Interview with Roberto Petrucci, February 2009 in Kandern

Roberto Petrucci gave a half an hour interview in February this year in Kandern. Listen to Roberto talking about his creation of Concepts. This tool can be very helpful in finding remedies for non-verbal information and symptoms as well as many other situations.

~video(petrucci_interview50.flv;Interview with Roberto Petrucci)~

English version.

Roberto Pertrucci, author of Children - Homeopathic Materia Medica, tells us how he came to developing his method of Concepts and how this tool is not only important for treating adults but is almost essential in treating children and animals.

Roberto's way of practising is unique and has been developed through an assimilation of works from all walks of homeopathy. Listen to his main influences and how they have changed and developed his practice.

Glimpses of the Children Congress with Roberto Petrucci in February 2009




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