2009 November
C.Q. Curability Quotient
C.Q. Curability Quotient, by Dr.Chetna N.Shukla
Keywords: Health, Disease, Inherent healing, Healthributes (health+attributes), Healthy potentials, Curability Quotient (CQ), CMS (Chetna Madhukanta Shukla) model of CQ, Scoring, Restoration, Susceptibility Quotient (SQ), Will to get well, Conversion point
Jupiter rays, Preliminary presentation of proving results
Keywords: Jupiter, proving
Helleborus for a boy with sexual guilt
Keywords: helleborus
Baryta phosphorica
Baryta phosphorica, by Marguerite Pelt MD
Keywords: Baryta phosphorica
Cuprum oxydatum/Smothered in Love
Keywords: Cuprum oxydatum, cramp, suffocation/smothering
Editorial November 2009
Editorial November 2009, by Jan Scholten
Keywords: editorial