Interview with Louis Klein, May 2008 in Kandern

Louis Klein gave a 20-min. interview on 12. May 2008 in Kandern. He describes how he came to know about homeopathy and how he practises it nowadays. A beautiful way to get to know Louis Klein and his method "personally".

Louis Klein

Interview with Louis Klein

English version.

Louis Klein is a homeopathic pioneer, who uses many previously unknown nosodes. On the basis of his broad clinical experience, he has recognized more and more connections between the individual remedies and their corresponding miasms. He describes new miasms and defines the existing miasms anew in a clear, understandable way.

As Rajan Sankaran is known for plant remedies and Jan Scholten for the periodic table, Louis Klein will be known for miasms and nosodes.

Louis Klein Louis Klein Louis Klein

Glimpses of the seminar with Louis Klein in May 2008

Next seminar with Louis Klein: 2nd Badenweiler Congress - Cancer & Severe Pathologies
23.-26. September 2010



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