September 2014

I need to look after people: a case of Testosterone

by Geoff Johnson

Man, 55 years old, lives on a smallholding farm with his wife.

Presenting complaint: anxiety, tension, infatuation, jealousy.

He has a huge love for animals. He is a passionate man in many ways.


"I have such anxiety and tenseness. I’m consumed with jealousy, infatuation and obsession (HG). I was kissed a few years back and the infatuation has been bubbling along. There’s been no sex, hand on heart. I was discovered, the neighbours saw something was going on. I never wanted to split up the family. I feel dreadful. It so upset my wife, whom I love so much."

Jealousy and frustration

"I'm so frustrated lately at small things, so uptight (HG). When I’m driving I put my foot down and go (HG).

"I am jealous of a friend who is seeing the woman who kissed me. I’m obsessed to the point that I put a spy camera in their room. I wasn’t told my friend was seeing her. When I found out, I was put out (offended, angry). I suppressed all feelings. It’s a hollow feeling (HG). My heart is pounding, I feel dirty." 

Comfort and protection

"I ran away to my childhood village home and lived in solitude. I needed comfort and protection (HG), just me and the dogs and rabbits.

"I have always been a loner. My father committed suicide when I was 11 years old; he just went to work and never came back. My mother died of a heart attack and I found her.

What is comfort and protection?

"Not warm – in my own space (HG), content, no one to answer to, you can scream and shout and do what you want. Like a pressure cooker had gone off. Then relief, lighter and chilled out."

What is the opposite?

"Locked in, held captive, imprisoned. You cannot spread your wings and go on the spur of the moment. There is nothing I want to do, but I’m on my own account – relaxed, not beholden. Just look at the lovely views, chilled out."

What is your hobby?

"Looking after the ponies – I have an affinity with horses and ponies. As soon as my mother died, the horses came around me, giving comfort, reassuring both ways. They were comforting me and I was comforting them. They are my one constant in life and my feeling of solitude from humans. Someone needs me, someone to care and worry for. I need to look after people, to help, to be the one that provides. To care for them in every way – money, love, home."

What is love?

"Reassurance. Pampering".

What is the experience of this?


Tell me about nature?

"Beauty, crisp autumn mist, quiet, bird song, solitude".

What do animals mean to you?

"Love, affection – food. The exhilaration of the lurcher dogs running – nurture, feed, chase."  

What do dogs mean to you?

"Friends, loyalty, love".

Role of father

"I had to take on the role of father. I didn’t go to school. I worked at home, doing what was needed. My mother couldn't reverse the tractor."

What does father mean to you?

"Loss, unknown, upset – he was an insignificant part of my life (absent father is an important testosterone theme)."

What do wild animals mean to you?

"Foxes, hunting. Grandfather was master of foxhounds – hare coursing.

Watching animals working is primeval – the hunt is not the killing but the working together."


"Recurring dream of a coat hanging in the cupboard – scary. A dark cupboard in the corner. Someone had left. The feeling was loss, upset, sick, devastation."

Comfort and be warm

"I lost a pony which broke its leg in the horse box – I re-live that often.

"I’m lying on the pony trying to hide its leg, knowing she would need to be put to sleep (he weeps). There was nothing I could do, the pain and suffering was heart breaking. We just had to cut and run – hiding, escape and be home with the other animals. I need to comfort them, to be warm, fulfilled, achieved and doing what I was put on this earth to do (HG). And that is what I want to do with my wife."

Food and modalities

Desires fish, lobster, steaks, aversion to tripe - texture.

Hot blooded. Had measles badly as a kid.

Upset by environmental news: Railway destroying the countryside.

What do you want the remedy to do?

Stop any feelings except towards my wife, make me enjoy life again, quell these stupid desires, and relax me.

Prescription: Testosterone 30C



We see themes of nurturing in Folliculinum, the female hormone of mothering and needing to rescue. In this case, we see a similar theme. “Someone needs me, someone to care and worry for. I need to be able to help. I need to look after people, to be the one that provides.”

Provide means: “I need to be looking after. To care for them in every way – money, love, home.” He says his old home offers protection.

He enjoys the companionship of animals: “Love and affection, reassuring, giving comfort.” His experience of love is, “reassurance, protection”.

In this obsessive infatuation he admits to a midlife crisis, and he asks for a remedy “to quell these stupid desires and relax me.”

The hormone sarcode remedies share a theme of overflowing, going over an appropriate boundary.

There is also the sarcode theme at sensation level, of being trapped within the gland until the hormone is released, described as feeling “locked in, trapped, imprisoned – cannot spread your wings.”

The loss of father and the need for comfort and protection is very strong in this man’s life. He also mentions insecurity about his masculinity. 

Although we do not see the quest for adventure and machismo of testosterone, there is the thrill of the chase with the fox hounds.

Testosterone has protection, warmth and love as a central theme.

We see how testosterone complements Folliculinum as a corresponding male sarcode remedy. Folliculinum is love through caring, testosterone is love through protecting.

Follow up:

Immediately, within two days, there was such a transformation.

“I’m so much happier. I’m relaxed. I’m not obsessive. I’m laid back about life again.

"I’m not on the computer all the time. I’ve lightened up. It was as though I didn’t have enough to occupy me mentally and I had to go looking for stuff.”

Prescription: no remedy needed, watch and wait.

Follow up:

“I feel marvellous. I’ve never been so chilled. All is fine now.”

No remedy needed.

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