2007 February

Homeopathy is life giving

by Dr.K.V.Natarajan
Life Giving Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies are made the following way:
Solving in alcohol, purified alcohol being an indifferent matter, makes the essence of the part of a plant, or a metal or a chemical. This solution is called, mother tincture, in Homoeopathy parlance. One drop of the mother tincture is diluted in hundred drops of purified alcohol and shaken well and this happens to be the first potency. Taking one drop from the first potency and diluted it with 100 drops of purified alcohol and shaken well is second potency. In the same way how many times it is diluted and shaken the medicine is of that potency. Normally medicines are given in 6th, 12th, 30th, 200th, 1000th or even higher potency. Thus potentised Homoeopathy medicine has only power or medicinal quality without anything as matter, even subatomic.

From the words of Hahnemann “Organon of Rational Medicines” Para 269.
“The Homeopathic system of medicines develops for its special use to a hitherto unheard of degree, the inner medical power of the crude substances by means of a process peculiar to it and which has hitherto never been tried, whereby-only, they all become immeasurably and penetratingly efficacious and remedial, even those, that in the crude state give no evidence of the slightest medicinal power on the human body. This remarkable change in the qualities of natural bodies develops latent, hitherto unperceived, as if slumbering hidden dynamic powers, which influence the life principle, change the well being of the animal life. This is effected by mechanical action upon their smallest particles by means of rubbing and shaking and through the addition of an indifferent substance, dry or fluid, separated from each other. This process is called dynamizing, potentising (development of medicinal power) and the products are dynamisations or potencies in different degrees”
Para 20:"This spirit-like power to alter man's state of health (and hence to cure diseases) which lies in the inner nature of medicines can never be discovered by us by a mere effort of reason; it is only by experience of the phenomena it displays when acting in the state of health of man that we can become clearly cognisant of it."
(This is written around 1800 AD).

Homeopathy is not a mere medical system: it is something super.
Homeopathic medicine is simply seen as an agent of cure like that of other systems. Practically it does not work that way at all.
It is a matter so minute, yet so powerful as to make the affected part normalized whether mind or the physical body without containing any crude matter to substitute or eliminate foreign body if any.
If one becomes anxious on trivial matters, or one ever imagines some unpleasant event to happen, the homeopathic remedy helps the mind to think with self-confidence.
A student who got depressed by indignation in college ragging was normalized by two doses of Staphysagria 200. How it is possible is Homoeopathic science. Similarly if there is chest pain the homoeopathic remedy does not do anything with the pain; but it removes the reason for the pain normalizing the part at fault. That is to say the remedies are capable of doing the work of the nature without any crude matter towards substitution or for removing alien microorganisms.

It is space like.
Space is thought to be empty. However all the matter in the universe have come in their form only from this space. Therefore it can be safely construed that space is not empty, but we are yet able to find the contents. In the same way the diluted form of crude matter or induction energised matter (the potentized form) has power, although not found as a matter in a laboratory.

We know uranium atoms when further split exude great energies, but Uranium Nitrate in its potentitized form (subtle matter) happens to be a life saving and health preserving medicine. That means that the subatomic particles, when kept as isolated particles by dilution, do not produce ill health.
Actually such isolated subatomic particles not only cure conditions of concern, but also they make damaged parts of the body normalized. It works in the same way of nature in bodybuilding.

Further, there are situations when even bacteria or viruses are there in the body, the person affected comes to normal without any difficulty in his daily routine after taking a homeopathic remedy. (The blood sample taken earlier to Homeopathic remedies revealed typhoid positive). That means that the potentized Homoeo medicine has worked in the way original powerful healthy physical body works successfully when in fight with the disease.

A careful and analytical reading of the cures done by me with single remedy and single dose with reasons it worked (I can send by email if anybody is interested in knowing) will reveal that in many cases, though innermost and complicated parts like brain and heart are affected a single dose of the potentised remedy not only cures but maintains and brings the affected parts to normal without any substitute or other remedies to assist.
This means the potentised remedies (such subtle induction energised matter) are working in the way the natural physical body works when in stress, strain or damage. As such the potentised matter can be taken as the real power of life existence.

Of course, it has no life property since there is no growth, but it has the power and quality of life in the aspect of healing and normalizing the part affected. Potentization or attenuating a matter to the extent of mere radioactive power gets the quality of life property. A deeper research in this angle may even go near solving the secret of the existence of life. It should be specially noted the medicines have only radioactive power and not anything crude to find even through the most powerful microscope.

K.V. Natarajan, Homoeopath.
35, Chari Street, North Usman Road, Tnagar, Chennai, 600017. Ph: 044-42125712.

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Posts: 5
Reply #3 on : Tue April 17, 2007, 08:10:28
Dear Dr. Natarayan, Thank you for noticing and reacting to my previous comment. It is coherent with modern physics to view forces (e.g. gravitation force) as particels (e.g. graviton), smaller than electron indeed, and that "radioactive" is a term reserved for a very specific emission(one of the four basic interaction forces) not the kind you wanted to describe. "Induction energised" might suit the purpose fine though if you want to apply the same "qualiy of life property" we enter the scope of an (unsolved ?) philosophical problem, is "life quality" an endlessly divideble quality with its caracteristics buried in its indefinetely finest parts, or are these qualities acquired during the increase of complexicity of structures ? Modern science has a tendency to favore the latter, homeopathy seems to embrace the first option though it never seems a very conscious act. What is your point of view ?
Kind regards, François

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Reply #2 on : Sun April 01, 2007, 19:41:28
Dear Francois, I am thankful for your comment. Already I was in a dilemma how to define the subatomic particle that is in the potentised homoeopathy medicine and I found it is induction energised matter and not 'sub atomic radio activated particles'. It is a matter smaller than an electron. I am not a college product.Excuse me for the confusion. Thank you for your getting interested in my way of understanding Homoeopathy.
Regards, K.V.Natarajan.
PS - I corrected in several places the original text - Peter ter Beek / coordination

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Reply #1 on : Sun February 04, 2007, 14:45:16
Dear Dr. Natarayan and readers,

I have red this article with interest. I´m very encouraging towards anyone who tries to contribute to the building of a theory about the functioning of "subatomic" potentiations. The reason for my comment is that I would suggest that we use terms understandeble either by being already known (in homeopathic theory itself or in any other field) or by a newly given definition. It seems to me the use of "radioactive power" as known cannot be the same as the authors supposed intent. Could the author or anyone else try to reformulate for better understanding.
Cordial greetings and all succes wished with this site. François Weber