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by Ed Brink
On 17-7-2001 a man born in 1960 came to me with the following complaints:
Eczema since December 2000 in the axillae. This was treated with penicillin, which made it worse, then treated with erythromycin and it became worse again. He developed eczema on the nates and genitals, later on the face and ears. His prepuce was also swollen. As a little boy he had some eczema on his hands, around the eyes and forehead. A year before (December 1999) he had seborrhoeic eczema on his forehead with thick white and yellow crusts with itching. In 1987 he had hyperventilation for the first time. It was like hell on earth for him. He panicked about illness and dying. He had fear of vomiting, feeling unwell and falling. After a trip to the U.S.A. he had tinnitus. He developed a phobia of contagion. When he was 13 years old his brother died of acute heart failure. He was there when it happened and tried to resuscitate him without success. At the same time his father and grandmother died. Thinking about it made him very anxious. He did not feel much at that time, everything felt as if at a distance. Thereafter he had the feeling that everything in life was not worth living for. It did not matter if you do anything. He still lived with his mother and was not working at that moment. He had started a small company. It was a fan-club for Elvis Presley. He published a magazine and 2 books about Elvis Presley which were all sold out. He said "I am a strange person. I am not a part of society. I am an outsider. I am asocial." He was a car salesman, but at last he got sick of the materialistic way of life. It was too superficial. "When you are young you must do what you want to do." The loss of his father and brother gave a sense of injustice. He prayed to God and Jesus to get peace and understanding. He had the feeling that his life had stopped and he had a fear of becoming insane. He read a lot of medical books. He had no partner. He had three times asked a woman to date him without success. He cannot stand rejection. Many times he had the feeling of being better than other people. He could not stand cruel and indecent behaviour. He hopes that Christ does exist and that good does exist. He would like to be Elvis because of his face and the high-level feeling. He was a perfectionist and could not make decisions. He had dizziness with a turning sensation, tinnitus, palpitations, and a feeling of distension and burning in his stomach. He had tired feelings in his extremities. His sleep was good, but he could hardly get out of bed. He had a repeating dream of passing an exam, but this turned out not to be true. He had a good appetite with a desire for sweets (3), bananas (2), vegetables (2), meat (2), egg (2), fat (2), and an aversion for sour (2) and fruit (2). He was thirsty and liked coca-cola. Aversion to heat and snow. From snow he got a light feeling. He felt best in the evening and at night. His grandfather and his grandfather’s brother had had tuberculosis. He liked to smoke cigars. It was a lean man and a little shy.

Follow-up Platina
My first prescription was Platina because of the feeling of being better than other people, a form of haughtiness I felt, and not being able to go through grief.

After one month not much changed. He got a little bit of insomnia. Now he had a burning stomach the whole day. His mouth had become dry. He had a dream about his brother, which was pleasant and vivid. The last month he had almost no sensations with masturbation and his orgasm gave no sensation either. Death is God’s ultimate revenge. He had fear of losing control of his thoughts, fear of confined places, fear of becoming insane. The second prescription was Argentum Nitrogenium (Nitricum???) 200K, because of the anxieties, worse by warmth, fear of narrow places, desire for sweets.

After one month again no real reaction. He had an erotic dream with three women. Fear of high places. His prepuce was narrow now. He was forgetful, he had a light feeling in his head, a feeling of being present and being away. When he was in the car he had the sensation of watching himself. At night he had a lot of ideas of changing himself. He had two parts: the hard salesman and the uncertain man. He disgusted himself and was still unable to make decisions. After two prescriptions with no result I was wondering what to do. I tried to feel what was the real issue. I got the feeling: this man is not on the ground at all. He is floating around. He is not on earth. He is afraid of becoming a human being. He is not having a relationship and is still in symbiosis with his mother.
Prescription: Hydrogenium 200K.

Follow-up Hydrogenium
After one month: He had no aggravation. He was going out of the house, bought clothes and glasses. He started walking around for pleasure. He was feeling stronger inside. He was saying that he felt more grounded. Neighbours caused a lot of noise problems. He decided to look for another house. He stopped smoking cigars. His stomach was easier. The dizziness was less. He was dreaming a lot. One dream was about the cremation of his grandmother. For him it was difficult to accept that life has an end. The phobia about contagion was less. He stopped cleaning up things all the time.
Prescription: Hydrogenium 200K

7-3-2002: After another month:He was still improving. He went to Belgium. His occupation with Elvis became less. He said that he was quieter inside and less unstable. He still liked to be a star. He wanted to be immortal. His fear of death had become less.
Prescription: Hydrogenium 200K.

4-4-2002: He said he had the feeling of being a new human being. His fears disappeared. The week before he had a little depression. He got new feelings. Now he is wanting a woman. He got a lot of energy without knowing what to do with it. The eczema was still the same. The tinnitus was less disturbing. The feeling of lightness had gone. The pain in the back had gone.
Prescription: Hydrogenium MK, Calendulan and graphite to be applied on the areas of eczema.

The eczema was still disturbing him. For the rest everything was going better. He walked for an hour every day. He had gained weight (8Kg). He had a bigger appetite. He still had the feeling of not being totally on earth. Prescription: Hydrogenium MK

He came back and the eczema had become less pronounced. Actually he came for advice about having sex. He had made contact with a woman via the internet and now she wanted to make a date. What to do? He had never slept with a woman and what about contagious diseases? I gave him some advice.
Prescription: nothing.

The hyperventilation had gone. The fears had gone. He had twice had sex with the same woman. She was married and was not sure if she wanted to break her marriage. He said that one year before he would not have been able to do this at all. His hyperventilation had gone. He was still suffering a little dizziness. The eczema had nearly gone. He said ‘I am totally changed. I am feeling. I am doing. I am thinking of working’.
Prescription: Hydrogenium 200K.

It was all going all right. He went to the beach 4 times. Some little fears were left. What will I do with my life? The fear of contagion was becoming less. He was taking more risks. The eczema was quiet. When he made love it was impossible to have an orgasm, though it was possible when he did it on his own.
Prescription: Hydrogenium 200K.

This man changed completely after Hydrogenium. He became an individual without fears and was starting to become part of society. He is still changing. What are the most important aspects to consider Hydrogenium for this case? First, I got the feeling this man was not on earth at all, but floated around. He had a floating sensation. This is described in Hydrogenium. Hydrogenium can escape from earth and float away. Possibly losing his father and brother was the cause of his Hydrogenium state. He was not yet an individual. He was still living at home with his mother. It was a symbiotic way of living with his mother. He said that earth was like hell. The whole earth was something to be terrified about. He was full of anxieties. It was a reason not to get involved with life on earth. He had fear of illness and death, and fear of falling. This fear is interesting because Hydrogenium is in a state of not being on earth. To become part of life on earth you have to fall from heaven to earth. The fear of becoming insane is part of the picture, fear of losing control, of losing his senses. The occupation with Elvis Presley is also something to be considered. Elvis was like a god for his admirers. He unified people with music. He was a star on earth, an angel in their eyes. He was something unearthly. He liked to be part of Elvis because of the beauty, the glamour. He sought a oneness with him. In Hydrogenium there is also a tendency to unification, to be part of the whole. I think Elvis brings people together and elevates them a little. He also had the sensation of being out of society. He said he is a strange person. Isolation is also a known part of the Hydrogenium picture. He had the idea that his life was timeless as well. It was standing still. Nothing was happening any more. It is the inert state of gas. He felt many times he was better and more important than other people, like Platinum. This is not known of Hydrogenium, but I think it can be part of the picture. Hydrogenium is a gas that surrounds the earth. It is more extensive than earth. Hydrogenium is very explosive. It has a big power in itself. He still wants to be an important person who will do good to the world. The universe contains 75% hydrogen with the remaining part of helium. 1% is made of other elements. Hydrogenium has the ability to fly away from the earth, to escape from the misery on earth. He said he has two sides, a hard side and a soft side. From Hydrogen it is known that it can act in two different directions. He also had strong religious feelings. He prayed a lot to get peace and understanding. His behaviour was often very impulsive. Jeremy Sherr has done a nice proving of Hydrogenium.

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