amethyst2: Amethyst at Fersman Museum
Emerald: Emeraude sur gangue; Parent Géry
Lapis lazuli is a relatively rare, semi-precious stone; Philippe Giabbanelli
Rhodonite; Rob Lavinsky / iRocks.com


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